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Admissions Open - 2020
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Dr. D.Ayub Khan Dawood
Prof, Dean School of Social Sciences and Humanities & NSS Co-ordinator
M.Com, M.Phil, MBA(Fin), PGD PM & IR, Ph.D
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Dr. Muhammed Jamsheer TP
Assistant Professor of Economics
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Dr. C. Srinivasan
Assistant Professor of Commerce
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Ms A.Sonya
Assistant Professor of Information Technology
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Name Ms. Saba Khan
Designation Admission Counsellor
Mail Id Saba_comm_phd_18@crescent.education


  • To understand the community in which they work.
  • To identify the needs and problems of the community and involve them in problem-solving.
  • To develop among themselves a sense of social and civic responsibility.
  • To utilize their knowledge in finding practical solutions to individual and community problems.
  • To develop competence required for group-living and sharing of responsibilities.
  • To gain skills in mobilizing community participation.
  • To acquire leadership qualities and democratic attitudes.
  • To develop capacity to meet emergencies and natural disasters.
  • To practice national integration and social harmony


Our Crescent NSS team is actively involved in conducting/participating in various societal activities such as

  • Tree Plantation Drives
  • Blood Donation Camps
  • General Health/Dental/Eye related Medical camps
  • Leadership Programmes
  • Clean Drive Programmes
  • Awareness Programmes/Rallies/Campaigns
  • Personality Development programmes
  • Skill Development Programmes

      • Dr. C. Samuel Chelliah, Regional Director, NSS Regional Directorate
      • Dr. K. Sekar, State Coordinator, NSS and Director of education
      • Dr. S. Rajasekaran, State Liaison Officer
      • Ms. Sara Karunakaran, NSS-TORC Coordinator, MSSW
      • Mr. N. Amuthasekaran, Senior Vice President, Hand in Hand


      Enrollment Details

      Enrollment Details
      (Male) (Female) (Male) (Female) (Male) (Female) (Male) (Female)
      146 100 36 15 1 2 183 117
      Allocation Enrollment
      OC SC ST Total OC SC ST Total
      234 60 6 300 246 51 3 300

      Funded by Government of India

      Amount Sanctioned in Rs.

      Year Regular Activities Special Camping
      2016-17 56,250.00 50,625.00
      2015-16 67,500.00 60,500.00
      2014-15 Nil 22,500.00
      2013-14 39,500.00 35,500.00


      FIT INDIA CYCLATHON on 18.01.2020

      The Fit India Cyclathon programme was conducted at the BSA Crescent Institute of Science and Technology on 18.01.2020 at 10.30 am. The programme was formally inaugurated by our Honourable Vice Chancellor i/c and Registrar Dr. A Azad. The function was attended by General Manager VNA Jalal, Dr. Jayesh Assistant Professor of GITAM University (Former NSS National Service Volunteer MG University, Kerala), Mr.Noushad.C, YRC & RRC Coordinator of the institute, Dr. Hassan Shareef, Assistant Professor of Commerce, Hostel manager of the institute etc. Around 50 students including boys and girls volunteers were enthusiastically participated in the programme. Earlier all the necessary assistance of the successful conduct of the programme was provided by Prof Kaja Moideen, Hostel Warden and PG Director of the institute.

      Constitution Day (Samvidhan Divas) Programme on 26.11.19

      As per the directions given by the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, Govt. of India to Celebrate ‘Constitution Day’ on 26th November, 2019 in a befitting manner by organizing suitable programmes by every NSS Unit in University / College / Schools, B S Abdur Rahman Crescent Institute of Science and Technology, Chennai has celebrated the “Samvidhan Divas’ under the Crescent School of Law and NSS Crescent as its own importance by conducting various programmes and activities. As part of the celebration, earlier it was started by conducting oath taking ceremony. Oath as form of preamble was delivered by the Dr. (Prof) K. NILAMUDEEN, Dean Crescent School of Law. Followed by the Oath, Live Stream of Constitutional day function, where President, Prime Minister, Vice President, Speaker of Lok Sabha were delivered the speech from Central Hall of Parliament on Importance of Constitution in the present India. After that a seminar on Constitution by Prof. K. Nilamudeen, Dean Crescent School of Law and Fundamental Duties were organised under the School of Law.

      The Vote of Thanks of the function were given by Dr Venkata Nagendra Sarma Pammi, professor of Law. Around 500 people were gathered at the function. Dr.N. Raja Hussain, Deputy Registrar of the Institute, Dr.D.Ayub Khan Dawood, NSS Coordinator, Dr. M. Vijaya Vara Prasad, Dean, Crescent School of Pharmacy, and other deans, directors, Hods, teaching and non-teaching colleagues were attended the function.

      Vigilance Awareness Week 2019

      Vigilance Awareness Week was observed in our campus on 4.11.2019. Pledge taking ceremony was organized. Dr.S.SM Abdul Majeed, Director. Admissions administer the pledge. On behalf of NSS we thank Dr.S.SM Abdul Majeed for gracing the occasion. On behalf of NSS, we whole heartedly thank Dr. Yasmeen, Director centre for leadership and Prof of Management for her presence in the Vigilance Awareness Week function on 4.11.2019.

