School of Life Sciences

M.Sc. Microbiology

Eligibility for Admission

B.Sc. Biotechnology / Biochemistry / Botany / Zoology / Microbiology / Molecular Biology / Genetics or equivalent degree in relevant field with a minimum CGPA of 5.0 / 50% of marks.

Admission 2022-23
Sl. No. Name of the Programme Tuition Fee per Semester
1 M.Sc. Microbiology Rs 25,000

Amenities and Service Fee – One time payment at the time of admission
1 Amenities and Service Fee Rs 20,000
Hostel Fee
*Hostel Fee per Year
1 Establishment Charges Rs 40,000/-
2 Boarding Charges Rs 55,000/-
Total Rs 95,000/-

*Amenity and Service Fee: Rs.5000/- (one time payment)

Transport Charges
*Transport Charges per Year (Optional)
1 A.C. Bus Rs 40,000/- to 50,000/-

*Transport charges varies based on the distance

Admission Brochure 2021-22

Programme Educational Objectives

The course aims to provide an advanced understanding of the core principles and topics of Microbiology and their experimental basis to enable students in acquiring a specialized knowledge by means of dedicated lecture series and subject-oriented research project.

Hence, the main objectives of the program are:

  • To communicate the basic knowledge in general microbiology with detailed subdivision of microbiology
  • For the basic understanding this course includes microbial biochemistry, physiology and molecular Biology to give basic understanding of the microbiology
  • Further bacteriology, virology, mycology give individual sections of microbiology with detailed information on economic importance of microbiology
  • Finally this course explains the advanced sections of microbiology like Immunology, Microbial genetics, food microbiology, medical microbiology, Environmental microbiology, industrial microbiology and bioinformatics
  • This course provides necessary theoretical and practical experience in all divisions of microbiology to become an effective professional.
  • This course provides broad exposure to various communities, ecological and commercial issues in the field microbiology

Programme Outcomes

After successfully completing this course, the student should be able to:

  • On completion of the program the graduates will have applied knowledge in microbiology and the subdivision of microbiology
  • Microbial Biochemistry, Physiology and Molecular Biology will give basic understanding of the microbiology
  • Assess and predict the technological, ethical and social effects of their own work /disciplines and of microbiology

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Placement and pursuing higher studies by post-graduate students (M.Sc)

Placement of M.Sc students Name of the student Name of the Company placed Name of the Institution pursuing higher studies No. of students admitted No. students graduated No. students placed No. students doing higher studies
M.Sc 2013-2015 Anil. B BSACIST 3 3 2 1
Karabi.G Molecular connections, Bangalore N/A
Menaka. G PreludeSys India Ltd Chennai N/A
M.Sc 2014-2016 M.Farhana Fathima Indian International school, Dhamam N/A 5 5 4 1
R. Malini IAS coaching center, Chennai N/A        
S.Zakia Fathima Ocius Life Sciences N/A        
B. Famidha Episource, Chennai N/A        
R. Logesh BSACIST        
M.Sc 2015-2017 Afsana Parveen M Velammal new generation school, Chennai N/A 9 9 7 N/A
Nivashini A SRM Institute of science and technology, Chennai. N/A
Ramya R Amaris Clinical (Division of Caplin Point Laboratories Limited) N/A
Reshmarani. V.G Omega healthcare management, Chennai N/A
V A Suvitha Global hospital, Chennai N/A
Sakaram Cultivator Natural production private Limited Jodhpur N/A
Lazer E Dr.Rela institute international Medical centre,Chennai N/A
M.Sc 2016-2018 Rubeena Banu Fetomed (Life Cell), Chennai 8 8 6 2
Shariq Ahmed .M BSACIST, Chennai
Sangeetha.S Omics International, Hyderabad
Aswini .M SASTRA, Thanjavur
A. Ahmed CSIR NET coaching
H. Ahmed CSIR NET coaching
M.Sc 2017-2019 12 9 5 1
Balaji G CCMB, INSPIRE fellow        
Mahalakshmi Omics International, Hyderabad
Md. Adnan Biozeen, Bangalore
Thajulvaslin Seagrass Tech Pvt Ltd, Karaikal  
Arivazhagan.R DSS Imagetech, New Delhi  
Santhosini J. Dr.JRK’s Research and Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd.Chennai  
Outcomes summary for M.Sc 37 34 29 5
Outcomes summary for M.Sc in %   91.89 85.29% 14.7%