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The department has the laboratories such as Electric machines lab, Special machines lab, Electric circuits lab, control system lab, Measurements and instrumentation lab, power electronics lab, Electronic devices and circuits lab, Computer lab for UG , Computer lab for PG, R &D lab and Mini High voltage lab. All the laboratories have well equipped instruments and apparatus required to fulfil its objectives.

1. Computer Lab / EEE

Computer Lab for U.G is adequate, well-equipped laboratories are available in the department to meet the curriculum requirements. The There are 18 latest software packages namely, EUROSTAG, CASPOC, FEADMOS,CYME, VISSIM, Code Composer Studio, MATLAB, PSCAD, ETAP,PSIM, MAGNET, LABVIEW, PSPICE, MATHCAD, ANSYS, POWER WORLD SIMULATOR, AUPOWER LAB,PSAT, GAMS, EMTP, AUTOCAD are available in the Department.

Experiments in basic Electric and Electronic circuit, Power System Analysis, Power System Operation & Control, De-regulated Power System, Wind Energy Conversion System, etc., are being conducted in the Power System Simulation Lab with the available software.

2. Mini High Voltage Lab

The Mini High Voltage Laboratory is to conduct research experiments so as to find out the suitability of polymeric material for outdoor insulation as well as to study the life period and ageing of polymeric outdoor insulators. The lab consist of tracking resistance measurement, volume resistivity, surface resistivity measurement, measurement of dielectric strength, comparative tracking index etc.

3. Special Machines Lab

Special Machines and Electric Drives Laboratory swank of state of art equipment and modern software tools and hardware like labview, Magnet 6.0, and work bench for real time drive applications, Students are exposed to the best experimental practices under the leadership of specialist faculty members.

Automation of electrical Machines through labview, magnet 6.0 helps students to carry out their mini project and main project.

This lab supports the research and development activities in postgraduate level and research level.

4. Power Electronics Lab

Power Electronics laboratory is to study the characteristics of switching devices and its applications in rectifier inverter, chopper and resonant converter. It also introduces the application of electronic devices for conversion, control conditioning of electric power. Further it helps the students to get an overview of different types of power semi-conductor devices and their switching characteristics and to understand the operation, characteristics and performance parameters of controlled rectifiers, to study the operation , switching techniques, modulation techniques of pulse width modulated inverters and to understand the harmonic reduction method.

5. Electrical Machines Lab

Understanding the fundamental of DC machines and transformer is the scope of this lab. Electrical Machine lab is equipped with DC machines, transformer and induction machines for academics and for research work .Motor-generator set, induction motor, compound machines, DC motors, Single phase, three phase transformers and auto transformers are in available for the conduction of experiments.

6. Control system Lab

Control system laboratory is to provide sound knowledge in the basic concepts of linear control theory and design of control system, to understand the methods of representation of systems and getting their transfer function models, to provide adequate knowledge in the time response of systems and steady state error analysis, to give basic knowledge is obtaining the open loop and closed–loop frequency responses of systems and to understand the concept of stability of control system and methods of stability analysis. It helps the students to study the compensation design for a control system. This lab consist of DC,AC servomotor, synchros, DC position control, PID controller kit with temperature control, lead lag compensator kit, PLC kit, Stepper, process control simulator.

7. Measurement and Instruments Lab

Measurements and Instrumentation Laboratory is to reinforce the students with an adequate work experience in the measurement of different quantities and also the expertise in handling the instruments involved. It also helps to train the students in the measurement of displacement, resistance, inductance, torque and angle etc., and to give exposure to AC, DC bridges and transient measurement

8. Electronic devices & circuits Lab

Electric Circuits laboratory is to impart hands on experience in verification of circuit laws and theorems, measurement of circuit parameters, study of circuit characteristics and simulation of time response. It also gives practical exposure to the usage of CRO, power sources, function generator etc

9. Engineering Practices Lab

Engineering Practices lab is used for training the first year students in basic electrical Engineering practices, like electrical wiring, earth resistance testing and understanding the working of protective devices and hones hold electrical appliances.

10. Industrial Automation Lab

The Industrial Automation and Drives Lab contain multiple workstations equipped with Computers, Siemens’s PLC units and other interfacing devices to train students how to Program with ladder logic using built – in PROFINET for Industrial Automations. This lab also has various drives, which aims at providing the users the knowledge about interfacing software packages and hardware drives related to power electronics. The Siemen’s PLC is able to provide an easier design and control of controllers like Automatic Stamp machines, temperature and Pressure Controllers, etc.., It is also used to interface the control system with smart phones.

11. Research and Project Lab