      Observance of Rashtriya Ekta Diwas (National Unity Day) on 31st October 2019

      As part of Observance of Rashtriya Ekta Diwas (National Unity Day), a pledge taking ceremony was organised under NSS banner at Crescent Institute of Science and Technology on 31st October 2019 at 11.30 am. The pledge was framed in accordance with the upholding of nation’s unity and integrity among the diverse culture of our country. Around 300 students and 25 faculty colleagues from the different department and branches were actively participated in the ceremony.

      Dr. Ayub Khan Dawood, NSS Coordinator of Crescent Institute of Science and Technology was formerly inaugurated the function. In his address, he stressed the relevance of idea of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and gave importance of unity among the Indians. He also gave words for the importance for upholding integrity and promotion of common brotherhood among them all. Dr. S. Kaja Mohideen Dean, School Of Electrical & Communication Sciences was delivered the pledge and others followed. All NSS programme Officers, YRC and RRC Coordinator were present in the event.

      Fit India Movement

      Fit India Movement porgramme inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 29/08/2019. In order to make awareness of importance of physical fitness for the success of the individual and thereby progress of the nation. During the time of this information era people are habituated with electronic gadgets and not awareness of being fit. Due to these reasons people are suffering from many diseases like hypertension, Cholesterol, obesity, diabetics etc. so this programme is the need of the hour. Our BSA Crescent Institute of Science and Technology, under the NSS banner also involved in the inaugural function of FIT India Movement by telecasting of live streaming of the function. Deputy Registrar Dr.N Raja Hussain, NSS Coodrinator, Dr.Ayub Khan Dawood, Deans, HODs of various schools and departments, NSS Programme Officers, Faculties,NSS volunteers, and around 500 Students from various departments participated in the inaugural function.

      NSS Special Camp – Keerappakam, Arungal and Murugamangalam panchayaths – Kanchipuram district

      The seven days special camp has been organized by the NSS units of BS Abdur Rahman Crescent Institute of Science and Technology at Keerappakam, Arungal, and Murugamangalam panchayaths in the Kattankullathur union of Kanchipuram district of Tamil Nadu during the period of July 25-31, 2019. There were various programmes and functions were organized under the leadership of the NSS units of the Crescent Institute. Programmes like cleaning of school premises, awareness of healthy food habits, importance of hygiene and sanitation, manuring and irrigation, importance of disaster management, farm pond, rainwater harvesting and conservation methods- and various sports, funs and cultural programmes for the school children’s and for NSS volunteers. The main motives for conducting the special camp is to develop the society, enlighten the villagers and NSS volunteers by giving awareness on various socio-economic issues facing by the downtrodden sections. Around 150 volunteers from the three III units of the NSS Crescent Institute of Science and Technology including boys and girls were actively participated each and every programme conducted in the village as part of special camp.

      Valedictory function was organized in the last day of the special camp at the Keerapakkam panchayath middle school premises. The function was inaugurated by our Honourable registrar Dr. A. Azad of BSA Crescent Institute of Science and Technology.

      Click here for Report


      Food Adulteration Awareness programme conducted on Arpil 12th 2019

      Food adulteration awareness programme has been conducted on April 12th 2019 at BSA Crescent Institute of science and Technology with the association of the Tamil Nadu Food Safety department. various food items samples were displayed in the campus in order to provide the awareness about the good and non good food items. Many students and faculties from the institute utilised the opportunity, and they informed that the activity was very much useful for them

      Lok Sabha Election orientation Programme on April 9th, 2019

      The general election duty orientation programme has been conducted among the NSS volunteers on 9th April 2019. Around 50 students from the crescent institute has been appointed in election duty. The Circle Inspector from Otteri police station has been delivered the lecture on awareness of election system and its importance of free and fair election in our country. Dr. D Ayoob Khan Dawood, NSS Co-ordinator has been present with Mr. Suresh Babu, deputy resgistrar of the Institute. NSS programme officers were also present in the programme.

      International Women’s Day on 8th March 2019

      NSS units of BSA Crescent Institute of Science and Technology along with Youth Red Cross and Women cell celebrated the International Women’s day in the campus premises. In this regard the a cycle rally arranged for girls and ladies staff from the campus. the honourable registrar inaugurated the programme with flag off with the presence of Dr. Ayood Khan Dawood, NSS Coordinator and higher office bearers of the institute. Around 100 girls and ladies staff were participated in the programme. Followed by the cycle rally, one panel discussion on women’s issues also were organised as part of the international women’s day. Photography and poster competitions among the girls students also arranged on the topic Women’s issues as part of the celebrations.

      National Integration Camp – Rannibennur, Karnataka, 1st to 7th march 2019

      NSS volunteers and NSS Programme Officer from BSA Crescent Institute of Science and Technology had participated in 7 days National Integration Camp which was held at Government first Grade college, Ranibennur, Karnataka. NSS volunteers from the institute showed their talent and skills in various cultural and events conducted as part of the camp. It makes lost of advantages among the students for making communal harmony, promote universal brotherhood, learning different culture, and understood the importance of cooperation among the students etc.

      Drug Free India Camapaign by the ‘Art Of Living’ On 19/02/2019

      The NSS units of Crescent Institute of Science and Technology, has conducted campaign for the Drug Free India movement with The Art of Living by the direction of All India Council of Technical Education, AICTE. In this regard the fuction was organised at seminar hall II of the Convention centre of the Insititute. Dr. D. Ayub Khan Dawood, Professor and Head, NSS Coordinator of the institute has given a welcome address and the deputy Registrar Dr. N Raja Hussain has delivered special address on drug awarness and the importance to wipde out this menace from the society. Mr. Manikanta Udayagiri, trainer from The Art of Living has intereacted with audienace about the evils effect of consumption of illegal drugs (opium, ganja, alchohol, brownsugar etc). Deans, Hods, faculties and around 100 students were attended for the drugs awarness campaign.

