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Projects Ongoing / Sanctioned


S. No. Project Title Name of the PI Department Funding Agency Sanction date Duration Amount in lakhs
1 Cellular Automata Models for Propagation of Tsunami Waves E.Syed Mohamed DST-SERB CSE 2019 2019-22 12.48
2 Automation of Climate Control inside a naturally ventilated polyhouse (GREEN HOUSE) Kannan Ganapathi TN-EDII
ECE 2019 2019-20 10.00
3 Health and Sanitation of Wheels Ravi Senji TN-EDII
Life Sciences 2019 2019-20 2.15
4 A smart intravenous dripper System for centralized monitoring and automatic control of intravenous fluid. Rathakrisnan Jothiram TN-EDII Rekindle Automations Pvt Ltd IT 2019 2019-20 10.00
5 Fault diagnosis on single stage helical planetary gearbox using machine learning algorithms Aquib Yousuf, Aravind.V.K, Aravinda Krishnan.A, Farhanuddin.S.M. Syed Shaul Hameed  Tamilnadu State Council For Science And Technology Mechanical
2019 2019-20 0.08
6 Phycoremediation of CO2 Level in sub urban area via CO2 Sequestration by native microalgae : an eco friendly approach Dr D Mubarak Ali, M Santhosh Kumar A Aravindh Tamilnadu State Council For Science And Technology Life Sciences 2019 2019-20 0.08
7 Bio Incubator Grant (Bio Nest) Dr.S.Hemalatha BIRAC, DBT, Govt of India Life Sciences 2018 2018-21 180.00
8 Development of Hybrid Rocket Motor PI – Dr.P.N.Kadiresh
CO-PI – Sri Nithya Mahottmannada, Aeronautical Engineering
DRDO Aeronautical Engineering 2018 2017-20 9.83
9 Corrosion protection and service life extension of reinforced concrete roofing systems in existing buildings Ms.Roopa DST,SERB,TARE Civil Engineering 2018 2018 -21 5.00
10 Light induced process of Hierarchical electron cascade system, Materials and Devices for Solar energy conversion Dr. Asha Jhonsi Mariadoss DST,SERB,TARE Chemistry 2018 2018-21 16.80
11 Structural Behaviour of Corroding Prestressed Concrete Systems and Extension of Service Life using Cathodic Protection Dr. M.S. Haji Sheik Mohammed Extra Mural research Funding Civil Engineering 2018 2018-19 49.50
12 Development of Graphene and Metal Nanoparticles Reinforced Flexible Polymer nanocomposites for Effective Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Shielding Applications Dr. M. Basheer Ahamed DST-SERB Physics 2017 2017-20 28.01
13 Understanding the metabolic compartmentalization of Cancers cells and cancer associated fibroblasts Dr. Amrita Roy DST-SERB Life Sciences 2017 2017-20 34.41
14 Construction of optical logic gates using soliton collisions and study of electrical solitons in nonlinear transmission lines Dr. M. Vijaya jayanthi DST-SERB Physics 2016 2016-19 32.44
15 Antimicrobial Efficacy and Mechanisms of Whole Plant Extract of Acacia Arabica with Triphala on Biofilm Forming Cariogenic Microorganisms Dr. Karthikeyan Ramalingam AYUSH-EMR Life Sciences 2016 2016-19 33.00
16 Synthesis of antimicrobial nanoemulsions for the treatment of multi-drug resistant ESKAPE pathogens Dr. Karthikeyan Ramalingam DST-SERB Life Sciences 2016 2016-19 23.28
Total 447.06


1 Antibacterical activity of trithila and acacia arapica on dental cary forming micros Dr. Karthikeyan Ramalingam AYUSH-EMR 2018 3.30
2 A software defined network model for ensuring ene to end security IOT Dr. S.Revathi UGC 2015 6.18
3 Non- Life insurance sector in India Dr. S.Rajasekar UGC 2015 12.36
4 Pattern Detection  in Data stream Dr.W.Aisha Banu UGC 2015 12.90
5 Protein Biochemistry and Biophysics Dr.Khurshid Alam Khan DST 2015 2.88
6 Synthesis of new visible light graphing based photocatalyst for organic transformation Dr.Noor Ameen UGC 2015 12.00
7 Authentication using face regocization Dr. M.Munir Ahamed Rabbani UGC 2014 2.18
8 Finance Management Dr.Shanmugam UGC 2014 2.18
9 Optimal control of multi input  and output process using swarm intelligent Dr.Sabura Banu UGC 2014 17.64
10 Social Web Mining Dr.W.Aisha Banu UGC 2014 15.90
11 Understanding the molecular mechanism that regulate inflammation & tumor progression Dr.Neesar Ahmed UGC 2014 12.54
12 Seismic Performance of FRP Confined Steel tube in-filled Concrete Columns Dr. P. Gajalakshmi
Dept. of Civil Engg.
