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Transparency with VC

The Vice chancellor enlisted the Mission of the Institute and his ideas for achieving them, as follows:

  • To blossom into an internationally renowned institute & to empower the youth through quality education and to provide professional leadership – is done through providing quality education. In our institute, “no faculty can escape from teaching and no students can escape from learning.”
  • To achieve excellence in all its endeavors to face global challenges & to provide excellent teaching and research ambience – is achieved by arranging guest lectures for students by inviting experts from the industry. High priority is given to achieving excellence in education at Crescent Institute.
  • To network with global Institutions of Excellence, Business, Industry and Research Organizations – is already being done by signing MoUs and collaboration with foreign universities and industries.
  • To contribute to the knowledge base through Scientific enquiry, Applied Research and Innovation – is attained by giving inputs through practical sessions and practice of each course. Students are encouraged to carry out research.
  • The institute goes by the new tagline “We Create Employers”, which sets us apart from the other institutions and guarantees a better future for the students.
  • The institute is the first to offer a course on CEO Training and Social Entrepreneurship, to all the students of B.Tech programme. Internship is also made mandatory, which would give them exposure to the functioning of an organization.
  • The Vice Chancellor aspires to have a different approach to the Student – Teacher relationship and Student – Vice Chancellor relationship. He said that the students are welcome to meet him on Fridays to address any issue. He said suggestions will be more welcome than just complaints. He stressed that this never happens in any University. He also said that he would go around and interact with students.
  • A Town Hall Talk is organized where students meet with the Vice Chancellor as a group and discuss issues and come out with suggestions for the development of the institute.
  • Adjunct Professors from foreign universities and industry are appointed in all the schools and departments. This would give the students different exposure towards understanding concepts and gaining knowledge.
  • The curricula and syllabi are prepared in line with industry expectations.
  • The institute has a strong alumni bonding, which results in MoU with industries. This is also realized through our Crescent Alumni spread all over the world, like the USA, Oman, Duabi, Australia, Singapore, etc., who excel in the overseas scenario.

The Vice Chancellor insisted on the ground rules to be followed by the students, and to be noted down by the parents:

    Students must

  • respect the teachers; greet them.
  • wear ID card.
  • come on time to the classes or they will not be permitted to enter the class.
  • be neatly dressed and wear shoes.
  • should take care of the cleanliness of the campus.
  • must maintain discipline
  • should not damage institute property
  • should not use mobile phones during class hours
  • should not consume alcohol or drugs – if found, they will be expelled from the institute. (No mercy will be shown to such students).

The Vice Chancellor appealed to the parents to cooperate with the institute authorities to help make their wards successful in their life and career. As parents are spending a fortune on their wards, the institute takes measures to ensure that the money does not go waste.

Apart from academics, the institute also gives importance to sports and other co-curricular activities. AC facility in labs, Mosque, gym, wifi facility, hostel for men and women, 24/7 lab and library facility is made available for the students. He said that students can write to him to , which he would personally answer.

The Vice Chancellor ended by saying that he cares for all in the institute – the students, faculty members, Heads – everyone. That is his style of management, where everyone is accounted for.