      Food & Health Awarness Training to NSS Volunteers on 4th February

      NSS Volunteers from the Crescent Institute has participated food safety awareness programme which was conducted by food safety department of Tamil Nadu.

      Voters Day Awarness on 2019

      The NSS units of Crescent Institute of Science and Technology, has conducted voters day awarness programme on 31/01/2019 thursday at the instititute premises. as part of this awarness programme various competitions were conducted like Essay writing, Drawing and Quiz among the students on the theme ‘Vote is not just a right, but it is our reponsibility’ for essay writing and painting and quiz competition theme on Indian Election System, Governance and voting system. more than hundred students were activiley participated in the programme. The winners and runners up of the various competitions have recieved the prizes and appreciation certificate. all the participants were recieved the appreciation certificate.

      Distribution of flood meterials to the Gaja cyclone affected victims of Tamilnadu

      The NSS Units of Crescent Institute has arranged to collect 600 sarees and 600 bedsheets worth rupees 2,20000 for the Gaja cyclone affected victims

      NSS Students are participated In Food & Health Awarness at Vandalur, conducted by Food Safety Department of Tamil Nadu

      NSS Volunteers from Crescent Institute in association with Food Safety Department of Tamil Nadu create health awareness for public visiting at Vandalur zoo January 19-February 20, 2019.

      Observance of World AIDS day 2018 at CRESCENT on 1st December 2018

      NSS Units of BS Abdur Rahman Crescent Institute of Science and Technology, has conducted a AIDS day pledge on 1st December 2018. On this occasion the faculties and students from the crescent marked their signature on the pledge which was displayed in front of the office of Vice Chancellor. The event was inaugurated by Dr A Azad, honourable registrar of BSA Crescent Institute of Science and Technology with the gracious presence of Dr. N. Raja Hussain, Deputy Registrar, Dr. A Ayoob Khan Dawood, NSS Coordinator, Dr. Nikat Hamza, Director of HR, faculties and students from the institute.

      Orientation training for N.S.S. Programme officers

      Celebrating NSS Golden Jubilee Year 2018, a mission of noble cause, School Education Department, Govt. of Tamil Nadu and B.S. Abdur Rahman Crescent Institute of Science and Technology- National Service Scheme organized one-day orientation training for N.S.S. Programme officers on 19th November 2018 at B.S. Abdur Rahman Crescent Institute of Science and Technology, Vandalur, Chennai. More than 500 NSS Programme officers of Higher Secondary Schools from 9 districts of Tamil Nadu, namely Chennai, Thiruvallur, Kancheepuram, Villupuram, Cuddalore, Vellore, Thiruvannamalai, Dharmapuri, Krishnagiri participated in this event.

      Mr. C. Samuel Chelliah, Regional Director, NSS Regional Directorate, Govt. of India, Mr. J. Anjelo Iruthayasami, CEO, School Education Department, Mr. N. Sundharam, Sub Judge Legal Aid Secretary, Cuddalore, Mr. V.C. RameshwaraMurugan, Director, School Education Department, Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Prof. Ir. Dr. Sahol Hamid Bin Abu Bakar, Vice- Chancellor, BSACIST, Mrs. Mariam Habeeb Ar Buhari, Joint Correspondent, Crescent Matriculation Higher Secondary School For Girls, Dr. Raja Hussain, Deputy Registrar, BSACIST, Dr. Ayub Khan Dawood, Professor and Dean, NSS Coordinator, BSACIST and NSS District Coordinators, District Liaison officers were the dignitaries present at the event.

      Diwali Celebration At Good Life Centre, Tambaram On 1st November, 2018

      NSS Volunteers from Crescent Institute of Science and Technology celebrated its Diwali at its full joyous and enthusiastic manner with mentally differently abled children’s at Good Life Centre(A home for orphans and mentally differently abled childrens) in Tambaram on 1st November, 2018. Around 15 volunteers from Crescent NSS performed different activities like, solo songs, group songs, solo dance, group dance, mimicry, using of noise less fireworks etc in order to stimulate their physical and mental spirit and to strengthen their attitude to intermingle in the present vibrant society in which they lacks modern equipments and services. Crescent NSS also donated Rs.3500/- towards the lunch of the day and development effort of the Centre.

      NSS ‘Youth Awakening Day’ Rally 15th October, 2018

      As part of the “Youth Awakening DAY” NSS cell of the Institute had organized “Youth Awakening Rally” in order to spread message of great and remarkable visions from a phenomenal visionary among the Institute community. Around 500 students from the different schools and department had participated very strenuously with placards which show the different slogans and quotes of the gifted personality in our time. The rally starts from the First year canteen at 3.00 PM and flag-off ceremony was done by the Registrar Dr. A. Azad with gracious presents of Dr.Raja Husain,Deputy Registrar, Dr.Ayub Khan Dawood, NSS Coordinator , Dr. S. Kaja Mohideen Dean, School of Electrical & Communication Sciences, Mr. M. ParvezAlam, CEO, Crescent Innovation and Incubation centre, NSS Programmes officers and staffs from the different departments. Other than the participants from the NSS volunteers, Rotaract club under the staff Co-coordinator Mr.Noushad.C and members of Bharat Unnath Abiyan programme were also shows their strength in participation. The rally had ends at the Convention centre.

