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Short Term Training Programme on “Big Data Analytics for Business Intelligence” organized by the School of Computer, Information and Mathematical Sciences (SCIMS) from 16.12.2019 to 21.12.2019

The Short Term Training Programme was Inaugurated on 16.12.19, Dr.A.Azad, Registrar, presided over the Programme, Dr.D. Jairam, Professor from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras Inaugurated the Programme by giving the Inaugural address, Dr.Venkatesan Selvam Dean SCIMS Welcomed the gathering. Throughout the week Training Session was handled by the Speakers from the Industry (IBM, Agilisium), Institutions, the session is filled with participants from the various institutions and organizations. Dr.Pethuru Raj and the team of Reliance JIO Info-communications Ltd, Bangalore gave his insights on Apache Spark and Machine Learning training in the AWS cloud environment. Expertise from our own institute disseminated their knowledge and gave hands-on sessions on Geo-Spatial Data Analytics. Musical Data Analysis using MONGO DB and Genomics Data analysis using R programming. Dr.Pethuru Raj as Guest of Honor delivered the valedictory address and distributed the certificates to the participants.

Click here for Programme Report

Society Inaugural function on 25th September 2019

National level Technical Symposium ARCANE 2k19

A training initiative of Pathfinder Enterprise Solutions Pvt. Ltd., to offer their course on Applied Data Science to our college students on May 6th 2019
IBM Career Education Program Offers training and skills in latest technology and software. Opportunity to learn from practitioners from IBM industry, along with courseware from IBM. Co-market with IBM to promote programs, March 13th 2017

Workshop – Internet of Things by Dr.Kazuaki Tanaka, Assoc.Prof., Kyushu Institute of Technology,
Japan on 21st January, 2019

Consultative Meeting with Industry Professionals for Curriculum Revamping, February 2017

Inauguration of IBM Center of Excellence for Cloud Computing, April 2017

Department level Alumni meet, April 2017

Eco Fest in view of Earth Day in Association with Green Club of Crescent Institute, April 2017

Faculty Internship in e- Attributes, Chennai, May 8 to May 19, 2017

A Special lecture on “Data Science & Big data”, delivered by Mr. NicoDecourt, Staffordshire University

A Special lecture on “Game Changing Financial Technologies (FinTech)”,delivered by Mr.M.Balasubramanian Founder-Target Technologies, Singapore & Director GCCOE, October 2016.

Seminars Organized 2013-2019

S.No Co-Ordinators Resource Person Topic Duration/Date
1 Convenor – Dr.M.Sandhya
Co-convenors – Dr.Sharmila Sankar, Dr.W.Aisha Banu
Co-ordinators – Ms.C.Vijayalakshmi, Ms.Sharon Priya, Ms.Sonya
Mr. Mohammed Rafi, D-Labs Applied Data Science 28th January, 2019
2 Mrs.T.Nagamalar
Mr. V. Ponraj,
Former Advisor to Late Former President Dr. APJ. Abdul Kalam
Scope and Challenges of Digital India 1 day
23 March 2017
3 Dr.R.Shriram
Mrs.Radhika. A
Director of Expandus Consultancy Services
How to Become Industry Ready 1 day
7March 2017
4 Dr.R.Shriram
Mrs.Radhika. A
Dr.Kuppuswamy Kalyanasundaram
Founder – Project Madurai
Senior Scientist and Researcher, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Laussane, Switzerland.
Tamil Computing 1 day
3 March 2017
5 Dr.W.Aisha Banu
Mr.Govind Murugan
Convener, Dhagam Foundation
Being Women 1 day
22 Feb 2017
6 Dr.R.Shriram
Consultant and Trainer
CPRO IT Sevices Pvt Ltd.


Big Data in Action – Case Study 19 November 2016
7 Dr.K.M.Mehata
Dr.Aisha Banu.W
Mrs.Sharon Priya
Mr.Sai Sumanth
Opportunities in Big Data 1 day
March 3,2016
8 Convenor
Dr.Sharmila Sankar
Dr.W.Aisha Banu
Sharon Priya
Principal-Knowledge Services
Analytics Practice of Infosys
General Manager,HTC Global Services
Internal staff
Dr.W.Aisha Banu
Mining Big Data In Social Media and Web< 2 days
August 27th -28th ,2014
9 Dr.Angelina Geetha
Mr.Imthyaz Sheriff
Mr.Dhian Singh & Mr.Shaklin
Director-Purna Career Solutions Pvt Ltd.
Working Towards A Better Tomorrow 1 day
March 18,2014
10 Dr.Angelina Geetha
Mr.Imthyaz Sheriff
Game Designer and Consultant,
Image Infotainment Pvt.Ltd.Chennai
Game Technologies 1 day
Oct 29th , 2013
11 Dr.Angelina Geetha
Mr.Imthyaz Sheriff
Application Architect,
Wisen Technologies  Pvt.Ltd.Chennai
NoSQL 1 day
Oct 22, 2013
12 Dr.Angelina Geetha
Mr.Imthyaz Sheriff
Mr.Dhian Singh,
Director-Purna Career Solutions Pvt Ltd.
Mr.Murali Kumaraswamy,Chief Technical Officer-Purna Carrer Solutions Pvtd. Ltd.

