Mr. Surya Rajan B | Crescent Education
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Mr. Surya Rajan B

Designation : Assistant Professor
Nature of Employment : Regular
Qualification : B.E,.M.E.
Phone : +91 44 2275 1347,48,50(Office)
Email ID :


Educational Background

Degree Discipline Year of Passing University
M.E Engineering Design 2014 Anna University, Chennai
B. E Mechanical Engineering 2010 Anna University, Chennai

Work Experience

Designation Institution Duration No. of Years
Assistant Professor B.S.Abdur Rahman Crescent Institute of Science and Technology. June, 2014 to till date Till date

Lecture courses

  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Design of Transmission systems
  • Design of Jigs, Fixtures and Press Tools
  • Strength of Materials
  • Engineering Mechanics


Areas Of Research Interest

  • Friction Materials/Brake pad
  • Tribochemistry
  • Special Purpose Machine


Sponsored Project:

  • New Born temperature measuring and monitoring- Baby Tempit. Funded by IDIN- Internation Development innovation network.

International Journal / National Journal / International Conferences / National Conferences / Seminars / Workshops

International Journal:

Publications in SCI Indexed Journals.

  • Surya Rajan B*., Saibalaji M.A., Saravanakumar S., 2018. “Effect of chemical treatment and fiber loading on physico-mechanical properties of Prosopis juliflora fiber reinforced hybrid friction composite”, Materials Research Express, 6(3).  Impact Factor: 1.449
  • Surya Rajan B*., Saibalaji M.A., Rasool Mohideen S., 2019.Tribological Performance and Evaluation of Epoxy modified Phenolic Friction Composite Reinforced with Chemically Modified Prosopis Juliflora Fiber”, Materials Research Express, 6(7) Impact Factor: 1.449
    doi: 10.1088/2053-1591/ab07e6.
  • Surya Rajan B*., Saibalaji M.A., Prince Arockia Doss Mohamed Aslam Noorani A.B., Md Usaid Hammad Khateeb,  Hariharasakthisudan P., 2019 “Tribological performance evaluation of raw and silane treated crab, periwinkle and scallop shell powders in brake friction composite”, Materials Research Express, 6(6) Impact Factor: 1.449
  • Sathickbasha K*, Selvakumar AS, Balaji MA, Surya Rajan B. The dual role of metal sulfides as lubricant and abrasive: An interface study in friction composite. Materials Research Express. 2019 Jan 10. Impact Factor: 1.449
    doi: 10.1088/2053-1591/aafd5a
  • Surya Rajan B*., Saibalaji M.A., Mohamed Aslam Noorani A.B., 2018.  “Effect of Silane surface treatment on the Physico-mechanical properties of shell powder reinforced Epoxy modified Phenolic Friction composite”, Materials Research Express, 6(6),   Impact Factor: 1.449
    doi: 10.1088/2053-1591/ab0ca5.
  • Surya Rajan B*., MA Sai Balaji, and C. Velmurugan. “Correlation of field and experimental test data of wear in heavy commercial vehicle brake liners.” Friction 5(1) (2017): 56-65. Impact Factor: 3.00
    doi: 10.1007/s40544-017-0138-x

Publications in Scopus Indexed Journals

  • Sathickbasha K*, Selvakumar AS, Balaji MS, Surya Rajan B., Ahamed MJ. Tribo Performance of Brake Friction Composite with Stainless Steel Fiber. InAdvances in Materials and Metallurgy 2019 (pp. 159-169). Springer, Singapore.
    doi: 10.1007/978-981-13-1780-4_17
  • Surya Rajan B*., Balaji MA, Sathickbasha K, Hariharasakthisudan P. Influence of Binder on Thermomechanical and Tribological Performance in Brake Pad. Tribology in Industry. 2018 Dec 1;40(4).
    doi: 10.24874/ti.2018.40.04.12
  • Surya Rajan B*., Balaji, S. and AB, M.A.N., 2019. Tribological performance of graphene/graphite filled phenolic composites-A comparative study. Composites Communications.15, Oct 2019 34-39.
    doi: 10.1016/j.coco.2019.05.012
  • Surya Rajan B*., Sathickbasha, K., Balaji, S. and Hariharasakthisudhan, P., 2019. Development of an automated and dedicated measuring system of tube dimensions using 1d and 2d laser displacement sensors. FME Transactions47(1), pp.122-128.
    doi: 10.5937/fmet1901122R
  • Selvakumar AS, Surya Rajan B*, Balaji MS, Selvaraj B. Strain Analysis of AA6063 Aluminum Alloy by Tube Hydroforming Process. InAdvances in Manufacturing Processes 2019 (pp. 13-21). Springer, Singapore.
    doi: 10.1007/978-981-13-1724-8_2

International Conference :