      Youth Awakening Day Programme Conducted on 12th October, 2018, at Panchayat Union Middle School, Keerapakkam, Chennai

      The NSS of Crescent Institute of Science and Technology, Chennai, organized a Youth Awakening Day Eve with students of Panchayath Union Middle School, Keerapakkam, Chennai on 12th October 2018. Various programmes were conducted by the NSS volunteers in order to inculcate the moral value and strengthen the social awareness among the students. Programmes like essay competition on the theme of Youth Awakening Day, Motivational speech by NSS volunteers by using PPT, Good touch & bad touch for girls students etc. Around 24 NSS volunteers, including girls had participated for the successful conduct of the events. All the students were felt very glad and enthusiastically participated in all the activities.

      Participation in Mega Tree Plantation at Mahindra City on 30th September 2018

      NSS units of the BSA Crescent Institute of Sceince and Technolgy has been participated in Mega Tree Plantation programme which was organized by Mahindra World City on 30, September 2018. The programme was aimed for planting of 1.5 lakhs tree sapling from various schools and colleges across Tamil Nadu. From the Crescent Institute other than NSS volunteers, members from Bharat Unnath Abiyan programmae were also show their strength in the participation which includes faculty coordinators and students. Together it consists of more than 250 students and faculties participated for the event from our campus. Each of members from the institute planted 5 sapling which together consists of the more than 1250 sapling. The occasion was very energetic and vibrant with the gracious presents of our Deputy Registrar, Dr. Raja Hussain, of Crescent Institute.

      Participation in PFMS Training Programme On 11th & 12th September, 2018

      Dr.Ayub Khan Dawood, NSS Coordinator of BSA Crescent Institute of Science and Technology participated in PFMS (Public Finance Management System) Training for NSS programme Coordinators organized by the Regional Directorate of NSS, Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India on 11th and 12th September 2018, at Anna University, Guindy, Chennai.

      National Teacher’s Day celebrated on 5th September, 2018 by Planting the tree sapling in University premises

      NSS of Crescent in association with Crescent Alumni Association has celebrated National Teachers day on 5th September, 2018 by planting tree sapling in around the campus. The programme was inaugurated by Honourable Registrar A.Azad with the presence of deans, HoDs, faculties and students. More than thousands tree sapling has been planted in around the campus of BSA Crescent. The porgamme was highly successful with the large number of students and teachers participation.

      Cleaning Programme Conducted (Swatch Bharat) on 3rd September 2018

      NSS Volunteers from BSA Crescent Institute of Science and Technology has conducted cleaning programme as part of the Swatch Bharat programme of Government of India. The students mainly focussed for the cleaning of University football ground. Around 100 volunteers including girls were actively participated in the programme.

      National Conference on Youth Volunteering on 1st September, 2018

      Dr. Hajira Beevi, NSS Coordinator, along with NSS volunteers had participated the National Conference on Youth Volunteering which was organized by SRM University, Chennai on 1st September 2018.

      Flood relief for Kerala

      The National Service Scheme (NSS) and Youth Red Cross (YRC) of our institution together collected different household materials for sending it to the flood affected areas of Kerala. We would like to share very glad news that Crescent fraternity was very generous in contributing the necessity items to the needy people. They contributed various items immensely. Items like foods stuffs, stationeries, new dresses, medicines, etc together consist of more than 360kg totally worth around 1.5 lakhs were sent to Kerala on 20th of August evening by Chennai – Mangalore mail.

      Tree plantation drive

      The staff club with active support of NSS student team, as per the direction of our Dean Students Affairs, Maj. Gen. Gurdeep Singh Narang conducted the mega tree plantation event in the view of eco friendly Independence Day celebration. Tree Plantation was done by all delegates, university staff and the students. Around 100 saplings are planted beside the KBA men’s hostel and in the ground. The students planted the saplings in the afternoon session on 14th August and the staff’s joined the plantation drive on August 15.

      This tree plantation drive conducted by the staff club and the NSS team motivated and spread the awareness among the staff and students for an eco friendly green environment. In order to spread the awareness of using eco friendly flags instead of plastic ones, the staff club distributed the seed paper flag. The staff club thanks all the tree planters for their active involvement and enthusiastic support.

      NSS – Orphanage Visit

      The students from the NSS team coordinated by the faculty Ms.Saira Banu along with Major Gen. Gurdeep Narang (Dean, student affair) visited the orphanage Anaikkum Karangal on 28th (Saturday) July 2018. It is a non profit organization working for the development of elderly people, orphans and underprivileged children. There are totally 50 children and 10 old aged people are currently staying in this home.

      The team reached the orphanage at around 2.45 pm .The children were excited to receive the team. The program started with the drawing competition. The children were divided into 5 groups and each group was coordinated by 3 students from the NSS team. Crayons, chart, pencil, eraser, sharpener were provided for each child. The children enthusiastically drew pictures on the given topics.

      While the students were selecting the drawings for prize winners, songs were played for the children to dance. Most of the children danced, excited and felt joyful. The songs were played as per the children’s wish and it gave them double happiness.

