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Internship for faculties

  • Mr.N.Sivaramakrishnan, AP/EIE  undergone industrial training at Nagman Instruments Pvt. Ltd  Chennai from 5.07.16 to 9.7.16
  • Ms.B.Pushpa, AP/EIE undergone internship training program in EEG at Fortis malar hospital Chennai from 8.7.2016. to 21.7.2016.
  • Mr. S.K. Lakshmanaprabu ( Research Scholar) attended an Industrial Internship in TVS Training Services from 1st November 2016 to 15th December 2016.

Internship for Students:

Sl.NO Batch Name of the Student Organization Training Period
1. 2016-20 ASHWINTH. J, SHIR SABESAN. T, PAVAN KUMAR. V, MOHAMMED ASHIQ. N National Institute of Ocean Technology 19.6.19 to 19.7.19
2. 2016-20 BHUVANESH. G, MOHAMED HARISH. M , MOHAMED IRFAN. S, ZUBAIDHA. M Integral Coach factory, Chennai 10.06.19 to 24.06.20
3. 2016-20 SHAMEERA BANU. L Ford India pvt.Ltd 17.6.19 to 19.7.19
4 2015 – 19 Mohamed Syed Ali .J
Mohamed Uzaer A
Mohamed Faisal
Raghul Kanth C
Shrikanth R
Eaton – MTL Instruments Pvt Limited 4.6.18 to 4.7.18
5 2015 – 19 Mohamed Ashik J
Raseem Ahamed
Mohamed Ammar A
Sujhan instruments 20.6.18 to 4.7.18
6 2015 – 19 Ashif Rahman
Ashika S
Sasikala. C
Coovum Smart Systems and Services Private Limited 6.6.18 to 30.6.18
7 2015 – 19 Ajay Vikram .S
Mohammed Salman J
Ramsingh A
Ranjankrishna R
DENVIK Technologies, Karapakkam 22.6.18 to 30.6.18
8 2015 – 19 Tasleem Beema S Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd., Karaikal 25.6.18 to 9.7.18
9 2016-2018 Ms. V.Aparna, PG student Renault Nissan 9.8.17 – 9.11.17
10 2014-18 Meenakshi.A,
Safiya fathima.A,
Mohammed Kaja Sheriff
Ti Anode Fabricators Pvt.Ltd 7-7-2015 to 17-7-2015
11 2013-17 Sathyanarayanan.S,
Balavan Vignesh
Tamil Nadu Products Limited 20-7-2016 to 28-7-2016
12 2013-17 Nishar Ahmed,
Ajmal Khan
TNPL Limited 21-6-2017 to 21-7-2016
13 2013-17 Samsul Arif. K.M.,
Mohammed Kaja Sharafath. P,
Mohamed Kasim. S,
Basith Abdul Salam. A
NTPL 9-7-2016 to 16-7-2016
14 2012-16 Thiyagarajan.R,
Yagath Ali.j
North Chennai Thermal Power Plant Station 20-7-2015 to 24-7-2015
15 2012-16 Hakim Omar Mukthar Meenakshi Mission Hospital And Research Centre 16-7-2015 to 22-07-2015
16 2012-16 Mohamed Azaruddin.M Southern Railway Electric Loco Shed 6-7-2015 to 10-7-2015
17 2012-16 Sharanya.T.Radhakrishnan Chennai Port Trust 16-6-2015 to 22-6-2015
18 2012-16 Pramila.J Ennore Thermal Power Station 15-6-2015 to 19-6-2015
19 2012-16 Mohamed Azaruddin.M Tamil Nadu Generation & Distributed Corporation Limited, Chennai 15-6-2015 to 19-6-2015
20 2012-16 Mohamed Luthupullah.S Tamil Nadu Generation Corporation Ltd, Mayiladuthurai 1-6-2015 to 5-6-2015
21 2012-16 Sharanya.T.Radhakrishnan BMW Plant 25-5-2015 to 10-6-2015
22 2012-16 Mohamed Azaruddin.M Regional Telecom Training Centre 25-5-2015 to 29-5-2015
23 2012-16 Mohamed Sithik.H ONGC 25-5-2015 to 03-6-2015
24 2012-16 Kavya.K.M Syspro Automation 26-5-2015 to 26-5-2015
25 2012-16 Kavya.K.M Trend Automation 30-6-2014 to 6-7-2014
26 2009-13 V.Vaishna Giri Chip Test Engineering Limited 27-8-2011 to 3-9-2011
27 2009-13 V.Vaishna Giri Greenstar Fertilizers Limited 18-6-2012 to 29-6-2012
28 2009-13 Raffaik I,
Aravind M S,
Ansar Basha S
Vaniyambadi Tanners
Enviro Control System Ltd
13-6-2011 to 18-6-2011
29 2009-13 Kowshik Kumar K Titan Industries Limited 13-6-2011 to18-6-2011
30 2009-13 Kowshik Kumar K Ashok Leyland 30-05-2011 to 1-06-2011
31 2009-13 A.S.Fathima Rizwana Vi Microsystem Pvt.Ltd 4-7-2011 to 8-7-2011
32 2009-13 Vignesh.N Areva 20-12-2010 to 24-12-2010
33 2009-13 Vignesh.N Hyundai Motor India Limited 24-12-2010 to 31-12-2010