ESE (Empowering Software Engineer – in You ) Jump Start

2 days
Jan 22-23,2013

Workshops Organized 2013-2019

S.No Co-ordinators Resource Person Workshop Topic Duration/Date
1 Convenor – Dr.M.Sandhya
Co-convenors – Dr.Sharmila Sankar, Dr.W.Aisha Banu
Co-ordinators – Ms.R.Akila Ms.A.Radhika
Kazuaki Tanaka, Associate Prof,Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan One day work shop on IoT  21st January, 2019
2 Convenor – Dr.Jaya, Dr.Sandhya
Co-ordinators – Mrs.Akila, Mrs.Madhina Banu
Mohammed Abubakar Gazali IT tinkering Lab
3 Dr.W.Aisha Banu
Mrs.Sharon Priya

Ms.Shakthi Devi
Group Leader
NIIT Limited,Chennai
Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence 1 day
23 March 2017
4 Dr.S.Revathi
Olympia Tech Park

Software Development for Portable Devices using Android
1 day
20 March 2017
5 Dr.Sabiyath Fathima
Software Developer
Chennai Softech.
Associate Software Engineer,
Gruppo Banca Sella

Big Data Analytics and Python Programming
1 day
18 March 2017
6 Dr.S.Aranganathan
Dr.E.Syed Mohamed
Mr.Syed Abdul Syed
Mr.Meeran Moideen
CEO, Three Tier Technologies
Crescent School.Vandalur

Mobile App Development
Soft Skill
1 day
14 March 2017
7 Dr.Angelina Geetha
Mrs.T.R.Akila Devi
Mrs.A.Menaka Pushpa,
Teaching Fellow,
Dept of CSE,
Anna University
Data Mining Tools
15 November 2016
8 Dr.K.M.Mehata
Dr.Angelina Geetha
Mr.C.Imthyaz Sheriff

Vision Analytics

Analytics with R – Hands on Workshop 5 days
10 June – 14 June 2016
9 Dr.K.M.Mehata
Dr.W.Aisha Banu
Mr.Mukesh Mohania Mukesh Mohani
IBM Distinguished Engineer and Chief Architect for Education Transformation – IBM Research.

“New trends in Data Integration, Analytics and BI”
1 day
14 October 2015
10 Dr.Angelina Geetha
Mr.C.Imthyaz Sheriff
Dr.Swamynathan Sankaranarayanan,
Anna university,
Mr.Sundarrajan Mugunthan, Business Analytics Consultant, TCS, Mrs.Sandhya Gopalan,
HP Enterprises,
Mr.Vishnu venkayala,
CEO of Costomer Labs, Dr.Rangarajan,
Man Machine Systems

Analytics, Internet of Things and Web of Things
2 days.
6 & 7 October 2015
11 Dr.W.Aisha Banu
Mrs.Sharon Priya
Assistant Controller of Patents & Designs,
Chennai Patent office

“Awareness on Intellectual property rights
1 day ,
29 August 2015.
12 Dr.K.M.Mehata CDAC in association with BSAIST-organised at the School Level Dr.D.Janakiram,IIT Madras Mr.CDAC in association with BSAIST-organised at the School Level
3 Days Hands On Training Workshop on BOSS-MOOL OS
3 days
Feb 16-18,2015
13 Dr.K.M.Mehata
Dr.Latha Tamilselvan
Research Scholar
Anna University

Cloud Simulator
1 day
October 9,2014
14 Dr.K.M.Mehata
Dr.Sharmila Sankar
Datadotz Technologies,Chennai

Hands –On Training on Big Data-Hadoop
1 day
September 18 2014
15 Dr.Sharmila Sankar
Mr.Ankit Singh
RobasSapiens Technologies Pvt Ltd.

HackTrickz 2015
2 days
September 2nd -3rd 2014
16 Dr.K.M.Mehata
Dr.W.Aisha Banu
Mrs.Sharon Priya
Mrs.Pamela Anusha
University of East London,United Kingdom
International Workshop on How to do Ph.D to an International standard-an international perspective & How to publish articles in peer-viewed journals. 1 day
August 5,2013
17 Dr.AngelinaGeetha, Dr.R.Shriram  Dr.W.Aisha Banu. Dr.Iniya Nehru,NIC
In association with International Forum for Information Technology in Tamil (INFITT).
Two day Workshop on Tamil Computing 2 days
March 25-26 2013

Guest Lectures Organized 2013-2019

S.No Co-ordinator Resource Persons Topic Duration/Date
1 Co-ordinator: Dr.W.Aisha Banu   Mr. M. Joseph, ITK Education Service Pvt Ltd A Deluge Talk 1 Day
5th March 2019
2 Dr.M.Sandhya
Mrs.Bhuvaneswari Ganeshram
Director – Tanjore South Indian Restaurant,
Former Senior Team Lead, Telecommunications
Edinburgh, UK.

