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Admissions Open - 2020
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Alumni Speaks

Laurent Shilingi

This Department of BSA Crescent University is one of the best Departments in India which offers Actuarial Science. The curriculum is designed in a such a way enables students to qualify easily professional examinations offered by various bodies such as IFoA and IAI. This is backed up by qualified and experienced faculties who are very supportive and encouraging students. I recommend anyone who wish to pursue actuarial career to join here, as is the best place.

Apurva Subramanian

Department of Mathematics and Actuarial Science in B.S.Abdur Rahman Crescent University is one of the best universities in India with qualified faculties who help you in all stages of the actuarial studies. The faculties here are very supportive and encouraging with best in class curriculum. It is the best place to pursue anyone’s Actuarial dream.

Niveditha Sudhaman

The right place to pursue your masters in actuarial. Dedicated professors and excellent course curriculum! End of the course, one will be thorough with the contents of professional actuarial papers.

Innocent Maduhu

For those aspiring to go further into the actuarial profession this will be the best place for you, i can assure you of good lecturers who teach based on the professional syllabus and studying materials(Institute and Faculty of actuaries, UK ) as well IAI. Moreover, there is good learning facilities. You will get the opportunity to learn how to do actuarial computations using R- programming, Ms. Excel, SPSS etc.You have to bear in mind that you will find the course both interesting and challenging. welcome and start or prolong your journey towards becoming an actuary.

Amir Ahmad Dar

“When it comes to excellent career goodies, there’s no Department special special as Department of Mathematics & Actuarial Science”. I consider myself very lucky for getting an admission in this Department ( Mathematics and Actuarial Science). The facilities i get here is beyond my expectations. The faculty here is so supportive that they are really concerned about our studies. They not only make us capable of getting good scores in exams but also help us to experience what they teach. They maintain the regularity in conducting the part completion tests which really help us to cover the topics. The most highlighted thing that i noticed here is the harmony between seniors and juniors. Other than the faculties, the seniors also guide us in our academics. I feel proud.

Ashiq Ilyas

The faculty members have cleared actuarial core papers and have well experience in teaching actuarial practices.

Sai Mahatma

This is a department which helps you to accelerate your journey towards your goals.

Harsh Jaitak

A department par excellence where you learn how to learn

Aamir Altaf

The department is equipped with the staff of Actuarial background with whom you can always share and discuss the problems related to the core technical papers. Since the syllabus is at par with the institute of Actuaries of India, it gives a good opportunity to the students to clear the CT papers during their studies.

Ayana Joseph

Really good university for actuarial science with encouraging and supportive faculties….!!!