Thesis Awarded Degree

First Fifty Synopses of BSACIST – Compiled Book

The office of Dean (Research) has compiled the first fifty Ph.D. synopses of our Institution submitted by the Research scholars during 2013 – May 2018. Our honorable Vice Chancellor has received the first copy of the complied Book on 30.08.2018.
  • No. of Ph.D. Thesis Awarded Degree: 87 Nos

No.of Ph.D. Thesis Awarded Degree: 87 Nos

Department wise details is shown in table

S.No. Department Nos.
1 CA 08
2 Chemistry 08
3 Civil 01
4 CSE 13
5 ECE 09
6 EEE 02
7 EIE 01
8 English 04
9 Islamic Studies 02
10 IT 05
11 Mathematics & AS 06
12 Mechanical 06
13 Mgt Studies 02
14 Physics 14
15 Polymer 02
16 SLS 04
  Total 87

List of Ph.D. completed Research Scholars in BSACIST

S. No Name of the PhD scholar Name of the Department Name of the guide/s Title of the thesis Year of registration of the scholar Year of award of PhD Link
1 Ms. Chandravadhana ECE Dr. N. Nithiyanandam Least Mean Square Error Based Block Truncation Coding For Image Compression 2010 2015
2 Ms. H. Sofia English Dr. R. Revathi Teaching Technical Writing Skills Using Web 2.0 Technology – An Experimental Study 2009 2015
3 Mr. E. Syed Mohamed CSE Dr. S. Rajasekaran Cellular Automata and Geometric Models for Propagation of Tsunami Waves 2009 2015
4 Mr.Muthukumar   S ECE Dr. P. K. Jawahar Enhancement of Cache Performance in Multi-Core Processors 2011 2015
5 Mr.Marudhu. G Physics Dr. S. Krishnan Growth and Characterization of Nonlinear Optical 4-APMP, Amino acids doped NaAP and DGBCM Single Crystals 2010 2015
6 Mr. T. Thilak Physics Dr. M. Basheer Ahamed Growth and investigation of third order nonlinear optical properties of pure and doped Meta-Nitroaniline, potassium di Chromate (KDC), L-alanine (LA) single crystals 2009 2015
7 Mr.R.Krishnan Physics Dr. J. Thirumalai Synthesis and Luminescence Properties of Rare-Earth Doped Molybdate Micro/Nanostructures for Display Applications 2011 2015
8 Mr.G. Shanmuganathan Physics Dr. I. B. Shameem Banu Studies on the Optical and Magnetic Properties of Doped ZnO Thin Films and Optical Properties of ZnO Composite 2010 2015
9 Mr. K. Regin Bose CSE Dr. V. Sankaranarayanan A New Approach to Fast Handover of Mobile Nodes in Wireless Network 2010 2015
10 Mr. R. Sathish Kumar       Mechanical Dr. K. Sureshkumar Energy Efficient and Environment Friendly Biodiesel from Manilkara Zapota Seed Oil as a Sustainable Fuel for Diesel Engines 2009 2015
11 Ms. N. Jayachitra Polymer Dr. R. Vasanthakumari Studies on Development and Characterization of Polypropylene Based Biocomposites. 2009 2015
12 Ms. K. Yogeswari Civil Dr. E. Rasul Mohideen Sustainable Road Layout Design for A Suburban Area (Tambaram) Using Fuzzy Aided System 2009 2015
13 Ms. Fouzul Hidhaya  CSE Dr. Angelina Geetha Algorithms for Implementing Strategies to Detect and Mitigate Web Application Vulnerabilities 2009 2016
14 Mr. M. Dhakshnamoorthy Polymer Dr. R. Vasanthakumari Studies on Carbon Nanotube and Graphene oxide reinforced polyimide Electrospun Nano fiber composites 2009 2016
15 Mr. V.K. Mohan Raj CSE Dr. R. Shriram Power Management Approaches for Virtualized Server Cluster Environmentwer Aware Models for Cloud Computing 2010 2016
16 Mr.T.R.Tamilarasan Mechanical Dr. R. Rajendran Effect of Surfactants on the Characteristics of Electroless Ni-P-Nano-TiO2 Composite Coatings 2011 2016
17 Mr.A.John Peter Physics Dr. I. B. Shameem Banu Synthesis and Characterization of rare earth doped phosphors for lighting applications 2011 2016
18 Mr. L. Kanniappan Chemistry Dr. D. Easwaramoorthi Kinetics and Mechanism of VO2+ and Cu2+ ions Catalyzed oxidation of Amino acid by Peroxomonosulphate 2013 2016
19 Mr. K. Devarajan Chemistry Dr. S. Bhagavathi Rearrangement of Substituted Aryloxymethyl Chromones and Mechanistic Investigation – Synthesis of Hydroxyhomoisoflavones and Homopterocarpanes 2010 2016