Industry Participation for Board of Studies:

  • Mr.A.Venkatesan, Head, New Product Introduction, Eaton MTL, Chennai
  • Mr.V. Nagendran, Chairman, Nagman Instruments
  • Mr. D. Rakesh Arya, Specialist- Instrumentation, DOW Chemicals Intl. Pvt. Ltd,
  • Dr.N.Pappa, Associate Professor, Dept.of Instrumentation Technology, MIT, Chennai.

Industry Interaction

Date Resource Person Topic Course Name
and Module
October 2018 Mr.A.Venkatesan, Head, New Products Introduction Mr.Kannan, Head Design
Mr.M.S.Viswanathan, standards and certificates
Intrinsically safe Instrumentation One day hands on workshop at Eaton MTL
July 2018 Mr.A.Venkatesan, Head, New Products Introduction Board of Studies Syllabus Revision and new syllabus
May 2018 Herman Bennis, HR
Mr.Kannan, Head Design, Ms. Latha, Head,Production
Eaton MTL Instruments, Chennai
Signing of MoU MoU
March 2018 Mr.T.B.Kalkura, Director, Sujhan
Instruments, Chennai
Challenge to attract and cultivate talented workers Social Entrepreneurship MSB 4181
March 2018 Herman Bennis, HR
Eaton MTL Instruments, Chennai
Need and Determination of Important Resources Social Entrepreneurship MSB 4181
March 2017 Dr. Rajkumar Sakthibalan
Director – Technology,
Bhairava Research and Technology, Chennai
Internet of Things for automation One credit course for the III year UG
Feb 2017 Mr. N.Mohamed Rasool,
Project Engineer,
Schneider Electric Systems India Private Limited.
One credit course for UG final year & PG Partial Delivery of the course for students EIC6212Industrial Automation using PLC, SCADA and DCS
5/8/16 Mr.Shaik Rawoof,
KBR- AMCDE PR. Inst. Engg Alkhobar
Role of Instrumentation in Process Industries EIB3211 & EIBX16
3//8/16 Mr. Ganapathy,
EPR Labs, Automation solutions,
Embedded System solution EIB3103
16/2/16 Ms.Ayesha Jamal,
Schneider Electric Pvt Ltd.
Boiler Operation in Thermal Power Plant EIX011
Module 1
8/2/16 Mr.Joshua,
Edutech, (I)Pvt Ltd, Chennai
Demo on Inverted Pendulum Quanser Qube EI403
Module 5
14/10/15 Mr.G.Chandra Kishore,
Syntel Pvt Ltd,
Interaction with students about job opportunities TP 301
14/10/15 Mr.S.Kishore Kumar,
Seetharam Mechatronics Pvt.Ltd. Ch.
Interaction with students about job opportunities TP 301
10/10/15 Mr.S.Ramalingam,
Infrared Inst. & Services, Ch.
IIPC meet Syllabus Revision
10/10/15 Mr.Chandru,
M/S R&D Instrument Services Ch.
IIPC meet Syllabus Revision
10/10/15 Mr.Vishnuvardhan,
Trend Instrumentation Pvt Ltd
IIPC meet Syllabus Revision
10/10/15 Mr.V.Mathiyazhagan,
Technip India Ltd, Ch.
IIPC meet Syllabus Revision
10/10/15 Mr.R.Jeganathan,
Yokogawa India Ltd, Bangalore
IIPC meet Syllabus Revision
10/10/15 Mr.T.Thirunavukarasu,
Microtech, Instruments, Ch.
IIPC meet Syllabus Revision
21/8/15 Mr.Shaik Rawoof,
Alkhobar 31952
Lecture on “interview preparation for Instrumentation Engineers” TP 301
03/8/15 Mr.Kapil Dev.K,
Mr.Subin Vasu,
Mr.Ashok Kumar,
Industrial Automation using PLC EI402
Module II
31/3/15 Mr.Rayees Akmal,
Project Asst.,
Interaction with students about job opportunities TP 301
20/3/15 Mr.Roesberg,Ralph,
Roesberg Engineering , Germany
Interaction with faculty on Convol Software Value added
25/2/15 Mr.G.Sivakumar,
Hospitech Medical Systems Ch.
Demo on ECG machine, Multipara monitor and Pulse oxymeter EI 401
Module III
7/1/15 Mr.S.Hariharasuthan,
CADTECH Consultants, Ch.
Workshop on Convol Software Value added
1/10/14 Mr.M.Sankarganesh (Alumni 2007) GATE Coaching TP 301
26/8/14 Mr.Sree Kumar,
Country Head,
Yokogawa India Ltd
Guest lecture on “Industrial Automation” – SEIE Inauguration Key note Address
25/8/14 Mr.Shaik Rawoof,
Alkhobar 31952
Interaction with 3rd & final year students about job opportunities in Middle East. For Placement
11/8/14 Ms.Priyankav Mardd,
Enixs Tech.India Pvt Ltd.
PLC Automation EI402
Module II
6/8/14 Mr.S.Rajasekaran,
Cartel Automation, Ch.
Industrial Automation using DCS EI402
Module V
6/8/14 Mr.N.Md Rasool,
Invensys, Ch.
PLC Programming EI402
Module III
22/7/14 Mr.Mansur Ali Khan,
Vasundara Automation, Bangalore
PLC Programming EI402
Module III
22/7/14 Mr.Mohamed Easa.Y,
Micromech Instruments,
Demo on PLC EI402
Module III
15/7/14 Mr.Joshua Selvakumar,
Edutech, (I)Pvt Ltd, Chennai
Demo on Inverted Pendulum Quanser Qube EI403

