Major Research Facilities

Instrumentation Available For Research

S.No. Name of the Equipment
1. Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
2. Microprocessor controlled UTM. of 100T capacity
3. Photo Elastic Test setup
4. Advanced Tri-axial shear strength test equipment with pore pressure measuring unit
5. CNC Turning Center and Vertical Machining Center for machining experiments
6. Load cells & strain gauge indicators, Vibration sensor, Acoustic Emission sensor and vibration shaker
7. Versamax PLC for automation with software
8. Data Acquisition System and Exhaust Gas Analyzer for engine testing
9. High speed digital storage oscilloscope with GPIB interface for data acquisition
10. Image analyzer with CCD camera for microstructure analysis, Tool makers microscope and Coordinate measuring machine surface roughness tester
11. Low speed wind tunnel
12. Swirl injector Test rig
13. Rocket Fuel sampling and Firing setup
14. Drones and UAV modelling
15. Three Tank Interacting Level Process with Closed loop Control Setup
16. pH neutralization setup
17. Multi process trainer
18. PLC, Drilling operation using PLC
19. Electroporator
20. Harmonic Analyzer
21. Design and Analysis of 3-phase inverter drives
22. Power Electronics and Drives. – Modeling, Analysis, Simulation and Prototype of Power Electronic Devices, Electrical Machines and Drives
23. Fibre optic trainer
24. Antenna trainer with software
25. IAR Embedded work bench
26. XRD (Bruker – D8 Focus)
27. Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer (DMA)
28. Thermo Gravimetric Analyzer (TGA) – SEIKO model
29. Electrospinning unit (ESPIN)
30. Ultra Cryostat circulator
31. FTIR
32. Q switched High Energy Nd :YAG (850 mJ) LASER
33. EPM 2000 Dual channel power/Energy meter, OSM2 Series Spectrometer
34. Multi-frequency Ultrasonic Interferometer Research type (1 – 2 MHz)
35. Fluorescence Spectrophotometer
36. P – E Loop Tracer
37. Pulsed Laser Deposition Unit (PLD)
38. High temperature furnace  – 14000 C
39. Spray Pyrolysis unit
40. LCR meter
41. Polarimeter
42. Diode array Spectrophptometer
43. Photoreactor
44. UV – Vis – NIR Spectrophotometer
45. Beam Load Frame of 100T capacity for testing beams up to 3m span.
46. Column Load Frame of 100T capacity for testing columns up to 2m height with provisions for axial and lateral loadings.
47. Pin on disc set up, salt spray apparatus and semi micro balance for wear and corrosion testing
48. Flow Table motorized for concrete
49. Trimble focus total station with accessories
50. GPS Q mini serial

Software Available For Research

S.No. Name of the Software
1. Qualnet
2. Adobe enterprise
3. IBM DB2, IBM Cognos Insight
4. MATLAB 2012
9. IE3D Antenna simulation software
10. MDSPICE MIC Simulation
11. Mentor Graphics HEP1 pack
12. SCADA software
13.  ANSYS V 18.1 – CFD and Structural stimulation
14. Sinfire X4200 server for CAD APPLICATINS
15. GIS – Mapping software