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Mr. M. Abdur Rahman

Designation : Assistant Professor
Nature of Employment : Regular
Qualification : B.E,M.Tech
Phone : 044 2275 1347,48,50(Office)(Office)
Email ID :


Educational Background

Programme Discipline Year of Passing University
Ph.D. Powder Metallurgy Thesis Submitted B.S.Abdur Rahman Crescent Institute
M.Tech Manufacturing Engineering 2015 B.S.Abdur Rahman Institute
B. E Mechanical Engineering 1998 Madras University, Chennai

Work Experience

Designation Institution Duration No. of Years
Assistant Professor B.S.Abdur Rahman Institute July 2015 to Till Date 2 years

Industry Experience:

Designation Company Duration No. of Years
Senior Manger MSI Electronics, Bangalore 2008 to 2012 4 years
Sales Engineer MSI Electronics 2004 to 2008 4 years
Project coordinator Jam Joom constructions Jeddah,
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
(plumbing & HVAC division)
1999 to 2004 5 years

Lecture courses

  • Machine dynamics
  • Design of Jigs, fixtures and Press tools
  • Engineering Graphics
  • Advanced tool design
  • Materials Science
  • Manufacturing Technology


Areas Of Research Interest

  • Powder metallurgy
  • Aging kinetics of Alloys and composites
  • Nano materials
  • Biomaterials
  • Tribology
  • Corrosion

Research Publications

International Journal / National Journal/International Conferences / National Conferences/Seminars / Workshops:


  • Sirajudeen N., Karunanithi R., Abdur Rahman M. (2021) Study of Varying Weight%, Particle Size and Artificial Aging of Al2O3 on the Hardness and Wear Resistance of Al 6082 Alloy Composites by Stir Casting. In: Ganippa L., Karthikeyan R., Muralidharan V. (eds) Advances in Design and Thermal Systems. Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering. Springer, Singapore.
  • ВЛИЯНИЕ СТАРЕНИЯ И МАССОВОЙ ДОЛИ Al2O3 на механические свойства композита Al6082/Al2O3, полученного литьем с перемешиванием
    Н. СИРАДЖУДИН, М. АБДУР РАХМАН, Институт науки и технологии Б. С. Абдура Рахмана, г. Ченнаи, Индия, Metallovedenie i Termicheskaya Obrabotka Metallov
    Effect of aging and mass fraction of Al 2 O 3 on the mechanical properties of an Al6082/Al2O3 composite obtained by stir casting by N. SIRAJUDEEN , M. ABDUR RAHMAN
    Journal: Metallovedenie i Termicheskaya Obrabotka Metallov. (Metal Science and Heat Treatment), Publisher: Springer
  • “X-ray peak broadening on microstructure, and structural properties of titanium and Ti-6Al-4V alloys”, ShowkatAli, R.Karunanithi, M.Prashanth, M. AbdurRahman, Journal: Materials Today: Proceedings, © 2019 Elsevier Ltd,
  • “Influence of aging & varying weight fraction of Al2O3 particles on the mechanical behaviour & volumetric wear rate of Al 7075 alloy composite produced by liquid metallurgy route”
    N Sirajudeen, M Abdur Rahman, Serajul Haque, R Karunanithi and Subhrajit Patnaik
    9 May 2019 • © 2019 Materials Research Express IOP Publishing Ltd,
  • Effect of different heat treatments and varying volume fraction of nano-Al2O3 particles on the hardness and wear resistance of Al 7150 alloy matrix composite synthesized by hot uniaxial compaction technique
    M Abdur Rahman, N Sirajudeen and Subhrajit Patnaik
    Published 3 May 2019 • © 2019 IOP Publishing Ltd
    Materials Research Express, Volume 6, Number 8
  • Investigation of Stir Casting Process Parameters on Wear Rate of Al 6061-Cu-SiCp Metal Matrix Composites by Serajul Haque, Narayanasamy Srirangarajalu, M Abdur Rahman, N Sirajudeen Emerging Materials Research Volume 8, Issue 2
  • “Sinterability and electrochemical behavior of Al2O3 dispersed Al 7150 alloy composite prepared by high energy ball milling” by M Abdur Rahman, R Karunanithi and N Sirajudeen, © 2019 IOP Publishing Ltd ,Materials Research Express, Volume 6, Number 8,
  • Effect of milling time on the density, hardness and corrosion behavior of Al 7150 alloy produced by high energy ball milling by M Abdur Rahman, R Karunanithi and N Sirajudeen
    Published 17 April 2019 • © 2019 IOP Publishing Ltd, Materials Research Express, Volume 6, Number 7
  • “Hardness and dry sliding wear behavior of SiC reinforced Al 7150 alloy composite synthesized under the influence of aging, varying compaction pressures, particle size and volume fraction of ceramic particulates by hot compaction technique” by M Abdur Rahman, N Sirajudeen and R Karunanithi
    7 March 2019 • © 2019 Materials Research ExpressIOP Publishing Ltd.
  • Influence of aging, varying particle size & volume fraction of Al2O3 particles on the hardness and wear behavior of Al 7150 alloy composite produced by hot uniaxial compaction method
    M Abdur Rahman and N Sirajudeen, Published 5 December 2018 • © 2018 IOP Publishing Ltd
    Materials Research Express, Volume 6, Number 3, Impact Factor: 1.15
  • M.Abdur Rahman, N.Ravikumar and R.Rajendran, “Development of Wear Resistance Brake Pad Material for Air Disc Brake Pad”, International journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER), Volume 10, Number 33 (2015)
  • Name of Author(s) – N. Sirajudeen, Dr. Serajul haque, M. Abdur Rahman and Rangarao
    Paper Title: Microstructural analysis and hardness enhancement of mild steel plate coated with stellite6 alloy by friction surfacing method
    Journal of Emerging Technologies and Innovative Research
    (An International Open Access Journal & UGC and ISSN Approved), July 2018, vol. 5, issue 7, (ISSN – 2349-5162)
  • A study on the synthesis of indigenous soaps produced using organic materials and its beneficial effects on skin health by N. Sirajudeen, M.Abdur Rahman during the two days International seminar on sustainable environment organized by the dept. of Chemistry B.S.Abdur Rahman Crescent Institute of Science & Technology Chennai, Dec 10,11 2018.