Module 5

8/7/14 Mr.Babusekar.R,
Rockwell Automation
Role of PLC, DCS and SCADA in Industrial Automation EI402
Module I
22/3/14 Mr.M.Sankarganesh,
MIT, Anna University
School Level Advisory Meeting Syllabus Revision
22/3/14 Mr.Vaishnagiri.V,
Invensys India Pvt.Ltd.
School Level Advisory Meeting Syllabus Revision
Vi Microsystems
School Level Advisory Meeting Syllabus Revision
22/3/14 Mr.M.Rajendran,
M/s Promics Testcal Systems
School Level Advisory Meeting Syllabus Revision
10/3/14 Mr.Nagoor Meeran Guest lecture on “Higher Studies in UK” TP 301
5/3/14 Mr.Nivas.R,
LEMA Labs, IIT Madras
Robotics and Automation EI402
Module I
13/2/14 Mr. Vishnuvaradhan, Managing Director, Trend Automation, Ch. ‘Opportunities for Instrumentation Engineers in EPC companies For Placement
12/2/14 Mr. Mark North,
Business executive, T.I.M.E
Higher Education in Management For Higher Studies
21/1/14 Mr Kasthuri Babu, executive engineer, Axis Global Automation, Ch. Introduction to PLC, DCS and Robotics’ EI402
Module I
8/10/13 Mr.Vijaya raghavan, Consultant Overview of boilers EIX011
Module I
8/10/13 Mr.Venkatasubramaniam Akarshana Techpro, Ch. Gas Turbines EIX011
Module I
23.07.13. Dr. Vijayarajeswaran , Managing Director of VI micro system ltd., Chennai Wireless Sensors Networks EI404
Module V
26/7/13 Mr. Girish Gopalan, Faculty, Vista mind Higher Education in India and abroad For Higher Studies
2/4/13 Mr. D. Sundara sekaran, GM, Plants, Madras Fertilizers Limited Instrumentation Projects available in Industries For Placement and Projects