Dr. K.Mohamed Jasim | Crescent Education
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Dr. K.Mohamed Jasim

Designation : Assistant Professor
Nature of Employment : Regular
Qualification : MBA, Ph.D, Certified Business Analytics Professional
Date of Joining : 19.07.2018
Phone : +91-97867-23436
Email ID : jasim@crescent.education


Educational Background

Degree University Session / Class
Ph.D. Bharathidasan University 2015
MBA Anna University 2010-2012 / First Class – 44th Anna University Rank

Area of Interest

  • Python – Predictive Analytics, Plotting, Market Segmentation, Text Analytics, Web Crawling and Optimizing with multiple objectives or portfolio analytics
  • R Studio – Single Variable Visualization, Statistical Modelling, Multivariate Techniques, Clustering and Classification, Market Basket Analysis, Choice Modelling, Retail analytics and Healthcare analytics
  • Tableau – Charts and Plots, Single Variable Visualization, Two Variables Visualization and Multiple Variables Visualization
  • Microsoft Power BI – Data Visualization, Forecasting, Saleforce Management, Report Generation and Visualization of Complex data models
  • Google Analytics – Contextual Targeting, Placement Targeting, Interest-based Advertising and SEO
  • IBM SPSS – Descriptive Statistics, Bivariate Techniques and Multivariate Techniques
  • IBM AMOS – SEM, CFA and SEM with CFA
  • SmartPLS – Path Analysis, Moderation Analysis, Mediation Analysis and Serial Multiple Mediation
  • MPlus – Robit or logistic regressions models, Multinomial logistic regression models, Poisson and negative binomial regression models
  • Excel Modelling – Operations Models, Financial Models and Marketing Models
  • NVivo – Quantifssying Qualitative Interviews & Focus Groups, Locating Cogent Analysis and Mixed Methods Research IRL (In Real Life)
  • Minitab – IPO diagram, SIPOC diagram, Flow diagram, CTQ Tree, Project Charter, Check sheets, Histograms, Run Charts, Scatter Diagrams, Cause and effect diagram, Pareto charts, Control charts, Flow process charts, Pareto Chart and FMEA.
  • POM Library – LPP, Assignment Problem, Transportation Problem, AHP and Estimation


Research & Publications

Research Title Journal Name Volume, Issue and Page No Year
Backhaul Utilization Trend and Trucks Turnaround Time (TAT) in Indian Logistics System International Journal of Supply Chain Management 8(3), 730-734 2019
E-Procurement practices to improve the efficiency of vendor transactions in Indian cement companies International Journal of Procurement Management Accepted for Publication 2019
Ecological, green marketing and green supply chain problems-fish marketing societies in Tamilnadu coastal areas International Journal of Business Excellence 13(4), 546-562 2017
The antecedents on rural distribution problem and rural retailer’s preference towards Pepsico India holdings private limited in Tamilnadu, India International Journal of Business Innovation and Research 12(4), 525-536 2017
Brand positioning of ayurvedic medicine in Indian milieu International Journal of Business Excellence 11(1), 16-37 2017
The antecedents of marketing success of women entrepreneurs International Journal of Business Innovation and Research 7(6), 637-662 2013
Legal Status of Crypto Currency in India: A critical review International Journal of Engineering & Technology (UAE) 7 (4), 960- 962 2018
WLB model and performance measurement: evidence with private hospital women nurses in Ghana milieu.  International Journal of Business Innovation and Research 16(4), 424-452 2018
Dimension of Mutual Fund Advertisement Through Content Analysis in Indian Mutual Fund Industry International Journal of Engineering & Technology (UAE) 7 (4), 835- 841 2018

Research Interests

  • OR Modelling, Statistical Modelling, Data Modelling, Heuristics, Simulation and Distribution Problems, Business Modelling, SCM Problems and Cost Estimation, Marketing Research, Branding & SEOs