20 Ms. S. Jainab Zareena   Management Studies Dr. Haider Yasmeen Employability Status of Engineering Students: A Comparison of Private Self financing Engineering Colleges and Private Deemed Universities 2010 2017
21 Mr.S.Vikram Physics Dr. R. Vasanthakumari Synthesis, Suspension stability and Hydrodynamics of Iron Oxide Nanoparticles for Biomedical Application 2011 2017
22 Mr. C.D. Nanda Kumar Mathematics Dr. S. Srinivasan Some Stochastic Models for Determination of Optimal Reserve Inventory 2009 2017
23 Ms. G.S. Annie Grace Vimala ECE Dr. S. Kaja Mohideen Analysis of Human Retinal Morphology for the Identification of Diabetic Retinopathy and Maculopathy using Fundus Images 2010 2017
24 Mr.J.Salai Thillai Thilagam ECE Dr. P. K. Jawahar Design and Analysis of microstrip antennas for wireless communication applications 2010 2017
25 Mr. M.G. Fajlul Kareem Mathematics & AS Dr. P. S. Sheik Uduman Analysis of Nonlinear Mathematical Models of Tumor Growth 2009 2017
26 Mr. Pervaiz Iqbal Mathematics & AS Dr. P. S. Sheik Uduman Mathematical Modeling, Performance Analysis and Optimization of Operating System of Paper Plant 2012 2017
27 Mr. Nadana Ravishankar  T CSE Dr. R. Shriram Grammar Rule based Sentiment Analysis Techniques for Tamil tweets Classification 2011 2017
28 Ms. R. Sasikala Chemistry Dr. S. Kutti Rani Synthesis, characterization and applications of rare earth metal loaded copper oxide nanoparticles 2012 2017
29 Mr. Kalim Abdul Rashid Mumtazz Deshmukh Physics Dr. M. Basheer Ahamed Graphene Oxide and Transition Metal Oxide Reinforced Flexible Polymer Composites as High Dielectric Constant Materials for Energy Storage Applications 2014 2017
30 Mr. G. Sridhar Chemistry Dr. I. Mohammed Bilal Studies on the Synthesis, Characterisation and Antimicrobial Applications of Schiff Base Metal Complexes 2012 2017
31 Mr. S. Udhaya Kumar CSE Dr. Latha Tamilselvan Adaptive trust model with attestation for software services in cloud environment 2010 2018
32 Mr.Vijayakumar   S English Dr. A. Shahin Sultana Teaching Academic Writing to the Students of Engineering using Multimedia Tools an Experimental Study 2011 2018
33 Ms. A. Divya Mathematics & AS Dr. P. S. Sheik Uduman Analysis of Risk factors of Heart Disease Using Decagonal Fuzzy Models 2012 2018
34 Mr. M. Syed Masood CA Dr. P. Sheik Abdul Khader Enhanced Routing and Queue Management Techniques for Performance Improvement in Mobile Ad hoc Networks 2009 2018
35 Ms. P. Latchoumy CA Dr. P. Sheik Abdul Khader Integrated Proactive and Reactive Failure Handling Strategies to improve the Services in Computational Grid 2009 2018
36 Mr. Mahalingam V Physics Dr. I. Raja Mohamed Synthesis and Characterization of Rare Earth Doped Molybdate and Tungstate Phosphors for Lighting Applications 2014 2018
37 Ms. P. Veeralakshmi CSE Dr. Latha Tamilselvan Development of Confidentiality, Integrity, Authentication Model for Assuring Data Security in Cloud Computing 2010 2018
38 Mr. S.A.Usman Ali Islamic Studies Dr. P.S. Syed Masood Jamali A Study of Plural Society in the Light of Quran and Hadeeth and its Impact on the Muslims of Tamilnadu 2011 2018
39 Ms. A. Sathiya Priya Physics Dr. I. B. Shameem Banu Synthesis and Characterization of Bismuth Ferrite based Multiferroic Materials 2013 2018
40 Ms. V.K. Subhashree ECE Dr. C. Tharini Analysis on the Performance of Energy Efficient Routing and Fault-Tolerant Data Aggregation Algorithms for Wireless Sensor Networks 2013 2018
41 Mr. R. Jaya Prakash Chemistry Dr. D. Easwaramoorthi Synthesis and characterization of imidazole derivatives 2009 2018
42 Ms.Uma Nandhini     D IT Dr. Latha Tamilselvan Client Aware Cloudlet Framework  in a Service Cloud Environment 2011 2018
