Computing Facilities | B.S.Abdur Rahman Crescent Institute of Science and Technology

Computing Facilities

This institute has been following the policy of establishing distributed computing facility for each department with adequate number of servers and client computers and specialized software required for the department and also general software. All the departments and laboratories including hostels are connected by a one giga byte campus-wide fibre optic network. The Institution has a total number of 24 servers, 60 workstations and 1500 desktop clients.

For the First Year students, a common computing facility for those who want to browse the Internet beyond department working hours, a separate facility is provided with 70 systems, in addition to the campus wide WIFI connectivity. The Internet Bandwidth in the campus is 100 Mbps on 1 Gb National Knowledge Network (NKN) with WiFi over 3500 mts Optic Fibre Cable (OFC).

A Central Data Centre with eight numbers of state-of-art high end two processor, Quad Core Blade and Rack Zeon servers and SAN storage of 10 TB with virtualization and management software at a cost of Rs 100 lakhs, connecting the entire campus, is established.
The Departmental Computing facilities are also provided along with Departmental facilities.