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Title of the Publication Inventor Application No. Date of Application Date of Publication Current Status
1 An Intelligent Embedded Tool Recognition System for CNC Machines using Deep Learning Algorithms MrsVidhya R, MrKarthikumar S K Mrs Vijayalakshmi C, MrsJayasudha M, DrSuguna R, Dr Jerald Jeba Kumar S, DrBrindha Devi V, Mr Vijayaragavan M, Dr Suresh Anand M, Dr.Periasamy J. K. 2020102208 10.9.2020 7.10.2020 Published
2 Implementation of Telematics by WPAN for Locomotives Path Surveillance using Solar Powered Vehicle 1)Dr. Roopa M 2)Dr. M. Prasad 3)P. Lavanya 4)Jayasudha 5)M Karthikumar S K 6)C. Vijayalakshmi 7)Dr. Prashant Mani MadhaviDasari 8)G. Valarmathi 9)Dr. P. ShyamalaBharathi 202041032199 27.7.2020 25.9.2020 Published
3 Multimode Child Tracking and Monitoring System 1)C. Vijayalakshmi 2)Dr.S.PakkirMohideen 3)Jayasudha M 4)Karthikumar S K 202041035163 14.8.2020 4.9.2020 Published
4 Remote Pain Monitoring System for Knee Joint Pain of Elderly People Dr.S.Venkatesan, A. V., Senthil Kumar; K., Lakshmana Rao; M., Lakshmi Prasad; Badiger, Manjunatha; A., Gnanasekar; M., Pavithra; Singh, Chandra; Basha, Noor and P., Naveen 2020101864 17.08.2020 9.9.2020 Published
5 Driver Safety Improvement: Gesture Controlled Car Driving System to Assist the Physically Challenged 1)R. Ohmsakthi vel 2)Dr. S. Baskaran 3)Dr. Bhuvanasuganthi d 4)C. Vijayalakshmi 5)Jayasudha M 6)Dr. A. Saravanan 7)Dr. D. Buvana 8)KarthikumarS K 202041029795 13.7.2020 31.7.2020 Published
6 Secured Medical Data Transmission and A Method Thereof 1)Dr.S. Venkatesan 2)Dr. J. Nagaraja Dr. G. Deepak Dr. Piyush Kumar Pareek Dr. M. Kempanna 6)Er. T. Anil Sagar 7)Er. M. Arogia Victor Paul 202041020325 14-05-2020 05-06-2020 Published
7 Artificial Intelligence- based Pest Control System for Agricultural Crops 1)Dr. Tummapudi Subha Mastan Rao 2)Dr. Gudapati Syam Prasad 3)Dr. T Srinivasa Rao 4)Dr. V. Rama Krishna 5)Mr. G. V. S. Narayana 6)Mrs. Ganta Srilakshmi 7)Mr.P.Suneel 8)Dr.L.Arun Raj 9)Mr.Suri Babu Boyidi 10)Mr.Babu Rao Dharavath 11)Dr.K.G.S.Venkatesan 12)Mr.Mahesh 13)Dr.Chaganti B N Lakshmi 14)Dr.N.Neelima Priyanka 202041011478 17-03-2020 27-03-2020 Published
8. Online System for E- Farming 1.Dr.A.Abdul Azeez Khan 2. Dr.P.Sheik Abdul Khader 3. Dr.A.Jaya Dr.K.Javubar Sathick Dr. L. Arun Raj Dr. Md. Khurshid Alam 7. Mohammed Hussain 8.Dr.D.Thirumurugan 9. Dr.T.Selvakumar 202041010223 10-03-2020 Published
9. Brain Cancer Detection and Analysis with Advanced Imaging Technologies IOT 1.Dr.M.V.Sugandevi 2.Dr.R.Ramya, 3.Ms.C.Santhiya 4.Dr.Arun Raj Lakshminarayanan 5.Mr.Saravanan Parthasarathy 6.Mr.Selvaprabu Jeganathan 202041043071 04-10-2020 09-10-2020 Published
10. DEVICE FOR CONNECTING COMPUTER 1) Dr.U.Kumaran Dr. P. Velayutham Mr. M Anand 4)Dr.R.Beaulah Jeyavathana 5)Dr.A.Ramachandaran Ms.S.Vijayalakshmi Mr.E.K.Subramanian 8)Ms.S.Ashwini Ms.P.Malathi Ms.P.Shanmuga Prabha 201941044650 04-11-2019 29-11-2019 Published
11. A method for acquiring quality of service and quality of experience parameter of PAAS cloud render farm services 1.Ruby Annette.J 2.Dr.W. Aisha Banu 3.Subash Chandran.P 201641025966 29-07-2016 19-08-2016 Published
12. A method for overcoming cold start problem in recommending cloud services 1.Ruby Annette.J, 2.Dr.W. Aisha Banu, 3.Subash Chandran.P 201641025965 29-07-2016 19-08-2016 Published