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Department of Public Policy

As one of the premier Universities in the country, B.S. Abdur Rahman Crescent Institute of Science and Technology, in Vandalur Chennai, offers an opportunity in Public Policy for students who dream of a better tomorrow. Our “Public Policy” programme offers our students, faculty and staff, an opportunity to explore their intellectual hunger with research to address the current turbulent socio-economic and political challenges emerging in our multipolar world through policies.


  • This Programme facilitates the progress of graduates from students into competent professionals capable of addressing complex, emerging real world issues
  • This programme offers students a solid foundation in Public Policy basics that enable them to grasp nuanced, multifaceted global issues and use the skills taught to them to create solutions
  • This programme allows them to inculcate knowledge on the fundamental subjects needed to craft public policies such as Polity, Economics, History, Geography, Governance, International Relations, Environment. They form the foundation on which students can gain perspectives on what has been done so far and what can be done to achieve favourable results in their policies
  • This programme also allows students to demonstrate their proficiency with subject knowledge through various fieldwork modules
  • To provide exposure to various levels of the government through interactions with retired and serving IAS/IPS/IRS officers in federal, state and local governments
  • In addition to this, our students can also be a part of the NCC which serves to inculcate discipline, diligence and resilience in our students


Considering the growing demographic dividend of India, the government is in dire need of policy makers with an eye on the needs of the people and problem-solving skills. The Public Policy programme aims to close the gap between theory and practice through our students. Public policy is essential in every government scheme as research analysts are needed to identify gaps in the policy for the welfare of the people. This lacuna can also be visible to international organizations like OECD, World Bank who may require the skills the graduate brings to the table. Aside from employment with corporate sectors, a graduate with the spark to personally oversee change can always take their place as innovators, entrepreneurs who bring the change they wish to see in the world. With NCC, the students are also eligible to apply to defence oriented examinations and serve the nation.


The B.A. Public Policy aims to equip our students with the capability to understand complex, multifaceted issues of the real world and apply their skills to solve them. Through our

guest lectures, seminars and fieldwork featuring IAS/IPS/IRS officers, we hope to impart mastery over skills that our students can use to redress real-world problems. As such, this programme is ideal for those who seek to be a part of the steel frame of India. Our undergraduate curriculum is designed to provide an immersive experience preparing for the UPSC/IAS exam along with several other competitive exams. We supplement our programme with NCC, through which we hope to instill a sense of discipline, resilience and patriotism.

B.A. Public Policy is a programme that opens the doors to many prestigious employment opportunities with the government through over 130+ competitive exams. Those students who wish to seek employment through the placement cell can do so and they will have the opportunity to work with prestigious, international organizations or corporations that assist the government formulate policies.

Program Highlights

  • NCC as part of curriculum in first time in India
  • Course exclusively designed for cracking Competitive Examinations
  • Individual Mentoring by IAS/IPS/IFS officers
  • Multidisciplinary Course inculcating Analytical Skills
  • Syllabus customized to demands of Competitive Exams
  • Individual Performance Tracking
  • Guest Lectures by Officers on Policy Analysis and Implementation
  • Critical Policy Research Skills and Development
  • Personality Development and Leadership Training by Officers
  • Graduate with a degree and the knowledge to crack the UPSC exam