      After finalizing the prize winners, our Dean, Major Gen. Gurdeep Narang distributed the medals and prizes for the talented children. Crayon box, biscuit packet, banana and fruity drink were distributed for every child. Further more tree planting was done in their home by our students and the children. 10 sampling were carried for this purpose. The children took part in the tree planting event happily. There was a huge smile on the face of the children while planting the sampling.

      The student handed over the notebooks, rice packet, used clothes, and used wrist watches to the home manager. We returned back to the college around 5pm.The NSS students were discussing on the Importance of contribution and their responsibilities towards the society, during their return journey.

      Arasankalani Lake Cleaning on 28.07.2018

      As a part of our NSS regular activity, 35 students from our NSS UNIT I and UNIT II in association with Environmental Foundation of India (EFI) on Saturday, 28.07.2018 cleaned some part of Arasankalani Lake located at 15 minutes from Mambakkam. The main motivation of this programme is to create awareness about the welfare of our environment. Mr.Pavithran from EFI gave a brief introduction about the connectivity of different lakes in Chennai.

      NSS – Traffic and Helmet Awareness campaign on 23.07.2018 at Vandalur

      NSS volunteers from Crescent Institute of Science and Technology, Chennai, conducted the “Traffic and Helmet Awareness campaign at Vandalur. In this programme, 28 NSS volunteers participated and showed greatest enthusiasm while giving awareness to the public regarding the importance of wearing Helmet and Traffic awareness.

      NSS – A Visit to Akshaya old age home on 20.07.2018

      National Service Scheme of BSA Crescent Institute of Science and Technology have visited Akshaya old age home with 50 NSS volunteers from 10.00 am to 12.30 pm. It was a great experience to the students and also emotional to them. We also donated 25 kg rice, 4 kg dhal, 2 kg oats and 2 kg sugar and clothes to them. The students were making them so comfortable being there and also entertained them.

      NSS – Cleaning Pit Shop (Crescent Campus) on 18.7.2018

      NSS with the Coordination of YRC (Youth Red Cross) conducted the Pit Shop cleaning programme by the help of students from the first year CSE batch as part of AICTE Induction programmes for the first year students. All the students were honestly participated in the programme and done the clean work very intensively.

      Anti Drug Awareness programme

      As a part of induction training programme, Anti drug awareness programme organised on 16.07.2018 for B.Tech ( AERO, AUTO, POLY, CSE ) students. Mr. Moses Selvakumar, Asst. prof (MADRAS SCHOOL OF SOCIAL WORK) delivered the lecture to the students.


      General orientation programme organised on 13.07.2018 for all I year B.Tech students. Mr. Samuel Chelliah, NSS Regional director delivered the motivational speech on youth volunteerism to the students. Mr.Shyam, (Environmental Foundation of India) delivered the speech on environment conservation.


      NATIONAL INTEGRATION CAMP FROM 24.03.2018-30.03.2018

      National integration camp was organized by NSS State cell, Bangalore from 24.03.2018 – 30.03.2018 at Davanagere University, Davanagere (Karnataka). 10 NSS volunteers have attended for the National Integration camp under NSS Programme Coordinator Dr.N. Hajarabeevi. The objective of this camp was to integrate the volunteers, culture, and language of different states of India.

      All the students are divided into 6 groups. .Every day students all woke up at 5 AM to be ready for the Flag hosting and yoga. After the exercise they got out for breakfast. Then they involved in cleaning the campus of the university as a part of swachhbharat. Each of the groups was assigned different parts of campus to clean. Then we had lunch and after which the evening was started with cultural program of different states each day. Our Institution performed the cultural programme on Thursday.

      On fifth day students went for a visit to chitradurga rock fort. There was a large historical fort on the base of rocky hills with many doors & amp; carvings at the main entrance.

      Finally the programme was ended with distribution of token of gratitude for each participants and volunteers and the staff involved. We celebrated the vote of thanks with wearing traditional dresses. It was really a nice experience to met new people and culture. Our students learnt the real meaning of this camp. Our dance, play and singing were praised by the audience. It was really a prideful and unforgettable moment for us.


      NSS special camp was held at Kattur panchayat and adanur panchayat during 09.03.18 to 15.03.18. The camp started on 09.03.18 with a formal inauguration. On 10.03.18, NSS student volunteers are involved in cleaning school premises,Lakes painting school buildings etc. NSS student volunteers also distributed pamphlets to the public in and around the adopted village regarding the training programme to be conducted by the self help group on 11.03.18 and for the free Medical camp to be held on 14.03.18. They also involved themselves in the removal of dangerous Karuvelam Tree (Juki flora) removal around the school premises. Valediction and prize distribution was held on 15.03.18.


      In association with Women’s grievances cell, Women’s day was celebrated on 8.03.2018. A lecture was given to women staff to save energy.


      Our NSS volunteers participated in the OMR Marathon powered by Rotary on 17th December 2017. More than 70 volunteers participated in the event.


      Tree plantation around KBA Men’s Hostel was done on 23.11.17. 15 saplings were planted in and around KBA Men’s Hostel by NSS volunteers. More than 30 students were participated in tree plantation programme. Dr.S.Kajamohideen presided over the function.


      NSS volunteers of B.S. Abdur Rahman Crescent Institute of Science and Technology observed Bharath Unnath Abiyan (Usage of computer) and gave on first aid training to the students of Governments High School, Otteri and Manivakkam on 11.11.17. More than 20 NSS volunteers participated in this campaign.


