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Faculty Achievements

Patents Received

  • A Device for Generating Power from the Wind by Dr. V. Geethaguru (Patent No 148973 / 1978)
  • TRIFEMUR – A Hip Joint Simulator for Wear Testing by Dr. V. Geethaguru (IP No. 198349 / 2003)
  • A cutting tool insert with built-in provision for detecting flank wear of a predetermined value by Dr. M. Murugan (Patent No 201014 / 2009)


  • Heat Treatment Method for Mg-Zn-Cu Alloy and Composites by Dr. H. Naveed Hussain, Dr. S. Beer Mohammed and Dr. R. Rajendran(Application No. 201641029056)
  • Dry mixing machine and method of mixing for friction materials Mr. B. Suryarajan , Dr. M.A. Saibalaji and Mr. Javeed Ahmed (Application No.201641009076

Books Published

  • Dr.R.Rajendran,Electroless copper and Nickel-Phosphorus (Book Chapter),Woodhead Publishing.
  • V.Muralidharan,Instrumentation and Control Systems,University Science Press (An Imprint of Laxmi Publications Pvt. Ltd.,)

Students Achievements

  • Mr. B.B. Ashwin, Mr. S. Asif Hussain,3rd Place in INNOVATION Event,INFOSYS, Chennai,Jan 2013.
  • Ms. T. Nivethitha,SINE ‘2013 Student Industry Education Exclusively for women’s Engineers through SAEINDIA- Visit to Off highway Industries, SAEINDIA Off Highway Board, June 2013.
  • Mr. S. Selvaganesh,Summer Research Project – Research Professor Dr VirgíniaInfante,Instituto Superior Técnico Portugal,May-July 2014
  • Mr. Obaid Ashraf Shah,IASc-INSA-NASI Summer Research Fellowship 2014- Professor Govind S. Gupta,Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore,May-July 2014.
  • SAEISS Tractor Design Competition – 2018 – Team CRESTRAC – A group of B.S.Abdur Rahman Crescent Institute of Science and Technology Mechanical Engineering students have participated in Tractor Design Challenge, organized by SAE INDIA southern section. It is an all India level competition. They have secured second place for durability.
  • Team of 25 students (TEAM CRESTRAC) from BSA Crescent Institute of Science & Technology has participated in Tractor Design Competition 2019, a national event and won second place for Durability