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  • Research in the department of Chemistry at B.S.A. Crescent Institute aims to develop innovative solutions to the challenging problems. It aims to enhance its efforts through collaborations with leading research institutions and industry.
  • The faculty members of the department have been carrying out research even from the inception. However their research was acknowledged in 2006 when Anna University recognized it as a Research Centre. After attaining University status, it opened its wings and started its research activities in full breadth.
  • The department has received funded projects from CSIR, DST-SERB, DST-WOS-A and other agencies with a total grant amounting to 2.5 crores in the last three years. Research Scholars are pursuing their Ph.D. programmes in both full time and part time mode. Many of them have also been enrolled as Junior and Senior Research Fellows.
  • Research scholars have also obtained Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship and fellowship from CSIR SRF (Direct).



Sl. No. Investigators Funding Agency Duration Title Amount (lakhs)
1. Dr. M. Vajjiravel DST-SERB

Start-Up Research Grant (Young Scientists)

2014-17 Synthesis of novel LBG polymer materials for solar cell applications 23.78
2. Dr. Noor Aman Ahrar Mundari DST-SERB

Start-Up Research Grant (Young Scientists)

2014-17 Development of Graphene-SrTiO3based hybrid photocatalytic system for the production of solar fuels, 24.98
3. Dr. M. Asha Jhonsi DST-SERB

Start-Up Research Grant (Young Scientists)

2014-17 Synthesis, characterization and optimization of quantum dots on TiO2surface for quantum dot solar cells, 19.5.
4. Dr. K. Karthikeyan DST-SERB

Start-Up Research Grant (Young Scientists)

2014-17 Applications of gold catalysis for the synthesis of bioactive heterocyclic and natural product mimic 19.66
5. Ms. R. Saai Harini

Dr. D. Easwaramoorthy (Supervisor)

DST-WOS-A 2013-16 Bismuth titanate quantum dots for photovoltaic application 10.20
6. Dr. J. Elangovan CSIR 2013-16 Diasteroselective intramolecular cyclopropanation of enol ethers derived from amino acids: a novel access to aza-C-glycosides, 13.70
7. Dr. Revathi Purushothaman DST-SERB 2013-16 Development of COF, /polyimide composites with low dielectric constant for microelectronic applications, 23.50
8. Dr. D. Easwaramoorthy, Dr. S. Kutti Rani

Dr. I. Mohammed Bilal

CSIR 2012-15 Zeozymes as biomimetic catalysts for the treatment of organic pollutants 12.36
9. Dr. S. Mahasampath Gowri DST-WOS-A 2012-15 A non enzymatic enantioselective design in the Wittig reactions and its applications in the total synthesis of caprolactom as potential antineoplastic agents of marine origin 6.24
10. Dr. J. Elangovan DST-SERB 2012-2015 A novel access to indolizidine and quinolizidine alkaloids through stereoselective N-tethered intramolecular cyclopropantion of pyridine 48.70
11. Dr. S. Bhagavathy DST-SERC 2010-2014 Palladium catalyzed Buchwald Hartwig coupling of 2-C-hydroxymethyl-D-glycols and aryl halides: Synthesis of functionalized C-Aryl glycosides 42.60