      Our NSS volunteers participated in the ‘Rally for Rivers’ campaign led by spiritual guru Jaggi Vasudev of the Isha Foundation aimed at planting buffer of trees along every river to replenish groundwater and to stop climate change held during September 11, 2017.


      Tree plantation drive was held on 26.10.17. Our NSS volunteers actively participated in the drive.


      To observe Youth Awakening Day, in association with NSS and Rajiv Gandhi Hospital, Chennai, Crescent Blood Donors organized Blood donation camp on 14.10.2017 from 10.00 am to 2.00 pm. More than 100 units were collected.


      On behalf of Crescent NSS Unit, Dr. N. Hajara Beevi, NSS coordinator gifted incinerator to Government High School, Madampakkam, Adanur Panchayat on 10th August 2017 for the benefit of girl students.


      N.S.S unit of our institute conducts regular Campus cleaning programme. NSS volunteers actively participated in cleaning the campus and hostel premises held during 7th and 24th August 2017.


      Our NSS volunteers, every Thursdays are involved in regulating vehicle movement and also in creating awareness on road safety management.



      Best NSS Students Volunteers are honoured with an award and certificate during the Annual Day Celebraton held on 08.04.17.


      NSS special camp was held at Adanur panchayat during 09.03.17 to 15.03.17. The camp started on 09.03.17 with a formal inauguration. On 10.03.17, NSS student volunteers are involved in cleaning school premises, painting school buildings etc. NSS student volunteers also distributed pamphlets to the public in and around the adopted village regarding the training programme to be conducted by the self help group on 11.03.17 and for the free Medical camp to be held on 14.03.17. They also involved themselves in the removal of dangerous Karuvelam Tree (Juki flora) removal around the school premises. Valediction and prize distribution was held on 15.03.17.


      A special lecture was arranged on antidrug awareness on 08.03.17 for the I year B.Tech. Students. Dr. Shalini Janardhan MBBS, MRC(Psych), DPM, Psychiatrist, Apollo Hospitals, Chennai gave the special lecture and also interacted with the students.


      International Women’s day celebrated on March 8th in a befitting manner by conducting various competitions among the girl students. The competitions include drawing/painting, photography, card making, Mehndi, vegetable carving, Treasure Hunt etc. A special lecture on Breast Cancer Awareness was delivered by Dr. Subash Kumar MBBS, FRCSI, FRCS (Edin), FRCS (Gen), Senior Consultant, Breast Surgery, Apollo Specialty Hospital for the benefit of female faculty members and girl students.


      General advisory Committee meeting was held on 17.02.17. Dr. C. Samuel Chelliah, Regional Director, NSS Regional Directorate attended the meeting and appreciated the overall work done by the NSS volunteers and also gave valuable suggestions.


      The N.S.S unit of our institute conducted “Swachh Bharath – Campus cleaning” programme on 11.02.17 and 12.02.17 in KBA Men’s Hostel. Dr. N. Hajara Beevi, NSS Coordinator organized the programme in which 150 NSS volunteers actively participated and involved in cleaning the Hostel premises.

      “Swachh Bharath – Campus cleaning” is periodically done to make the environment clean.


      Door-to-door Campaign on Solid Waste Management was done by our NSS volunteers in Campus Quarters on 25.10.16 explaining the need for segregating the waste and how to go in for waste management.


      Our NSS unit celebrated the Youth Awakening day on 17.10.2016 to commemorate the birth anniversary of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam in a befitting manner. An awareness rally was organised and the NSS Volunteers actively participated in the rally by holding placards of the Inspiring Quotes of A P J Abdul Kalam to spread his message.

      Special Pledge was also taken by the NSS volunteers to strive hard and to put their fullest effort to bring Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam dream of of making India Superpower by 2020 come true.


      About 25 NSS Volunteers spent their time in BHAVISYA DEEPAM, a home for with mentally retarded people. More than 20 NSS volunteers spent their time in AKSHAYA HOME, home for old age people.

      They also distributed the clothes collected during DAAN UTSAV (joy of giving week) during 02.10.16 to 08.10.16 to orphanage/old age homes.


      Beach cleaning programme was held in Marina beach.

      More than 50 students participated in beach cleaning programme held during 25.09.2016 and cleaned the Beach and oath was taken against corruption.


      NSS General Orientation Programme was held on 24.09.16. Mr. Shiva Krishnamoorthy, GM, Hand in Hand (NGO) delivered a motivational speech on Social Issues of Rural India. Best NSS volunteer was honored with an award.

      Dr. V. M. Periasamy, Former Vice Chancellor and Dr. P. K. Jawahar, Dean (Students Affairs) motivated the NSS volunteers to take up social work and shared their experiences.


      On 15.08.16 Campus cleaning was done in B.S. Abdur RahmanCrescent Institute of Science and Technology. As the Independence Day Celebration our students of NSS Programme were divided into teams for cleaning the campus around KBA men’s Hostel. More than 60 students have participated in this programme.


      Every week during Thursday after 5 pm, our NSS volunteers help the traffic constables to regulate the vehicle movement and also create awareness on road safety management.



      A training programme was arranged on 12.03.16 in association with Self help group 4M trust of our management on making of surf powder, phenoyl and preparation of memento by glass painting.

      More than 50 participants had undergone this training. This will help in the skill development of the general public.


      NSS volunteers interacted with the public in Karanai Puduchery to identify their needs and problems on 09.03.2016.