Ministry of Earth Sciences, New Delhi 2014-17 29.10
13 Applications of Gold Catalysis For The Synthesis Of Bioactive Heterocyclic And Natural Product Mimic Dr. K.Karthikeyan
Dept. of Chemistry
DST 2014-17 19.66
14 Bismuth titanate quantum dots for photo voltaic application Ms. R. Saai Harini
Res. Scholar, Dept of Chemistry
Women Scientist Scheme – DST 2014-17 12.54
15 Synthesis, characterization and optimization of QDs on TiO2 surface for quantum dot solar cells Dr. M. Asha Jhonsi
Asst. Prof. of Chemistry
INSA – INSPIRE 2014-17 19.76
16 GPX-1, gene polymorphisms and mitochondrial Ros signaling in cancer risk Dr. Soumen Bera
Asst. Prof. of Life Sciences
SERB – DST 2014-17 24.70
17 Synthesis of Novel Low Band Gap Polymer Materials for Solar Cell Applications Dr. Vajjiravel Murugesan
Prof. of Chemistry
SERB 2014-17 23.78
18 The Effect of A1 on TiAIN, CrAIN and ZrAIN coating using RF powered Magnetron Sputtering Dr. Beer Mohamed
Prof. of Mechanical Engg.
UGC-DAE – CSR Fellowship 2014-15 26.43
19 Development of Oil Absorbing Polymer Product for Efficient Removal of Oil Spills in Sea Water Dr. R. Vasanthakumari
Director, Polymer Nano Technology Centre
NRB 2014-16 20.04
20 Development of Graphene – SrTiO3 based hybrid photocatalytic system for the production of solar fuels Noor Aman Ahrar Mundari
Prof. of Chemistry
SERB 2014-17 24.98
21 “Synthesis and characterization of multiferroic nanocomposites for functional applications” Ms. P. Komalavalli Women Scientist Scheme (WOS-A) 2014-17 14.19
22 Identifying the molecular basis of peroxidase activity of Peroxiredoxin 6 – An approach for designing Antioxidant Peptides and Inhibitors Dr. Md Khurshid Alam Khan
Asst. Prof. of School of Life Sciences
SERB – Startup Research Grant 2014-17 14.30
23 To Study the Effect of Diclofenac and Osmolytes on Protein Stability in Renal Dysfunction Dr. Shazia Jamal
Asst. Prof. of Life Sciences
DST – SERB 2014-17 13.60


S.No. Project Name Project Scheme Year Name of the Co-ordinator Amount in lakhs
1 Development of high temperature Resistant Polymeric Nanofiber for flexible polymer electrode and membrane applications. DST-Nano Mission 2009-2012 Dr R.Vasantha Kumari, Head, Polymer Nano Tech 87.96
2 Development of polymer product for efficient removal of oil spills in sea water NRB 2009-2011 Dr R.Vasantha Kumari Polymer Tech 21.66
3 Anti jamming techniques for GPS/C/a Code receivers Armament Research Board, DRDO 2010-2012 Mr Thygarajan, ECE 25.78
4 Low loss and high shock absorbing potting materials for microwave applications Armament Research Board, DRDO 2010-2012 Dr S S M Abdul Majeed, Polymer Tech 8.15
5 3D magnetic field sensor using flux gate and hall effect technique for low magnetic fields Armament Research Board, DRDO 2010-2012 Dr K N Srinivas, EEE 8.9
6 Development of heating pads for soldiers in high mountain areas (Joint project with IIT Madras) DIPAS DRDO 2010-2011 Dr.R.Vasantha Kumari, Polymer Tech 3.96
7 Palladium catalysed Buchwald Hartwig coupling of 2-C hydroxymethyl D glycols and aryl halides : Synthesis of functionalized C – Aryl Glycosides DST 2010-2012 Dr Baghavathy Chemistry 42.6
8 A non enzymatic enantioselective design in the Wittig reactions and its application in the total synthesis of caprolactonis potential antineoplastic agents of marine origin WOS A DST 2011-2013 Dr S Mahasampath Gowri Chemistry 6.24
