Policy on Consultancy

1.1 Policy on Consultancy

BS Abdul Rahman Crescent Institute of Science and Technology is committed to make its expertise available through service to industry, government and other research organisations. The institute aims to be an entrepreneurial institute while engaging with different organisations. The institute recognises the importance of consultancy work undertaken by staff forms a core and valuable part of its function as an institute of higher learning. It is part of the Knowledge Exchange portfolio and assists in progressing shared relationships. Therefore, the institute has established this policy to support all staff in the delivery of consultancy. The institute expects all members of staff to comply with this policy. Institute staff engaged in consultancy will be given support and assistance by the institute. The support is given as follows,

  1. Expertise and support from faculty-based knowledge exchange support staff or the research and knowledge exchange office
  2. Expertise and support from financial and legal service, especially with respect to patenting and other related issues
  3. Access to institute facilities
  4. Any consultancy work requires the preparation of a proposal which should be authorised in accordance with the approval table of this policy

The proposal will ensure that all relevant issues are addressed and may include,

  1. Tender issues
  2. Full costings
  3. The contractual framework
  4. Intellectual property
  5. Recording and storage of documentation
  6. Impact on workload

1.1.1 Use of income from Consultancy

  1. Any income generated from approved consultancy contracts will be first applied to meet the costs incurred by the institute for conducting research and rest is shared by the faculty and the institute in the agreed ratio
  2. Institutional Overheads claimed will be part of the departmental budget
  3. On completion of the project any surplus or deficit will be duly accounted, and report is submitted
  4. Institute recognises the contribution made by members of staff undertaking consultancy

The sharing pattern of the amount received by the institution towards consultancy and testing for faculty and institution

S.No Sharing Pattern
Testing Tasks Consultancy work with use of institution facilities Consultancy work without using institution facilities
1 Institution share 60% 40% 20%
2 Faculty share 40% 60% 80%