      NSS special camp was held at Government Middle School, Keerapakkam during 09.03.16 to 15.03.16. The camp started on 09.03.17 with a formal inauguration. Dr.V.M.Periyasamy (Vice Chancellor), Mr V.N.A.Jalal (GM &Director of Admission) has inaugurated the NSS camp. Dr.V.M.Periasamy, Vice Chancellor gave a speech on “Importance of NSS” and Mr.V.N.A.Jalal, GM & Director of Admission gave a speech on “Importance of rural development”.

      On 10.03.16, road around the school campus were cleaned AND NSS volunteers made a survey about people life around Kerrapakkam.

      On 11.03.16, NSS volunteers along with Self Help Group team trained the village people for preparing phenoyl, idli powder, rasam powder, detergent, candles and glass painting. Hijama treatment was conducted for NSS volunteers by Al-Shifa clinic.

      On 13.03.16, a group of NSS Volunteers went to BHAVISYA DEEPAM and spent few hours with mentally retarded people and another group of NSS volunteers went to AKSHAYA HOME, a home for old age people and spent time with them. On 14.03.16, Sports competition was conducted for all the school students. Speech, drawing, poem and essay competition were conducted.

      On 15.03.16, free medical camp was conducted by the NSS volunteers along with the Tagore medical college. On 16.03.17, Valediction ceremony was held and prizes were distributed for the winners.


      Traffic awareness program was held at Perungalathur on 20.02.2016.Our students of NSS program has helped the police in reduction of traffic and created awareness among the people to follow the traffic rules and regulation. More than 30 students have participated in the program.


      Relief work was carried out by our NSS volunteers during the December chennai flood on 2015. The volunteers helped in carrying out the relief work along with the Tamil Nadu government in Jawarharlal Nehru Stadium on 08.12.15.


      In association with Chengalpet Government Hospital, Blood Donation Camp was organized during 05.12.15. More than 200 participants participated.

      Free medical camp was conducted in association with Tagore Medical College on 15.03.16. More than 150 participants participated.

      150 spectacles were distributed to the village people by SINGVI TRUST.


      Beach cleaning programme was held twice in Marina beach. Many students involved in each cleaning process and cleaned the each with the help of police on 31.10.2015& 07.02.2016.on 31st more than 60 students participated & on 7th more than 120 students participated in beach cleaning program and cleaned the beach.


      Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam Youth Awakening day was celebrated by Tree plantation Drive on 15.10.2015. Tree plantation was carried around KBA Men’s Hostel & Electrical science Block. 100 saplings were planted in and around KBA Men’s Hostel by our NSS volunteers. More than 60 students participated in Tree Plantation programme.


      In association with Hand in Hand, NSS cell organized General Orientation Programme on 5.10.15. Students are motivated to know about NSS. Mr. Joe, General secretary gave the speech about the social work.


      International Non Violence Day was celebrated on 1.10.15 and 2.10.15 in association with IDEA ARCHIVE. Many competition ware conducted for the students like Quiz, collage making, drawing, speech, treasure hunt, etc. Prizes were distributed for the winner’s. More than 100 students have participated in this event.


      The N.S.S unit of ourCrescent Institute of Science and Technology conducted “Swachh Bharath – Campus cleaning” programme on 15th August 2015 in KBA Men’s Hostel. Dr.N.Hajarabeevi, NSS- Coordinator organized the programme in which 100 NSS volunteers actively participated and involved in cleaning the Hostel premises.


      N.S.S unit of our institute organized “International Yoga day celebration” on 21st June 2015 in association with Physical Education department.

      More than 150 participants participated. 50 NSS volunteers had undergone this programme. Our NSS volunteers Ms. H. Haseena Nilofer, B.Arch, Mr. Santhosh Kanna, Mech, Mr.Ilavarasan, Automobile and Mr. Giridaran Mechanical performed the various asanas.

      After demo section, our teaching and non teaching staffs were trained by our NSS volunteers.


      Various sports and cultural activities were conducted for the school students. The coaching classes were also conducted for them. Yoga Training was given by the girls NSS volunteers to school students.



      Our NSS Male volunteers cleaned the lake on 28.03.2015 at Karanai Puduchery and created awareness among the people.

      NSS SPECIAL CAMP ACTIVITIES 25.03.2015-31.03.2015


      Youth Science Festival organised by Tamil Nadu science forum in association with B.S. Abdur Rahman Crescent Institute of Science and Technology during 14.03.15 & 15.03.15. Students did volunteer service for the students those who have participated in this conference. More than 30 volunteers were participated.


      Blood Donation Camp was organized on 11.09.2014 & 5.12.2014. In association with Government Hospital,, Chengalpet, blood donation camp is arranged. More than 200 units were collected.

      In association with HDFC Bank and Government Hospital, Royapettah, blood donation camp is arranged on 5.12.2014. More than 100 units were collected.


      As per the directions from UGC, we already implemented the concept “One student one Tree “among the NSS students. Accordingly we have planted more than 500 saplings in the last academic year 2014-2015 during various occasions like Independence Day celebrations and Republic Day celebrations.


      To promote reading Habits among the people, in association with Society for the Advancement of Library and Information Science (SALIS) and Puthiyathalaimurai TV Channel, 100 students were participated. Our Chancellor B.S.A Abdul Kadir Rahman Buhari inaugurated the rally.


