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Department of Physics

The Department of Physics caters to the needs of Science, Engineering and Technology programs. It imparts knowledge in Applied Physics, Materials Science, Basics of Electronics circuits & devices and Engineering applications. Further, it offers the P.G. course M.Sc in Physics from the academic year 2014-15. It also offers the Doctoral research (Ph.D.) program


  • To provide the students with basic knowledge in theory and help acquire the skills in laboratory practice useful to them in the subsequent years.
  • To ensure better quality of education by continuous monitoring, review of performance and counseling students.
  • To supplement the academic input of students by organizing seminars, conferences and guest lectures.
  • To improve the quality of the faculty members through upgradation of qualification, participation in/ conduction of seminars, workshops and publication of research papers and books.
  • To provide the state-of-the-art research facilities and offer opportunities for higher education in Science, Engineering and  Technology by research and development and consultancy.

VISION of the Department

To be a leader in providing quality higher education through well designed programs and undertake research in Physical Sciences and related interdisciplinary areas.

MISSION of the Department

  • To provide quality education in the field of Physical Sciences through well designed programs.
  • To provide necessary knowledge in Physical Sciences required for all programs in science and engineering.
  • To offer quality programs in advanced and applied physical sciences.
  • To undertake fundamental, applied and interdisciplinary research in emerging areas.