  • Surya Rajan B, Sathickbasha K, Balaji M A S, Selvakumar A S, Rasool Mohideen S, Prince Arockia Doss, Mohamed Aslam Noorani A B, Md Usaid Hammad K, Tribo performance of single and multiwall carbon nanotube in the disc brake pad formulation, Eurobrake 2019, Dresden, Germany, 21-23 May 2019.
  • Surya Rajan B, Selvakumar A.S., &  M.A. Saibalaji., “ Strain Analysis of AA6063 Aluminium alloy by tube Hydroforming process. Internatnioan Conference on Engineering Materials, Metallurgy and Manufacturing-ICEMMM, 15 & 16 FEB- 2018.
  • Surya Rajan B, Sathickbasha K, Selvakumar A.S. & Sai Balaji. “ Tribo Performance of Brake friction composite with stainless steel fiber. Internatnioan Conference on Engineering Materials, Metallurgy and Manufacturing-ICEMMM, 15 & 16 FEB- 2018.
  • Surya Rajan B, Sai Balaji M A., Baskar A. Correlation of Test bench with actual vehicle condition of Indian commercial passenger cars. Proceedings of Intermational conference on Advances in Industrial Engineering Applications- ICAIEA, 3-5 JAN- 2018.
  •  Surya Rajan B, Sai Balaji M.A.,   ‘Fade and recovery behavior of brake pad developed using Boron and furfurol modified friction dust: proceedings of the ICRTEST-2016 conference, Special section on Hybrid and Composite Materials, Chemical Processing  ed. Prof. Fernando Israel Gomez, pp. 224-232.
  • Surya Rajan B, Sai Balaji. M.A,  Tribo performance of a NA disc brake pad developed using two types of organic friction modifier  Proceedings of ICMDM 2016.  February 17-19, 2016, Chennai, INDIA Paper Code 4763.
  • Surya Rajan B, K.Shanmugasundaram, K.Rajarajan, B.S. Prabhakaran, “ Automatic Single station inspection of Tubular Component, data capturing and use this data trend to monitor the tool change frequency in the component machining equipment” RAIME 2014, Dated 28th March 2014.
  • Surya Rajan B, K.Shanmugasundaram,“Design Analysis of automated tube inspection equipment fixture”  “Recent Trends in manufacturing Science (RTMS’14) Dated 20th March 2014.


  • Surya Rajan B, Sai Balaji M.A, and Md. Javeed Ahmed. Dry Mixing Machine and method of Mixing of friction material. Status: Appl. No. 201641009076 Filed March 15th, 2016

International / National Level summit / workshop / seminar:

  • Participated in “INTERNATIONL DEVELOPMENT DESIGN SUMMIT- AAROGYAM” Organized by IDIN & U.S. Global Development Lab powered by USAID, from July 6 to Augest 1, 2015.
  • Participated in the “International Conference on Advances in Design Materials, Manufacuring and surface Engineering for Mobility” (ADMMS 2017) held during 19-21, July 2017.
  • Participated in “ The Awareness workshop on INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS” on 29th Augest 2015.
  • Participated in  National level Two Days workshop on “ADVANCED NANO COMPOSITE MATERIALS: CHARACTERIZATION AND APPLICATIONS” on 22 nd & 23 rd of September 2015.
  • Participated Faculty Development Program on the Topic: “ANSYS DESIGN MODELAR AND MECHANICAL” conducted by ANSYS Bangalore, during 4th -8th May 2015.
  • Participated in the workshop on “ENGINEERING GRAPHICS” organized by BS Abdur Rahman university, Chennai, during 08th – 12th July 2014.
  • Participated in the workshop on “ENGINEERING MECHANICS” organized by BS Abdur Rahman university, Chennai, during 22nd to 27th December 2014.
  • Attended “Six Day Induction Training Programme -2014” Organized by Faculty Training Academy, B S Abdur Rahman University, Chennai, from 30th June 2014 to 07th July 2014.
  • Participated in “National Conference on Recent Trends in Functional Materials” (NCRTFM-2017) Conducted by Department of Physics, B S Abdur Rahman Crescent Institute of Science and Technology, Chennai, During 5th & 6th December 2017.
  • Participated in the “International Conference on Recent Trends in Engineering Science and Technology” (ICRTEST-2016) organized by St. Peter’s Engineering College, Dullapally, Hydrabad, Telangana, during 25th to 27th October 2016.
  • Participated in the “International Conference on Materials, Design and Manufacturing Process” (ICMDM 2016) organized by Anna University- Chennai, during 17th – 19th February 2016.
  • Participated in the “International Conference on Engineering Materials, Metallurgy and Manufacturing” organized by SSN College of Engineering, Chennai, during 15th & 16th February 2018.
  • Organized “Motivational Workshop on Innovation” in B S Abdur Rahman University in association with the Local chapter of International Development Innovation Network-IDIN USA ON 19th August 2017.
  • Participated in “National Seminar on e-Learning and MOOCs in Higher Education” Organized by Guru Anga Dev Teaching learning Centre of MHRD, SGTB Khalsa College, University of Delhi on 9th March 2019.
  • Participatetd in Two day workshop on “CAD/CAE (Crea &Hyperworks)” organized by Dept. of Mechanical Engg, BSACIST, Chennai 600048, on 6th and 7th May 2019.
  • Participated in one day Seminar on “Emerging Trends in Automobile Brakes” Organized by Dept. of Automobile Engg., BSACIST, Chennai 600048, on 27th March 2019.
  • Participated in one day “ICT enabled FDP on Engineering Graphics” Organized by Faculty Training Academy BSACIST, Chennai 600048, on 9th July 2019.

Additional Responsibilities

  • Class Advisor, Mechanical B Section, Batch 2014-2018.
  • Faculty Advisor , Mechanical B Section, Batch 2014-2018.