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Hobby Electronics Club

Staff Co-ordinators
Ms.V.Jean shilpa,

Hobby electronics club is an elite student development club that focuses on the individual’s skill development and innovation. It was started on February 20th2014, in the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering of B.S. Abdur Rahman Crescent Institute of Science & Technology. This aims to create innovative thinking among students to understandthe development of electronic gadgets in the world today, and also assist students in developing theirown products .Various lectures, workshops, projects as well as various competitions will be heldthroughout the year concerning both analog as well as digital electronics to keep the calendar busy andmotivate the participants to learn.

Our Vision

To identify, focus and create products that can solve a problem. This club will act as a platform for its members to enhance themselves in all aspects of design and development. The club believes that individual importance is a key to success.

“A Vision is not just a picture of what could be, it’s an appeal to our better selves and a call to become something more”

How do we achieve all this?

Creating teams

Teams are created with the support of mentors from second, third and final years. By having diverse team, we can achieve efficient knowledge transfer and new learning techniques.

Assigning mentors

According to the individual skills, mentors are assigned for the teams.

Project development

The team should maintain a good rapport with their assigned mentor and develop their projects.

Product development

All the teams will undergo rigorous training in product development, product design, testing, packaging and marketing and now the team will further develop their projects into a fully functional market ready product.

Introduction to start-ups
As a part of the development program, the members will be given deep insights into start-ups and how they can become entrepreneurs and shape the future.

HEC Events in 2019

About Arduino Workshop

Three days hands-on workshop on arduino for First years of ECE is conducted (24-Sep-19 to 27-sep-19).Final years of ECE trained them in basics of arduino, interfacing sensors with arduino.


Pitch it 2019 is a department level event where students of different years of ECE are asked to submit their proposal for the given problem statement. Students are asked to pitch their ideas for different problem statement given by HEC. Winners will get membership of TSS club of ECE.

HEC Events in 2018

HECX is the event conducted by the hobby electronics club to analyse the student skill. EXPO & PITCHIT was conducted under HECX.


This event showcases the student ideas. The projects were evaluated on 3 core areas namely – innovation, implementation and presentation.

Judges > Dr.B.Vijaylakshmi Prof/ECE, Mr.HasanBabu, AP/ECE

Winner: 2nd year ECE students (Smart TV project)

Runner-up : 1st year ECE students (Smart gesture controls)


This is a new and creative event. This event will give you a basic understanding of how to develop a product for pitching when you have a startup. It’s a hybrid event(technical+non-technical) where in the teams will not do the project on spot but will be given a problem statement and will be asked to develop a product(in writing) that will solve the problem. Here they will be given 10-15mins time to discuss and create the Design/sketches of the product & Logic/algorithmic workflow that explainsthe working of the product. The most efficient and innovative idea wins the event.

Winner: 2nd year ECE students

Runner-up: 3rd year ECE students

Students Participation & Acheivements in other Colleges

Third year students participated in PROJECT EXPO & PAPER PRESENTATION organized by SAIRAM ENGINNERING COLLEGE.

The following students won in EXPO & PRESENTATION,


Ms.Induja, Ms.LillySheela, Ms.Janani

Paper Presentation:- PLASTIC EATING ENZYME

Ms.DeviPriya, Ms.Fazeela Yasmeen , Ms.Nikitha, Ms.Irudyaraj LillySheela Club members Mr.N.Vikram Raj, Mr.M.M. Yedhubooshan, Mr.Visagan.S, Mr.Yashwanth Reddy, Ms.ShireenFarhath, Ms.Santhiya participated in the Drone workshop organized by the department.

  • Mr.Rishub.C.R of 2nd year ECE participated in various competition like CODE FESTA, PANDORA BOX, ENGIMA etc organized by SSN institution and won cash prize of Rs.2,500/-
  • Attended various workshop and coding competition organized by IITM,VIT, SAIRAM Engg. College
  • Mr.N.Vikram Raj, Mr.Yethubooshan,Mr.Praveen,Mr.Pavithran are club member of 3rd year ECE participated in workshops and competitions organized by various institutions

St. Joseph’s College of Engineering – Event: Technojam

Mr.N.Vikram RajWon – 1st place & cash prize of Rs.3000/-

St. Joseph’s College of Engineering – Event: Techtrack:

Mr.N.Vikram Raj – Won – 2nd place & cash prize of Rs.2000/-

Sri Sai Ram Engineering College – Event: Arduino Challenge

Mr.N.Vikram Raj – Won – 2nd place & cash prize of Rs.2,500/-

Loyola-ICAM College of Engineering And Technology – Event: Mindflayer

Mr.N.Vikram Raj – Won – 2nd place & cash prize of Rs.700/-

Sri Sai Ram Engineering College – Event: ROBO QUIZ

Mr.P.S.Praveen – Won – 2nd place

Sri Sai Ram Engineering College – Event: Arduino Challenge

Mr.P.Pavithran – Won – 2nd place

Products & Projects

Smart Street Light

Team Members: Thoufeek Ahamed S, SrirambhatM, Vigneshwaran R, Ijaz Ahmed V


This project will exhibit smart ways of saving electricity in cities by using solar energy for smart street lights. Photovoltaic source will be used as gaining energy and distributing it to the LED’s of the street lights. The energy occupied will be stored in a rechargeable battery which will automatically turn itself ON whenever the sunlight is not received to the detectors. Every street light will then work automatically with respect to the presence of sunlight and by sensing the presence of any object using PIR sensors and also explain how the cost of electricity using street lights can be minimized using the above the mentioned parameters for developing the Smart Street.


Hardware : ESP8266 NodeMCU,PIR Sensor, 1 Channel 5V Relay, 5V Transformer, Jumper Cables, LDR sensor

Software : Arduino IDE

Block Diagram :


Team Members: Mr.Prasanna J, Ms.Karthiyayini R


The threat posed by birds to economic crops in the farms or at storage facilities requires the deployment of an effective bird deterrent in such locations. Hence,Laser system is used to scare away the birds from the field.

Requirements :

Hardware : ArduinoUNO, ESP8266 nodeMCU,Servo Motor S3003, 2 Channel 5V Relay, Power Supply Circuit (7805), Jumper Cables

Software : Arduino IDE, Blynk Android application

Block Diagram :

Hobby Electronics Club Committee

Student Coordinators – Secretary Ms.Shaikmohsin, Final Year ECE
Mr.Prasanna.J, Final Year ECE
Pre-Final Year Coordinators M.M.Yedhubooshan
Kandrattha A Mohammed Fayazuddin
Second year Coordinators Mr.Naresh
Mr.Rishub C R