International Conference

  • Participated in the International Conference on Engineering Technology, Science and Management Innovation (ICETSMI-2018), MCCIA, Pune, Maharashtra
  • International conference on Advanced ceramics and Nano materials for sustainable development, Sept. 19, 20 & 21, ACeND – 2018, Christ University, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Workshop Attended

  • Participated in the One day national level workshop on “Friction material concepts and electronic braking system” organized by dept of Mechanical engineering, B.S.Abdur Rahman Crescent Institute of science and technology
  • “Seven day induction training programme – 2017” organized from 9th Jan 2017 organized by the FTA, B.S.ABDUR RAHMAN CRESCENT INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY.

Research papers presented:

Research papers:

  • Effect of Aging on the tribological behavior of nano Alumina reinforced Al 7150 alloy composite synthesized by Powder Metallurgy route
  • Influence of nano zirconia particles on the wear behavior of Al 2014 alloy composite synthesized by Powder Metallurgy route
  • Influence of aging, particle size & varying weight% of SiC on the hardness of Al 7075 alloy composite produced by stir casting route.

Reviewer for International Conference:
Reviewer for the 7th International & 28th All India Manufacturing Technology, Design and Research Conference (AIMTDR 2018), Anna University, Chennai, India during 13th – 15th December 2018.


  • Engineering Research Express, IOP Publishing Ltd, UK
  • Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance, ASM International, Springer
  • Materials Research Ibero-american Journal of Materials
  • Particulate Science and Technology, Taylor & Francis online
  • AJME: Australian Journal of Mechanical Engineering, Taylor and Francis online
  • Materials Research Express, IOP Publishing Ltd, UK

National Conference

  • Abdur Rahman M, Ravi kumar N, Rajendran R ‘Development of wear resistance brake pad material for air disc brake pad’, International Journal of Applied Engineering Research, Proceedings of National Conference on Recent Trends in Efficiency Management in Industries, April 2015.


Additional Responsibilities:

  • Assistant Dean – Student affairs
  • Proctor
  • Class advisor – B.Tech (Mechanical B sec 2015-2019 batch)
  • Admission coordinator (University level)
  • Alumni coordinator ( Mechanical dept)
  • NBA team member

Recognition & Awards

Recipient of B.S.ABDUR RAHMAN FACULTY AWARD – 2019, Category: Excellent teaching