      • General Orientation Programme was organized on 24.01.2014. More than 100 NSS volunteers of first and second year students have attended the function.
      • Volunteer service has been carried out on 25.01.2014 to honour the students in association with Tamil Nadu Muslim Graduates Association
      • Organized a tree plantation programme on 26.01.2014. Prof J.A.K Tareen Vice Chancellor of B.S Abdur Rahman Institute initiated the event. More than 50 saplings were planted near the Hostel premise of the institute.
      • On 8th March 2014 “Women/s Day” was celebrated, Prof. Kamatchi of SIVET, Gowrivakkam , Chennai presided the event.
      • Indian association for blind gave the BLIND EMPOWERNMENT Champions-2014 Award on 14.02.2014
      • A awareness program was organized through a rally on 16th March 2014 “towards “Right to vote” at Kovalam Beach
      • On the same day an Eye camp was organized in association with Singvi Trust. 100 spectacles were distributed to the people of Kumuzhi. More than 10 people underwent eye surgery in Ramachandara Medical Hospital, Porur
      • Organized a tree plantation programme on 17.03.2014. Prof S.Kaja Mohideen Dean (SECS) of B.S Abdur Rahman Institute initiated the event. More than 100 saplings were planted at Karanaipuducherry
      • Organized a NSS special camp at Kumuzhi from 14th to 20th March 2014


      • N.S.S unit of our institution conducted “GENERAL ORIENTATION PROGRAMME” on 11th February 2012.
      • A visit to the Bhavsiya Deepam Orphanage and Akshya Home was organized on 3rd March, 2012.


      • In association with NSS unit Faculty training academy organized the three days Workshop on Multimedia Tools-Adobe Photoshop for non teaching staff on 8.01.2011-9.01.2011 and 22.01.2011. 35 participants had undergone this programme.
      • A visit to Bhavsiya Deepam Orphanage was organized on 1st January, 2011.
      • Our volunteers participated in green rally on 1.01.2011 for promoting green city conducted by ISHA Yoga foundation.
      • The following three NSS Volunteers and One NSS programme officer have been awarded as the best NSS Volunteer and NSS programme officer by Anna University on 11.02.2011.

      Best NSS Volunteer Award

      S.NO Year Name of the NSS Volunteer
      1 2009-2010 Mr.A.Arshaq ECE final year

      Ms.Lailathul faidha CSE final year

      Mr. Roshan Xavier Mech III year

      Best NSS Programme officer Award

      1 2009-2010 Dr.N.Hajarabeevi, Associate Professor / Chemistry
      • Donated 25 Tube lights in association with United Hearts Foundation (Student Federation), which are required for the night study for Govt. High School students in Kumizhi Village on 18.02.2011.
      • Awareness Programme for Non-Teaching staff children was conducted on 9.04.2011.
      • The following two NSS Volunteers have been awarded as the best NSS Volunteer by Anna University on 15.11.2011 and also received the best NSS Unit award for the year 2010-2011.

      Best NSS Volunteer Award

      S.NO Year Name of the NSS Volunteer
      1 2010-2011 1. Mr. Mohammed Riyaz, IT A final year

      2. Ms.Mehzabeen Fathima IT A final year


      • The 40th year N.S.S day was celebrated on 14th October, 2010 in our institute. Various contests were conducted for NSS volunteers and prizes were distributed.
      • General Orientation Programme was organised on 15th October 2009. More than 100 NSS volunteers of first and second year students have attended the function.
      • Personality development programme was organized on the 15th October 2009 Guest lecture was given by Mustafa Badsha, Business development manager in the Net achievers forum.
      • N.S.S day celebration on 31st October, 2009 at Anna University.
      • Mr.S.Ajmeer deen, Final year B.E (civil Engineering) received the BEST N.S.S VOLUNTEER AWARD for the year 2009-2010 by Anna University. More than 40 students participated.
      • Organized a traffic awareness programme on 7th January 2010. Guest lecture was given by Mr. Veeranna S.P, Guduvanchery
      • Pulse Polio Immunization programme was held on 7th February, 2010. 100 students participated in this programme.
      • Organized the cancer cum tobacco awareness programme on 28th February 2010. Dr Surendran from Adayar cancer institute gave a lecture on ill-effects of tobacco.
      • Organized a basic training programme on handling computers and peripherals for non-teaching staffs from 22nd March 2010 onwards in association with MCA dept.
      • Organized a NSS special camp at Kandigai on 8-14th March 2010.
      • A campus cleaning at our institute premises was done by our institute First year N.S.S students on 7th March, 2010. More than 30 students participated and cleaned the campus.
      • A visit to Bhavisiya deepam orphanage and Akshaya home was organized on 16th March 2010
      • Organized a short film making contest on 23rd March 2010 to celebrate the 25th year of our institution . The theme for the event was “Social Awareness”. The three short film namely Mattram, Candle and Save our Life have been as the best films submitted.
      • Organised “Sadbhavana Diwas” as “Communal harmony fortnight” on 27-8-10. More than 100 students participated.
      • Organized “GENERAL ORIENTATION PROGRAMME” on 18th September 2010..
      • Organized a blood donation camp on 29.09.2010—1.10.2010. More than 300 participants participated.
      • Technical Training was organized in our institute on 9.10.2010. More than 70 participants had undergone the training programme on making of Surf powder, instant masala powder, phenoyl and preparation of memento by glass painting. This will help them to learn more and improve them.