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Admissions Open - 2020
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Instruction – Degree Certificate


  • A requisition letter be given to receive the above mentioned certificates by mentioning their name, RRN No, permanent address, Mobile number and the reasons if any for late collection of certificates.
  • Xerox copy of the amount paid to receive the above mentioned certificates where ever applicable to be attached with the application without fail. If not paid then payment has to be made before giving the requisition.
  • If the student wishes to obtain the above mentioned certificates in absentia by his parents/colleagues/blood relations etc. Wherever applicable then a requisition letter along with  the name and address of the person receiving on his behalf with self attestation of the signatures of the person so receiving along with a Government proof of Identity should be given.  Under no circumstances the certificates will be given if this procedure is not followed.
  • It may be noted that the degree certificate/transfer certificate will not be given to anybody else other than the parents. Please be noted that if the parents are sick/old and unable to come and collect then the certificates will be sent by registered post/speed post and the same should be acknowledged by the student without fail.
  • In case if the student wishes to receive the above mentioned certificates through post then a requisition letter along with the amount paid as applicable with correct address and pincode along with mobile number should be sent to Administrative Office and the same will be sent by post.
  • The above instructions should be followed strictly in order to avoid any confusion or mishandling of the certificates by other persons those who are not nominated by the receiving person. Under no circumstances the certificates will be given if the procedures are violated.