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Video Tutorials of Crescent Faculty

Smart Cities and Developments by Dr. K.Yogeswari

Water and Waste Water Engineering by Dr. Priya Vs

Ground Water Pollution & Transport Process by
Mrs. Madumathi Gunasekaran

Earthquake Engineering by Dr.J.Revathy

Structural Dynamics by Dr. P. Gajalakshmi

New Techniques in Aseismic Design by Dr. A.K.Kaliluthin

Introduction to Remote Sensing by K.Kanmani

Solid Waste Management by Ayisha Sidiqua

Prefabricated Structures by J. Shri Indhu

Compensation in Power System by Dr. Mohammed Suhaib

Introduction to Microprocessor and Microcontroller by Sadhish Prabhu

Components of Research by Dr. B. Vijayalakshmi

Lecture on Multirate Digital Signal Process by Parnasree Chakraborty

Discussion on Semiconductors by A. Priya

Addressing Modes of 8086 Microprocessor by M.Vanmathi

Introduction on VLSI by S.Kalaivani

DC Characteristics of CMOS Inverter by Ms. S. Kalaivani

Temperature Measurement by Prof. Murshitha Shajahan

Theory of Computation by Dr. M. Sandhya

Computer Architecture Restoring Division by Dr Aisha Banu

LEX (Lexical Analayzer – Scanner Generator) by Dr. Revathi

Network Security & Cryptography by Dr. N. Sabiyath Fatima

Asymptotic Notations by Akila Devi

Half Adder & Full Adder by Radhika. A

Social Entrepreneurship by Dr. L.Shakkeera

Programming Paradigms & Object Oriented Paradigm by R.Priyadarshini

Cloud Security by Dr.G.Kavitha

Big Data Security Analytics by Dr.L.Shakeera

Deadlocks in Operating System by Dr. P. Latchoumy

Wireless & Adhoc Networks by V.M.Niaz Ahamed

Binary Tree Traversal by Mr. Thinakaran

Krushkal’s algorithm by Safiya Parvin A

Learn about Stack by Preeti Verma

Introduction to Convolutional Neural Networks by Preeti Verma

Blockchain Basics by Mrs. S. Prathiba

Operating Systems CPU Scheduling Algorithm by R. Shahtaj

Interpolation by Ms. Sagaya Suganya

Cuthill Mckee Algorithm by Dr. Aarthi

Reinsurance by Ms. Abidha

Neuro Linguistic Programming by Dr. D. Ashokk

Consumer Behaviour by Dr. Chandrika Srinivas

Introduction to Accounting by Dr Afzalur Rahamn

Statement of purpose by Dr. Vijayakumar

Blended Learning by Dr. Vijayakumar

Argumentative Writing Part – 1 by Dr. Vijayakumar

Argumentative Writing Part – 2 by Dr. Vijayakumar

How to Write E-Mail by Mrs. A. Catherine Anna Pushpam

Resume writing by Dr.Vijayakumar

Module 3 – Speech purpose by Dr.Vijayakumar

Module 2 – Speech purpose by Dr.Vijayakumar

Module 1 – Communicating with Confidence by Dr Vijayakumar

Corrosion by Dr. G.Bhavathy

Electrochemical Corrosion by Revathi Purushothaman

Zeolite process by Revathi Purushothaman

Demineralisation process by Revathi Purushothaman

Reverse Osmosis process by Revathi Purushothaman

Hardness of Water by Revathi Purushothaman

Estimation of hardness of water by Revathi Purushothaman