43 Ms. Lavanya V SLS Dr.Shazia Jamal Biophysical analysis and investigation of the immunomodulatory and mitogenic facets of jacalin, a dietary lectin 2014 2018
44 Ms.Saira Banu CSE Dr. R. Shriram Performance Enhancement Techniques of Voice Over IP Telephony 2011 2018
45 Mrs. Ruby Annette J. IT Dr. W. Aisha Banu A Multi Criteria Recommendation Engine for Cloud Renderfarm Services 2013 2018
46 Ms. Fazeela Mahaboob Begum S M SLS Dr. S. Hemalatha Screening of the Antioxidant, Anticancer, Antimetastatic and Immunomodulatory Activities of Marine Algae in Cancer 2014 2018
47 Mr. D. Gangaprasad Chemistry Dr. K. Karthikeyan Synthesis and Characterization of Functionalized 1,2,3-Triazoles Through Azide-Olefin [3+2] Cycloaddition 2013 2018
48 Mr. A. Abdul Azeez Khan CA Dr. P. Sheik Abdul Khader Externalization of Expert’s Knowledge in E-learning Environment 2011 2018
49 Mr.K.Javubar Sathick CA Dr.A.Jaya Personalized and Optimal Ranking System for Recommendation in heterogeneous Social Media Environment 2011 2018
50 Mr. P. Gnanasekaran IT Dr.T.R.Rangaswamy Relative Stability based Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad Hoc Network 2010 2018
51 Ms. Shreedevi G. CA Dr.Munir Ahamed Rabbani Efficient Contrast – Enhancement Methodologies Based on Modified Histogram Equalization Technique for Improving Face Recognition Accuracy 2010 2018
52 Mr. Mohd Shahanbaj Khan SLS Dr. S. Hemalatha Programmed Cell Death and Autophagy Mechanisms are Critical Players During Saline Stress in Oryza Sativa L 2013 2018
53 Ms.Shakkeera  L IT Dr. Latha Tamilselvan Energy-efficient Adaptive Optimization Framework for Mobile Cloud Computing 2011 2018
54 Ms. Vidhya Sathish CA Dr. P. Sheik Abdul Khader Enhanced Hybrid Classifier Techniques using Grey Wolf Optimization for Improved Detection Accuracy 2009 2018
55 Mr.Nazir Ahmad Mir English Dr.A.Shahin Sulthana Teaching English to the Children (Upper Primary Level) of Government Schools in Jammu and Kashmir State through Task-Based Approach: An Experimental Study 2013 2018
56 Mr.G.Selvam Mechanical Dr.S.Prince Arockia Doss Study and Analysis of Appropriate Spot Weld Distribution among the Welding Stations of Body Shop to improve Quality and Productivity 2011 2018
57 Ms. J. Hemalatha Management Studies Dr.L.Aravindh Kumaran / Dr.S.Panboli Cross-Shopping Behaviour of Retail Customers with Reference to Supermarkets and Traditional Stores 2010 2019
58 Mr. Zameer Gulzar CA Dr.L.Arun Raj A Hybrid Recommender System to support Personalization in E-Learning System 2014 2019
59 Ms. B. Vidhya EEE Dr.K.N.Srinivas / Dr.Y.Muhammed Shuaib Novel Electro Magnetic and Mechanical Characterizations of Flux Reversal Generator and Proposal of New Material for its Geometry 2013 2019
60 Mrs. R. Mervin CSE Dr.A.Jaya Reasoning based Question Answering System Using Ontology 2012 2019
61 Ms.S.V. Shri Bharathi CSE Dr.Angelina Geetha /               Dr.Md Khurshid Alam Khan Development of Prediction Algorithms Through Opinion Mining of Social Media Contents for Effective Stock Market Forecast 2011 2019
62 Ms. D. Buvana EEE Dr.R.Jayashree An Enhanced Cascaded Topology of Non-Isolated soft Switched Bidirectional Dc-DC Converter with Switched Coupled Inductor 2010 2019
63 Mr.D.Mukundan Chemistry Dr.S.Kutti Rani Green Synthesis of Ag, Au, Ag /Au Nanoparticles using Bauhinia Tomentosa Leaves for Antimicrobial and Anticancer Applications 2011 2019
64 Mr. V. Thyagarajan ECE Dr.S.Kaja Mohideen Analysis, Design and Development of GPS Anti-Jamming Systems using Phase only Adaptive Nulling Technique Optimized by Evolutionary Algorithms 2009 2019
65 Mr. S. Baskar Mechanical Dr.S.Prince Arockia Doss Theoretical and Experimental Investigation on Cooling Airflow path in Automotive Engine Cooling System 2013 2019
