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The Ph.D programme in the Department of Mathematics and Actuarial Science, started in the year 2009. The programme consists of coursework and thesis writing. A Doctoral Committee will guide the researcher in carrying out the coursework & thesis work. Compulsory course is “RESEARCH METHODOLOGY”. The other courses will be specified by the Doctoral Committee consisting of Ex-Officio, the Supervisor, the Internal member from our Institute & External Members from reputed institutions. Department has produced 6 Doctorates, 1 M.Phil degree. At present 23 Research Scholars are pursuing their Ph.D programme.

List of Ph.D Research Scholars – Awarded Ph.D Degrees

S.No Name of the Scholar Type Topic of the Research Research Supervisor Year of Completion
1 Mr.S.Bala Muralidharan PT (External) Delay Differential Equation Modeling for the Analysis of Hematological Diseases by Alternative G-CSF Treatment Dr.S.Rajasekaran 2013
2 Ms.Dowlath Fathima FT (Internal – JRF) A Stochastic Modeling with varying Demand Distributions in Inventory Control Dr.P.S.Sheik Uduman 2014
3 Mr.C.D.Nandakumar PT (Internal) Some Stochastic Models for Determination of Optimal Reserve Inventory Dr.S.Srinivasan 2017
4 Mr.Pervaiz Iqbal FT (Internal – JRF) Mathematical Modeling, Performance Analysis and Optimization of Operating System of Paper Plant Dr.P.S.Sheik Uduman 2017
5 Mr.M.G.Fajlul Kareem PT (Internal) Analysis of Nonlinear Mathematical Models of Tumor Growth Dr.P.S.Sheik Uduman 2017
6 Ms.A.Divya FT (Internal – JRF) Fuzzy Bio-Mathematical Modeling for Predicting the Heart Disease Dr.P.S.Sheik Uduman 2018
7. Mr.Mahadev Ota Part Time Determination of optimal ordering quantity for the newsvendor model under certain business environments Dr.S.Srinivasan 2020

List of Ph.D Research Scholars – On Roll

S.No Name of the Scholar Type Topic of the Research Research Supervisor
1 Ms.M.V.Jayanthi PT (External) Inventory Control Dr.P.S.Sheik Uduman
2 Mr.Sandeep Singhal FT (Internal – JRF) Fractional Calculus Dr.P.S.Sheik Uduman
3 Mr.A.Mohammed Abid FT (Internal – JRF) Domonator Colorings and Total Dominator Colorings in Graph Theory Dr.T.R.Ramesh Rao
4 Mr.P.Vignesh FT (Internal) Vacation Queueing Model Dr.S.Srinivasan
5 Mr.G.Kalaiarasan PT (Internal) Stochastic Models in Actuarial Science Dr.S.Srinivasan
6 Mr.Mahadev Ota PT (Internal) Stochastic Models in Ruin Theory Dr.S.Srinivasan
7 Mr.J.Ravinder PT (Internal) The existence of fixed point mappings in Fuzzy metric spaces Dr.S.Srinivasan
8 Ms.A.K.Abidha PT (Internal) Stochastic Models in Actuarial Science Dr.P.S.Sheik Uduman
9 Mr.F.Amjad Basha FT (Internal) Formal Languages and Automata Theory Dr. Sindhu J Kumaar
10 Mr.Mohamed Ashiq Illyas FT (Internal – JRF) Actuarial Risk Management Dr. S.Rajasekaran
11 Mr.Amir Ahamed Dar FT (Internal – JRF) Financial Derivatives Dr. Anuradha
12 Mr.Virender Singh Panwar PT (External) Bio Mathematical modelling – Fractional calculus Dr.P.S.Sheik Uduman
13 Ms.Rupel Nargunam FT (Internal) The efficiency of financial markets Dr. Anuradha
14 Mr. S.Ramachandran PT (External) DNA Computing Dr. Sindhu J Kumaar
15 Mr.Imran Nadeem FT (JRF) Management disasters – Transportation model Dr.P.S.Sheik Uduman
16 Ms.Anees Fathima PT (External) Inventory Models using Fuzzy Systems Dr. C.D.Nandakumar
17 Ms.Rubeena Khaliq FT (JRF) Mathematical Modelling in Cancer Biology / Technology Dr. Pervaiz Iqbal
18 Ms.Sindhuja FT (Internal) Mathematical Modelling for FMCG Inventory Management System Dr. Varun Mohan
19 Mr.J.A.S. Surendran FT (External) Investment Portfolio Strategy for Insurance Companies with assured returns using the actuarial techniques Dr. S.Srinivasan
20 Mr. J.Leo FT (External) Predicting the effect of climate change on production of major food crop yields in cauvery delta districts in Tamilnadu by using Stochastic Process Model Dr. S.Srinivasan
21 Mr. D.Hebsiba Beula FT (External) Farmers Perception, Purchase benefits and Satisfaction level towards Crop Insurance as a Tool for Risk Management in Tamil Nadu – Descriptive Analysis Dr. S.Srinivasan
22 Ms. S.Baby Latha FT (External) Generalized Linear Model Application in General Insurance Dr. C.D.Nandakumar
23 Ms.P.Nithya FT (External) Forecasting Financial Market Volatility and Returns Dr. C.D.Nandakumar
24. Mr.Emmanuel Aidoo Part Time Extreme Eigenvalues of Sample Covariance and Correlation Matrices Dr.S.Srinivasan
25 Mr.GabrielMwinkume Part Time Statistical Modelling Dr.C.D.Nandakumar
26 Mr.Aadil Rashid Sheergojri Full Time Operations Research
27 Mr. K.Kapil Raj Part Time Optimizing the risle involved in the supply chain management decision based on the uncertain environment Dr.S.Srinivasan
28 Ms. S.ShehnazFathima Full Time Topological Spaces Dr.P.S.Sheik Uduman
29 Ms.Julaika Begum. K Part Time Fuzzy Logic Design Dr.Sindhu J Kumaar
30 Ms.LubnaShafi Full Time Operations Research Reliability Theory Dr. Pervaiz Iqbal
31 Mr.ArfanParvaiz Full Time Differential Equations Dr.P.S.Sheik Uduman

MoU Signed

Signed MoU with STAR HEALTH ALLIANCE LIMITED, Chennai, for training the students and for employment.