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  • Nonlinear optical characaterization – Nonlinear optical crystals, dye doped polymers, organic dyes
  • Thin film growth by Pulsed Laser Deposition Method (PLD) and its characterization
  • Spectral and temporal studies in Distributed Feedback Laser
  • Energy transfer studies in organic dye mixtures in liquid and solid media
  • Nonlinear dynamics- Chaos computing,Secure communication, Stochastic resonance
  • Materials Modelling & characterization-Computational stimulation
  • Crystal growth and characterization
  • Surface Engineering
  • Nano science
  • Optoelectronics
  • Multiferroics


Faculty Areas of Research

Dr.I.B.Shameem Banu, Professor
Multiferroic materials and applications , White LED, Q LED materials and Spintronics Materials, Preparation and characterization of ceramics (Thin films, nanomaterials and nanocomposites) for energy and functional applications, Computational materials science – Materials modelling by WIEN 2K software,

Dr. M. Basheer Ahmed, Professor 
Laser technology-nano materials-synthesis and characterization, nano-photonics, nano composites, fabrication of thin films by pulsed laser deposition, dye lasers- energy transfer, non linear optical and ferro electric crystals, second and third order characterization, dye doped crystals.

Dr. I. Raja Mohamed, Professor 
NONLINEAR DYNAMICS (Chaos theory and applications) – The main focus is essentially to analyze the bifurcation and chaos phenomena in some simple typical nonlinear circuits, especially of autonomous and non-autonomous types, both through numerical and experimental analog simulations studies. Currently these twin approaches of numerical analysis and analog circuit simulation studies which complement each other in the investigation of bifurcation and chaos phenomena in nonlinear dynamical systems and their ensuing applications in stochastic resonance, computing and communication are being carried out.

Dr. S. Sathik Basha, Associate.Professor
SURFACE ENGINEERING TECHNIQUES – Surface of the materials are modified using Laser materials processing and other methods. The Characterization modified surface are analyzed for technological applications.

Dr.G.V.Vijayaraghavan, Associate.Professor 
Dye lasers have become an indispensable instrument in any spectroscopy or photochemical laboratory. Many efforts are being made in studies aimed to improve dye lasers efficiency and to extend their spectral region of operation. The study of the transfer of energy between donor and acceptor dye molecules in solution has both theoretical and practical importance. Currently, research work is carried out for energy transfer in a distributed periodic structure in different groups of organic dyes.

Dr. M. Md. Sheik Sirajuddeen,
Asst. Professor (Sr. Grade)
Materials Characterization (Computational) – The computational modeling of materials & characterization by theoretical methods is a promising method for predicting novel materials  with interesting properties. Currently working on electronics, magnetic, elastic and thermal properties of transition metals doped with impurities. Electronic band structure method is studied with the framework of DFT using LDA/GGA+U methods.

Asst. Professor
Nano Materials Synthesis by Hydrothermal Method, Thin film Deposition by Physical (Thermalevaporation,  Electron Beam Evaporation and Pulsed Laser Deposition) and Chemical (Chemical Bath Deposition and Photochemical Deposition) Methods,


1. Supervisor details

Name of the Supervisor No. of scholars pursuing in No. of Scholars Completed in
Our Institute Anna University Other Universities Our University Anna University Other Universities
Dr. I. B. Shameem Banu 5 3 1
Dr. M. Basheer Ahamed 4 2 3 1
Dr. I. Raja Mohamed 2
Dr. S. Sathik Basha 1
Dr. G. V. Vijayaraghavan 4
Dr. M.Md.Sheik Sirajuddeen 2 1
Dr. R. Indirajith 4