66 Mr. J. Purushothaman Mechanical Dr.S.Rasool Mohideen Development of Hydrogen Permeation Barrier on RAFM Steel by Hot Dip Alumnizing for Fusion Reactor Application 2013 2019
67 Mr.M.Pervaz Ahmed Mechanical Dr. H. Siddhi Jailani Influence of Cryogenic Treatment on Cu – 2 wt. % Be Alloy 2011 2019
68 Mr. Ubaid Rasool SLS Dr. S. Hemalatha Characterization and Applications of Nanoparticles Synthesized via the Assistance of a Marine Endophytic Actinomycetes Isolated from Seaweed (Gelidium SP.) 2014 2019
69 Mr. Frank Joison S English Dr. P. Rathna Reconstructing Indigenous Psyche: A Study of M.C. Raj’s Yoikana and Kim Scott’s that Deadman Dance Through Dyche 2014 2019
70 S.Fathoor Rabbani Physics Dr. I. B. Shameem Banu Studies on Zinc Sulphide Based Dilute Magnetic Semiconductor: First Principles Calculations 2010 2019
71 Ms. Parnasree Chakraborty ECE Dr. C. Tharini Energy Efficient Compressive Sensing Based Compression Techniques for Wireless Sensor Networks 2013 2019
72 Ms. Rizwana.R Physics Dr. I. Raja Mohamed Dynamics and Analysis of Strange Nonchaotic Circuits and Systems 2010 2019  
73 Ms. R.Priyadarshini IT Dr. Latha Tamilselvan Document Based Semantic Content Management System in Cloud 2012 2019
74 Mr. A. M. Ali Ibrahim Islamic Studies Dr. P.S. Syed Masood Jamali Leadership in Islamic Perspective with Special Focus on Ethics in Leadership Practices 2014 2019
75 Ms. S. Murugeswari ECE Dr.S. Kaja Mohideen Design and FPGA Implementation of low Power and High Speed Square Root Carry Select Adder and its Performance in Wallace Multiplier for DSP Applications 2010 2019  
76 Mr. Wilson. K. C. Physics Dr. M. Basheer Ahamed Synthesis and Characterisation of CdS Thin Film Nanostructures for Optoelectronic Applications 2012 2019  
List of scholars  awarded Ph.D. degree in other University guided by  our faculty members
77 Mr. G. Vijayaraghavan Physics Prof. M. Basheer Ahmed Spectral and Tunable laser studies on excitation energy transfer distributed feedback dye laser 2007 2016
78  Mr. Sundarsingh Jebaseelan EEE Dr. R. Raja Prabu Power Quality Improvement using STATCOM and TCTC in Multi Bus systems 2008 2015  
79 Mr. S. Kumarasen Physics Prof. M. Basheer Ahmed Nonlinear optical characterization of Pholoxine B, Pyroniny, Stryl T and sulforhodamine dyes 2007 2016
80 Mr. Geethumani Physics Prof. M. Basheer Ahmed Distributed feedback laser based on energy transfer between a misture of dyes in liquid and sold media 2009 2016  
81  Mrs. Majitha Parveen Physics Prof. M. Basheer Ahmed Third order nonlinear optical characterization of organic dyes using Z-Scan technique for optoelectronic applications 2009 2016
82 Ms.S.Maragatha Sundari Mathematics Dr. S.Srinivasan A Study on some Mathematical Models in Non-Markovian Queue 2010 2016  
83 Mr. M.Mohamed Sheik Sirajuddeen Physics Dr. I.B.Shameem Banu First Principles calculations of the electronic and magnetic properties of some rare earth nitrides and transition metal nitrides 2009 2016
84 Mr. V.Yuvaraj Applied Mathematics Dr. S. Rajasekaran Analytical and Geometrical models for Tsunami wave propagation 2012 2018  
85 Mr. I. Sathik Ali CSE Dr. P.Sheik Abdul Khader Pro based admission control for multi cast QOS Provisioning 2008 2018
86 Mr. S. Pakir Mohideen CSE Dr. P.Sheik Abdul Khader Personalized ontology based adaptive e-learning system 2008 2018
87 Mr. Munawar Hussain CSE Dr. P.Sheik Abdul Khader Rerouting time stratergies for MANET routing 2009 2018
88 Mr.T.Selvakumaran Mechanical Dr.P.N.Kadiresh Investigation of Intrinsic instability of combustion of multi component condensed 2010 2018  
89 Mr.S.P.Venkatesan Mechanical Dr.P.N.Kadiresh Experiments Investigation of Aqueous nano-fluid lends in Diesel Engine 2011 2017  
90 Mr.D.S.Vijayan Civil Dr.J.Revathy Behaviour of Prestressed Concrete Beams strngthened with fibre reinforced polymer laminates 2013 2017