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Dr. Moon Moon Hussain
Assistant Professor
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About Us

The greatest weapon to bring in change is articulation. The power of words makes understanding, analyzing and sorting problems simple and emerges pathway for the development of society. Considering this aspect, CRESMUN – Crescent Model United Nations was established by B.S. Abdur Rahman Crescent Institute of Science and Technology in February 2019. MUN which stands for Model United Nations is an international culture of educational activity and has stood the test of time for a hundred years and still continues to do so. MUN plays a vital role in boosting the confidence level of the students by providing them the required exposure to carry out themselves in public, which is very much necessary to accomplish any sort of tasks. The initiation of this club is the first and perhaps the most important step our institute has taken in the direction of joining the international MUN community, to increase its level of esteem and to promote and propagate leadership abilities amongst its crown jewels- the students.


Resolve for a better world


  • To induce the knowledge of diplomacy, international relations and UN within the students
  • enable students to gain and maintain a sense of decorum
  • create social awareness amid students and keep them updated about the global community
  • Mission

  • To develop key skills of negotiation, dialogue and conflict resolution amongst students
  • To enhance the ability of public speaking, writing, debate and communication capabilities of the students
  • To promote teamwork and enrich students with critical thinking and leadership qualities
  • 2018-2019: Accomplishments

    Establishment of The Club: February 2019

    The MUN Workshop – 16-03-2019

    Within a month of establishment, the CRESMUN club conducted its first ever workshop in the history of the institute. The workshop titled “ HOW TO MUN? “ was carried out in concurrence with Mr. Mohamed Adeep Ahmed from VITCMUN and Ms. Afra from MOPVMUN. The workshop was conducted to introduce MUN to the students, covering its workings and committees. This event engrossed participation of students from diverse departments and years.

    A Preview of The Workshop

    Position Paper Writing Practice

    The delegates were given an agenda, assigned a committee and a choice of delegation to write a position paper .They were given a particular time duration for preparation and the position papers were collected on 26-07-2019. The outcome of this task was to enable the delegates to grasp the idea of presenting the position paper, an essential document submitted before the start of MUN.

    Updation of Technical Information

    In order for the delegates to explore the acquaintance of MUN, the social media platform of CRESMUN – Instagram page and WhatsApp group were updated with documents and videos related to MUN. This facilitates the students to be in regular touch with the art of MUN. It also enables interaction of student delegates with the office bearers in clarification of doubts. The updation would be done 5 days per week.

    2019-2020: Chores Ahead

    MUN Practice Sessions

    Execution is as important as learning. Hence CRESMUN has decided to consolidate the knowledge gained by the delegates by conducting lunch hour MUN practice sessions at least 2 days per week. This mini practice sessions would permit the students to apply the theoretical knowledge and also enable the board members to pilot them onto the right track by correcting their mistakes.


    The first ever Crescent Institute’s MUN event – INTRAMUN would be organized within a few weeks after regular practice sessions. MUN on a very small scale would be held and delegation only within the institute would be entertained as this serves as the final practice session for the students before venturing out into other reputed MUN communities.

    The Real Time MUN

    Finally, in the odd semester, the trained students would be sent out to participate in MUN activities held outside our Institute. Many colleges, universities and institutes would conduct MUN during the month of January. This participation would aid us in establishing Crescent MUN community beyond our compound.

    Mock Parliament

    CRESMUN being a simulation activity and the club being dedicated to mock events, another event called MOCK PARLIAMENT will also be conducted. Hear a joint sitting of both the houses (Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha) will be simulated. A bill will be introduced on the floor and the participants will delegate as ministers, members of ruling party, members of opposition party to pass the bill or otherwise too.

    Cresmun Foundation & Organizing Committee

    Name Department Batch Position
    A.S.Faiza Fathima B.Tech Biotechnology 2016-2020 Founders
    R.Ilakkiya B.Tech Biotechnology 2016-2020
    A.S.Faiza Fathima B.Tech Biotechnology 2016-2020 UNDER SECRETARY GENERAL(S)
    R.Ilakkiya B.Tech Biotechnology 2016-2020
    Jawahar B. Tech Mechanical Engineering 2017-2021 UNDER SECRETARY GENERAL
    Wasim Afser BCA (MAIS) 2018-2020
    Barkathunnisa B.Tech Biotechnology 2016-2020 UNDER SECRETARY GENERAL
    Abishek  Shankar B.E. EEE 2019-2023
    Mohamed Juvad .N B.Tech Biotechnology 2017-2021
    Hikhmathunnis. S. N B. Tech Biotechnology 2016-2020 UNDER SECRETARY GENERAL
    Fazul Rahaman .S B.Tech Aeronautical 2019-2023 MEMBERS OF DELEGATE AFFAIRS
    V.M.Sumaiyathun Mushina B.E. CSE 2018-2022
    Vikram Venkat B.Tech EEE 2019-2023
    V.Krithika B.Tech Biotechnology 2016-2020 UNDER SECRETARY GENERAL
    Maryam  Mhamed Anas B.Sc Biotechnology 2019-2022 MEMBER OF FUNDS AND RESOURCES