Crescent School of Law

BA LLB (Hons.) – 5 years

Eligibility for BA LLB (Hons.)

A Pass in Higher Secondary Examination conducted by State or Central Board of Secondary Education or equivalent examination in any stream with a minimum of 50% overall aggregate of marks. Candidates date of birth should fall on or after 1st July 1999.

Admission 2021-22
Tuition Fee per Semester
Programme Marks in +2
80% and Above
Marks in +2
Below 80%
BA LLB (Hons.) (5 years) Rs 62,500/-* Rs 75,000/-
Merit Scholarship
Marks in +2 – 80% and Above Rs 25,000/- per year as Scholarship*

*To receive the merit scholarship in the subsequent years, students should secure minimum CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) of 7.5 in the semester examinations at the end of every academic year.

Amenities and Service Fee – One time payment at the time of admission
1 Amenities and Service Fee Rs 20,000/-
Hostel Fee
*Hostel Fee per Year 
1 Establishment Charges Rs 40,000/-
2 Boarding Charges Rs 55,000/-
Total Rs 95,000/-

*Amenity and Service Fee: Rs 5,000/ (one time payment)

Transport Charges
*Transport Charges per Year (Optional)
1 A.C. Bus Rs 40,000 – 50,000/-

*Transport charges varies based on the distance

Admission Brochure 2021-22

Programme Educational Objectives

  • To provide a strong foundation of social sciences to ensure comprehensive understanding of ‘Law’ as a unique discipline
  • To develop interdisciplinary platforms of law and other social sciences to meet the demands of the Legal, Corporate and Business world
  • To provide a strong foundation in Accounting, Business Laws and Taxation to the students
  • To provide career-oriented education to equip the students to foster selfemployment and entrepreneurship in knowledge platforms
  • To cultivate among students innovative learning skills and techniques including e learning for to upkeep the challenges of contemporary digitized era
  • To extend research and analytical skills among the students in professional studies
  • To proffer fundamental and specialized legal knowledge for developing sustainable solutions for complex legal and social issues
  • To cultivate intuitive and cognitive skills and to encourage team works by holding practical sessions such as mock trials, moot courts, internships etc. in the curriculum
  • To contribute the skills and efforts of the student community as intellectual innovators in facilitating their unique role in the development of Indian legal jurisprudence by way of policy framing etc.
  • To facilitate investigations into complex legal and social issues by means of scientific research methods and analytical techniques including qualitative and quantitative research tools, data interpretation techniques for extracting and synthesizing data to reach valid conclusions
  • To cultivate among the students the principles of professional ethics and code of conduct to upkeep the responsibilities and norms of legal practice and other aligned fields
  • To develop good communicative and comprehensive skills by providing foundation courses for all students in their initial semesters for better comprehension of issues, proper operative documentationand to make effective presentations in eloquence
  • To infuse the students into the principles of participatory democracy with a great compassion towards human rights and other ethical values

Programme Outcomes

On successful completion of the programme, the graduates will be able to:

  • Establish themselves as exceptional legal professionals with a strong ethical base, capable of taking up all responsibilities in the legal/corporate arena
  • Demonstrate a strong understanding of law and its underlying principles with conceptual clarity
  • Apply their legal knowledge and principles into realistic/ practical situations to find plausible solutions
  • Defend and uphold democratic spirit and constitutional values within and outside the Court
  • Apply concrete precepts and ideas in the corporate field from a legal and ethical perspective
  • Demonstrate team-spirit, co-operation and leadership quality in every chosen field of career
  • Communicate effectively in any given situation within the legal sphere and in the society in general
  • Contribute in the field of legal education with exceptional analytical, cognitive and documentation skills
  • To explore the knowledge on social reforms and solutions of restructuring

Programme – Specific Educational Outcomes

  • Establish strong foundations on jurisprudence of law, sociology, human rights and political science to equip the students to foster legal and social challenges of time
  • Develop deepened understanding of law in a variety of social and political contexts
  • Display critical and analytical skills in complex legal and social situations
  • Analyse and understand changes in law, economy, human rights etc.
  • To adapt to practical applications of law in legal practice and other aligned fields

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