2. Research Scholars Details:

A. Full Time Scholars

S.No. Name of the candidate Research Supervisor Research Topic Month and Year of admission Status
1 Mrs. D. Kanimozhi Dr. R. Indirajith Synthesis and Characterization of Semiorganic and inorganic single crystals Jan 2014 Pursuing
2 Mr. Mahalingam Dr. J. Thirumalai Preparation of rare earth doped molybdate and tungsten micro/macro structures for bi-functional applications Jan 2014 Pursuing
3 Mr. Kallim Abdul Rasheed Dr. M. Basheer Ahamed Thin Films by PLD Method Jan2014 Pursuing
4 Ms. Shameem Banu Dr. Sehik Uthuman/Maths Non linear Dynamics July 2014 Pursuing
5 Ms. Chitra Dr. I. Raja Mohamed Ordered Chaotic and strange Nonchaotic phenomena in coupled nonlinear networks July 2014 Pursuing
6 Ms. Komallavalli Dr. I. B. Shameem Banu Multi Ferroics July 2014 Pursuing
7 Sowmya S Dr.M.Basheer Ahamed Polymer Nanocomposites Jan 2016 Pursuing
8 Mr. N. Gopinath Dr. S. Sathik Basha Surface Coating July 2016 Pursuing
9 Mr. Ikram Un Nabi Lone Dr.M.Md.Sheik Sirajuddeen Computational Materials Science within the framework of DFT. July 2016 Pursuing
10 Ms. Divyalakshmi. S Dr.I.B.Shameem Banu Multi Ferroic Properties of doped Bismuth ferrite composites July 2016 Pursuing
11 Aquib Muzaffar Dr.M.Basheer Ahamed Materials Science (exptl) Jan 2016 Pursuing

B. Part Time Scholars

S.No. Name of the candidate Research Supervisor Research Topic Month and Year of admission Status
1 Ms. R. Rizwana Dr. I. Raja Mohamed Bifurcation, Chaos and Strange Non-chaos in Nonlinear circuits and systems July 2010 Pursuing
2 Mr. S. Fathhoor Rabbani Dr. I. B. Shameem Banu Investigation on some compounds by ab initio method for spintronics applications July 210 Pursuing
3 Ms. A.Sathiya Priya Dr. I. B. Shameem Banu Synthesis, Electrical and magnetic characterization of multiferric materials Jan 2013 Pursuing
4 Mr. R. Senthil Dr. G.V.Vijayaraghavan Growth and characterization of NLO crystals Jan 2013 Pursuing
5 Mr. M. Suresh Kumar Dr. G.V.Vijayaraghavan Crystal growth and its characterization Jan 2013 Pursuing
6 Ms. K. S. Vadivoo Dr. G.V.Vijayraghavan Synthesis and characterization of Nanocomposites Jan 2013 Pursuing
7 Mrs. Thahirunnisa Dr. I. B. Shameem Banu Computational NMR of single walled carbon nanotubes July 2013 Pursuing
8 Mr. K. Rackesh Jawahar Dr. R.Indirajith Synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials Jan 2013 Pursuing
9 Mr. Sahaya Rajan Dr. R.Indirajith Nano Materials – synthesis and characterization Jan 2014 Pursuing
10 Mr. K. C. Wilson Dr. M. Basheer Ahamed Nanostructured thin film for photovoltaic applications July 2012 Pursuing
11 Mr.A.Sivakumar Dr.R.Indirajith Crystal growth July 2014 Pursuing
12 Ms. M. Sheeba Gnana Selvi Dr. G.V. Vijayaraghavan Synthesis and Characterization of ZnO nanoparticles July 2016 Pursuing
13 Syed Rahmathullah Dr.M.Md.Sheik Sirajuddeen An ab-initio study on the effect of doping in transition metal pnictides Jan 2017 Pursuing

D.Research Publication Details

Year International Journal National Conference International Conference Total
2009 4 6 4 14
2010 3 4 5 12
2011 10 8 2 20
2012 13 7 2 22
2013 31 11 0 42
2014 44 0 4 48
2015 12 0 1 4
2016 28 10 38
2017 03 03
Total 148 46 18 203

Average Impact Factors of the articles published : 1.3
Range of Impact Factors of the articles published : 0.1 to 5.72
Total Citations : 625
Number of papers having more than i10 citations :
Department h-index : 15

Consultancy & Testing:

  • Nonlinear Optical Property (NLO) Testing for Powder Samples.
  • LASER damage threshold for single crystals.
  • Photoluminescence (Excitation and Emission) for powder and thin films.
  • Thin film deposition by Pulsed Laser Deposition (PLD) Technique.
  • Thin Film deposition by Spray Pyrolysis Technique.
  • PE loop tracer.
  • High pressure autoclave for nano particle synthesis.
  • High Temperature Furnace for Nano material preparation.


  • Fluorescence Spectrophotometer AGILENT Make – Rs. 11.20 lakhs.
  • PE loop tracer – Marine India pvt Rs.6.7 lakhs
  • Constant temperature bath for crystal growth – Guna private limited – Rs. 1 lakh