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Events in 2018-19

MOU with Cambridge
Our institution has been the pioneer in signing MOU with Cambridge, being the First of its kind in 2010, in 2014 and the third and most recent one in August 2018, offering Business English for engineering students in India.

MOU in 2010
MOU in 2014
MOU in 2018

Events in 2016-17

Seminars/Workshops Organized

  • An ICSSR- Sponsored Two-Day National Workshop on ‘Virtual Learning’ for teachers in B.S.Abdur Rahman Institute on 3rd and 4th February 2017.

Events in 2014-15



Inaugural-Fuction-of-National-Conference-Socio-Economic and Politcal-status-of-Muslims-in- India

Events Conducted:

  • A guest- lecture on “Social Sciences for Engineers” was organized for the students of I year B.Tech on 7.8.2014. Dr Gnana Pushpam, former Principal, Patrician College of Arts and Science, Chennai delivered the lecture.
  • The School of Social Sciences organized a two day ICSSR Sponsored National Conference on Socio-Economic and Political Status of Muslims in India: Challenges and Development on 21 and 22 January 2015. The conference was inaugurated by Prof Abdul Shaban, Pro Vice Chancellor, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. There was overwhelming response for the conference. Participants were from Jammu & Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh, Kerala, West Bengal, Assam, Telengana, Tamil Nadu. The conference proceedings was released by the chief guest , Abdul Shaban. The valedictory function was presided over by K..Alauddin, former Principal Secretary, Government of Tamil Nadu.
  • A guest- lecture on “Importance of Law for Engineers” was organized for the benefit of the students of fourth semester B.Tech on 25.3.2015. Dr.V.Balaji, Associate Professor in Law, Post graduate department of Law delivered the lecture.


  • A one day Colloquium on Emerging theories and Applications in English Literature and Language Teaching Research was organised on 13th February 2016 for the benefit of research scholars of English Literature and Language Teaching to discuss the emerging trends and orient the researchers in the right direction, widen the perspectives and facilitate their research progress.
  • A one-day workshop on ‘Drafting an effective lesson plan: An OBTL approach’ was conducted on 10 October 2014 to train the English teachers in the nuances of writing an effective lesson plan with greater focus on Technical English and implementing it successful yin the classroom in line with the OBTL methodology
  • A two-day National Conference “A Paradigm Shift in English Language Teaching & Testing: A Literary / Linguistic Approach” was conducted on 14 & 15 March 2013 for the faculties and research scholars of English language teaching and literature to address the need and myriad aspects and the implications of teaching language and literature in the present scenario.
  • A state level workshop on “Creativity in English Language Teaching – CELT 2012” was conducted on 11th October 2012 for the faculties of English in schools and colleges to foster creativity in English language teachers, teach English innovatively, prepare learning materials & lesson plan preparation, assess learners’ progress and create creative classroom in the Digital Age.
  • A two-day National Seminar on Technology integrated Language Teaching – TILT 2012 was conducted on 1 & 2 March 2012 for the faculty members of English to equip them to integrate technology in the effective teaching of the language and to exploit technology to give the learner autonomy in learning the LSRW skills.
  • A State Level Seminar “Crescience 2000 – A Meeting of Creative Minds” was conducted in January 2000 for the 1st year students of engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu to develop their communication skills.
  • “Crescience 2007 – A Meeting of Creative Minds” was conducted on 15.03.2007 to highlight the role of English in Technical Education and to focus on the needs of professional learners to develop their communication skills.
  • ” A State Level Workshop “TILT 2008” was held in October 2008 for teachers of Engineering colleges to give hands on experience in the use of technology resources and tools in the language classroom.
  • A State Level Seminar “Crescience 2011” was conducted on 11th March 2011 for the students of 1st year B.E./B.Tech of all the engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu to provide an exposure for paper presentation.


In order to prepare the faculty for the teaching of Business English Certificate courses effectively and to prepare them and the technical staff for conducting the Computer based test, the following training programmes were organized.

  • A co-ordination programme for the faculty of the Department was organized on 29th October 2012 for the conduct of BEC Vantage Speaking Test.
  • Training the Trainers’ programme was organized on 22nd October 2010 to give an orientation on BEC Preliminary Exams for the faculty of the Department.
  • A training programme was conducted for the technical staff of the Departments of English, IT, MCA and CSE on 07th April 2011 to conduct the Computer Based Test – BEC Preliminary Exams for the students of B.Tech II semester.
  • A training programme for the faculty to qualify themselves as Oral Examiners in order to conduct the Speaking test (forms part of BEC Preliminary exam) was conducted on 09th April 2011.
  • A training programme for Test Administrators was conducted for the faculty of the Department on 19th May 2011 to administer Computer Based Test for BEC Preliminary course.
  • “Training the Trainers’ Workshop was conducted for the faculty of the Department to prepare them to conduct BEC Vantage course for the students of III semester on 11.07.2011 and 12.07.2011.
  • A training programme was conducted for the benefit of the faculties of the Department on 5th November 2011. This programme was organized to qualify themselves as Oral Examiners (Business English Certificate – vantage level).
  • The Department of English conducted the Business English Certificate Exams (Vantage level) for the students of III Semester B.Tech. The speaking test was held on 29th and 30th November 2011 and the Reading, Writing & Listening (Paper Based Test) was conducted on 3rd December 2011.