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Giving Back

1. Alumni Endowment Fund

Join us in giving back to the alma mater. Make a significant contribution to Crescent and leave your footprint in time by assisting present Crescentians and support the various initiatives of the University.

a) Give Every Month (GEM)

Recurring contribution is a method through which alumni can contribute small (or large) amounts periodically.
Contributions can be made monthly/quarterly/half-yearly or annually.

In this way, alumni are encouraged to contribute regularly and be associated closely with their alma mater. GEMs is an idea whose time has come, where all members contribute regularly with the intention of building a sizable corpus over a period of time, so that the aims and the goals of the Institute can be achieved.

Do your part. Become a GEM of an Alum today!

b) Wall of Donors

Alumni who wish to include their names on Wall of Donors can do so by contributing the amounts as mentioned in below table. Names of the donors will be put on the Wall of Donors. The naming rights for the same will be as under:

Sl. No Amount of Donation (D) Description Plaque Type Size of Tile/Marble
1 D < 50 lac or = 50 Lacs Name & graduation year Platinum 24″ X 24″
2 D is between 25 to 50 Lacs Gold 18″ X 18″
3 D is between 10 to 25 Lacs Silver 12″ X 12″
4 D is between 5 to 10 Lacs Bronze 9″ X 9″
5 D is between 1 to 5 Lacs Stainless Steel 6″ X 6 “

Please contact Office of Alumni Relations for further details.

2. Alumni Scholarship
  1. Our Alumni Association could contribute to scholarships for under- privileged students on the campus
  2. Students could be interviewed by the alumni association and assessed on their academic performance and need
  3. A beneficiary student is mentored by the alumni
  4. Those interested may write to
3. Alumni Avenue
  1. A tree can be planted with the name on the plaque next to the tree
  2. Tree can be planted in the name of the individual/group/batch and year of passing
  3. Those interested may write to