9 Seismic retrofitting of prestressed concrete beams externally bonded with fibre reinforced polymer composites DST 2011-2013 Dr J Revathy , Civil engg 22.16
10 Autonomic Power and Performance Management of Virtualized Data Centres Computer Society of India April 2011 to May 2012 Dr. R. Shriram, CSE 0.25
11 Content Based Information Retrieval for Tamil Tamil Virtual Academy September 2011 Dr. R.Shriram & Mrs. W. Aisha Banu, CSE 2.94
12 A novel access to indolizidines and quinolizidine alkaloids through stereoselective N-tethered intramolecular cyclopropanation of pyridine DST-SERB June 2012 to May 2015 Dr. J. William John Bosco, Assistant Professor, Chemistry 48.70
13 Wear behavior of duplex coated steels UGC-DAE Dr.R.Rajendran,Mech. Engineering 2.00 (per year)
14 Zeozymes as biomimetic catalysts for the treatment of organic pollutants CSIR October 2012 Dr. D. Easwaramoorthy, Professor, Chemistry, Dr. S. Kutti Rani, Professor and Head, Chemistry and Dr. I. Mohammed Bilal, Professor, Chemistry 13.21
Total value of projects 294.51


S.No. Project Name Project Scheme Year Name of the Co-ordinator Amount Sanctioned (Lakhs)
1 Antennas for Satellite Communication Space Segment AICTE, MODROBS 1998-1999 Dr.K.Natarajan, Mr.Selvarani, ECE 7
2 Multi Channel ECG Analysis Using Neural Works AICTE 2000-2001 Dr.K.Natarajan Ms. Sumathi, ECE 10
3 Evaluation of Fibre Optic Modulation Multiplexing & Transmission Characteristics AICTE, MODROBS 2000-2001 Mr.S.Malarkkan, ECE 10
4 Cryogenic treatment of Steel Weldments AICTE,TAP TEC 2000-2001 Dr.Angamuthu, MECH 5
5 Fuzzy Logic Based Split Range in Control AICTE 2000-2001 Dr.T.Thyagarajan, EEE 2
6 Performance Study of Outdoor Polymeric Insulators AICTE 2001-2002 Mr.R.Raja Prabhu, EEE 6
7 Industry Institute of Partnership Cell AICTE 2002-2003 Dr.T.Thyagarajan, EEE 8
8 Cascaded Fuzzy controller for Combustion control of utility Boiler AICTE 2002-2003 Dr.T.R.Rangaswamy, ICE 3.7
9 Investigation of Dev.of Cost Effective Fiberglass Distribution Support Structure AICTE 2002-2003 Dr.T.Thyagarajan, EEE 9
10 Dev. and Character ization of Polyaniline based conducting Polymeric Nano Composite AICTE, TAP TEC 2003-2004 Dr.R.Vasantha Kumari, Polymer Tech 17.5
11 Entrepreneur Development DST 2003-2004 Dr.V.M.Periasamy Principal 8.77
2004-2005 6.77
12 Mechanistic studies on flame retardant glass fibre reinforced resin formulations foe low cost roofing /panel structure Naval Research Board 2007 Dr.R.Vasantha Kumari, Polymer Tech 14.29
13 Modernisation of Polymer Processing Lab AICTE 2007 Dr.R.Vasantha Kumari, Polymer Tech 6.07
14 Interactive Route finder (funded by Institution of Engineers) IE 2007-2008 Students Project, CSE 0.37
15 Development of heated gloves for soldiers in cold mountain areas (Joint project with IIT Madras) Defense Institute of Physiological and Applied Sciences (DIPAS) 2008-2009 Dr.R.Vasantha Kumari, Polymer Tech 3.96
16 Novel Polymer Electrolytes from Chemically Modified Electrospun Polymeric Nanocomposite for rechargeable Lithium battery DST 2008-2011 Dr. Abdul Kader, Polymer Tech 26.44
17 Optimization of Cryogenic Treatment for Engineering Materials. AICTE 2008-2009 Dr. Rasool Mohideen, Mech Engg 3
Total value of projects 147.87