Owning Your Future-How to Become a Successful Entrepreneur
1 day
18 March 2017
3 Dr. Sharmila Sankar
Dr.E.Syed Mohamed
Mr.Syed Abdul Syed
Dr.Bogdan Ghita
Plymouth University
Prof Christopher David
McDermott Robert Gorden University
Dr.Frans Coenen
University of Liverpool
Dr. Mairo Kolberg-University of Sterling
Dr William
Univ. of Hertfordshire

Networking  and Security
Internet of Things
A flavor of Data Analysis
Big Data
Cyber Security

Security Protocol Analysis
User Experience Essentials
Delay Tolerant Networking

1 day
25 Jan 2017
4 Dr.R.Shriram
Dr.E.Syed Mohamed
Mr.S.Syed Abdul Syed
Professor Nicolas Decourt,
Staffordshire University,UK
An Introduction to Data Science
16 November 2016
5 Dr.Syed Mohamed
Dr.Syed Abdul Syed
Mr.Imthyaz Sheriff
Mr.M.Balasubramanian Founder-Target Technologies, Singapore & Director GCCOE,Chennai Game Changing Financial Technologies
27 October
6 Dr.M.Sandhya
Mr.S.Sankar Raj
Prompt Infotech
Ethical Hacking
1 day
14 October 2016
7 Dr.W.Aisha Banu
Mrs.Saira Banu
Belcrin Services,Chennai

IT Industry Requirement
1 day
13 October 2016
8 Dr.W.Aisha Banu
Mrs.Sharon Priya
Mr.Muthu Logan
CEO & Founder
Blue Zen Technologies

The Internet Of Things
1 day
1 September 2016
9 Dr.W.Aisha Banu
Ms.Rashmi Mohan
Consultant Technolgist
ACM India Council
Industry Applications of Computer Vision
7 April 2016
10 Dr.R.Shriram Mr.Vignesh Raj
Sheffield Hallam University,England

Speech Recognition in Tamil:A socio technological perspective
4 August,2015
11 Dr.R.Shriram
Brindha Merin
Mr.Madan U Sreenivasan, Co-founder, TechArtus Solutions, Chennai.
Design for Heterogeneous Environments – Myths and Realities
11 February, 2015
12 Dr.K.M.Mehata Professor Alfred Fassier, University of Bern, Switzerland. Introduction to Cryptography 28 January, 2015
13 Mrs.S.Subhashini
Mr.H.Abdul Navas,
Assistant Manager
T.I.M.E Private Limited,Chennai

Opportunities for Pursuing Higher Education
1 day
March 4,2014
14 Dr.Angelina Geetha
Mr.Syed Abdul Syed
Mr.Ibrahim Bari
Manager-IT Operations
Trimble Information Technologies,Chennai

Industry Practices in Cloud Computing
1 day
Feb 2nd,2014
15 Mr.T.Senthilkumaran Mr.Veeralakumar
Network Security 1 day
Nov 16,2013
16 Mrs.Akila
Sales Manager,
Importance of Higher Education 1 day
Oct 30,2013
17 Mrs.Chandrakala Mr.Sakkaravarthi Ramasubbu
Capgemini India Pvt.Ltd.
Industrial Insights in Software Engineering 1 day
Oct 29th,2013
18 Dr.W.Aisha Banu Dr.Peter Jimack, Dean, University of Leeds Development and Application of Efficient and Reliable Numerical Tools for simulation of Multiscale Phase Change Problems 1 day
15 March 2013
19 Dr.W.Aisha Banu Dr.Jeremy Sunderraj,
Breakthrough Heights Managment Soulutions,Chennai.
Pursuit of Excellence 1 day
6 March 2013

FDP/SDP Organized 2013-2019

S.No Co-ordinator Resource Persons Topic Duration/Date
1 Co-ordinator Dr.M.Sandhya, Ms.Subhashini Mr.Chandramohan, IBM Architect, Bangalore IBM-DB2 5 days
2nd July 2018 to 6th July 2018
2 Dr.K.M.Mehata
Dr.Venkatesh Raman,IMSc
Dr.Sayan Battacharaya IMSc,Chennai

Workshop on Algorithms – A Project Based Approach
5 days
Nov 8– 12,2016
3 Dr.K.M.Mehata
Dr.Sharmila Shankar
Dr.Venkatesh Raman,IMSc
Dr.Saket Saurabh,IMSc

A School on Algorithms and Techniques
5 days
July 22-27,2015