Mr. Mohamed Shanavaz | B.S.Abdur Rahman Crescent Institute of Science and Technology
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Mr. Mohamed Shanavaz

Designation : Assistant Professor (Senior Grade)
Nature of Employment : Regular
Qualification : B.Tech.,M.E.,M.S
Phone : 044-22751375(Office)
Email ID :


Educational Qualification:

Programme Specialization Name of the Institution Name of the University Year of Passing
M.S. GIS & Environmental Modeling Department of Geography University of Hull, UK November 2010
M.E. Geo-Informatics College of Engineering, Guindy Anna University April 2008
B.Tech. Civil Engineering Pondicherry Engineering College Pondicherry University June 2005

Work Experience

Sl.No. Designation Employer Period of Employment Teaching/Industrial/ Research
From To Years Months
1 Assistant Professor(SG) B.S. Abdur Rahman Institute 20.03.2015 Till Date 2 3 Teaching & Research
2 Assistant Professor B.S. Abdur Rahman Institute 20.03.2010 20.03.2015 5 Teaching & Research

Lecture Courses:

  • GIS and its Applications
  • Remote Sensing and GIS
  • Mechanics of soil
  • Transportation Engineering


Areas of Research Interest

  • Applications of GIS and Remote Sensing in transportation.
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems.
  • Mineral exploration.
  • Flood inundation mapping.
  • Site suitability selection.
  • Building Management Systems (BMS).
  • Satellite image processing and Image interpretation.
  • Innovative tools for mapping and forecasting in Atmospheric Sciences.
  • Innovative tools for mapping and analyzing for Earth Sciences.


  • “Study on impact of land use and land cover on ground water quality”, Mohamedshanavaz, Akbar Basha, Dr.N.Ramesh, International journal of Advanced ScientificResearch and Management, Volume 1, Issue 11, Nov.2016.
  • “Study of urban heat island effect in national conference held in NICMAR Hyderabadon 4th and 5th, 2016. 91, ISSN.No. 97893-85525.
  • “Experimental study on the shielding of EMF radiation on earthen building”,International conference in Civil, Mechanical, Biological and Medical Engineering(ICMBME – 2016), IRF conference.

International Conferences/Workshop Participated:

  • Participated in one week training programme on “Advanced training course on Landremote sensing” conducted by European Space Agency and National Remote SensingCentre of China under DRAGON cooperation – during 14 – 22 Nov, 2015.
  • Presented a poster on ‘Geo- relationship between environment and incidence of Cancer ‘ , sponsored by ESA (European Space Agency) from October 14 – 22 Nov,201.5 The workshop was held in Tianjin Normal University, 2015.
  • Participated in two week training programme on “Microwave remote sensingapplications” conducted by Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO, India.),National Remote Sensing Centre (NRSC), Government of India, Department ofspace, Hyderabad- during 11 – 22 May, 2015.
  • Presented a poster on ‘Remote Sensing of Arctic sea ice for measuring climatechange’, during the workshop on ‘Advanced training on Ocean remote sensing’,sponsored by ESA (European Space Agency) from October 21 – 26, 2013. Theworkshop was held in Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), Hong Kong.

Conferences/Workshops Organised:

  • Presented a paper on Study of Urban heat island effect Study of Urban heat islandeffect in national conference held in NICMAR – Hyderabad on 4th an 5th,, ISSN/ISBN No.97893-85525-16-2./li>
  • Co-ordinator for National Resources Data Management System (NRDMS),Government of India sponsored training programme for Engineering college teachersall over India on ‘Applications of GIS in Civil Engineering’ from June 7 to June 28,2012. I handled two theory and practical sessions in this training Programme./li>
  • Organised Survey, Soil and Water camp for Under graduate students studying CivilEngineering. The camp is aimed to train the students in land surveying, topographymapping, routing and to equip them in doing soil and water tests to identify physicaland chemical properties. I was the Organizer for three consecutive years duringFebruary 10 -19 of 2012, February 20 – 29 of 2013 and March 9 -19 of 2014./li>
  • Conducted a national conference – “National Conference on Innovative Solutionsfor Sustainable Construction – (ISSC’13)” during 2-3 May’13. I was theCo-ordinator for this national conference./li>
  • Organizer for ‘National level symposium for students on current trends in CivilEngineering’, A national level technical symposium for Engineering graduatesduring September 27-29, 2012.

Academic Projects:

  • Geological mapping and exploration of Carboneras volcanic region in Spain usinghyperspectral remote sensing as a Project for Partial fulfillment of Master of Science inGIS and environmental modeling.
    Developed a Road network information system for Pondicherry City using GIS – as aProject for partial fulfillment of Bachelor of technology in Civil Engineering.
  • Designed a ‘Robust multi threshold filter for satellite images affected by salt andpepper impulse noise’ – as a project for partial fulfillment of Master of Engineering inGeo Informatics.
  • Compared and correlated surface radar data and Satellite-based dataset frommicrowave, Infrared(IR) sensors for rainfall estimation at different spatial resolution.Critically analyzed the uncertainty involved in estimation of rainfall by MW, IR andradar remote sensing.
  • Analysed a dataset to organize it to produce suitability maps for bear habitat using GIS.Produced a habitat suitability map for bears and analyzed the limitations of thismethodology and how to enhance the results by using GIS-RS modeling approach.
  • Developed a numerical hydrological model to simulate flooding along a river. It is aprogram to evaluate the variation of storage and outflow for the observed inflow dataalong a river.
    Applied Remote Sensing and GIS for monitoring agricultural fraud and identified falsesubsidy claims using supervised classification.
  • Performed drainage analysis using Digital Elevation Models. Utilized the functionalityof ARC Hydro tools to perform drainage analysis on DEM. Compared steepest descentflow and multi flow algorithms.
  • Undergone GPS survey and Ground penetrating radar survey for surface exploration tomap the terrain and surface features of a playground in University of Hull, UnitedKingdom.

Guide Projects:As Assistant Professor (Lecturer grade) in B S ABDUR Rahman Institute

  • Lake Eutrophication of Pulicat lake was found by using GIS and remote sensing. TheSRTM data was used to find the drainage networks and for watershed delineationaround the lake and identification of pollution causing networks and impact of Landuseand Landcover on lake water quality were found by using Landsat 8 data, 2014.
  • Eutrophication of madurantakam lake using GIS, 2013.The water quality of the lake wasmapped and eutrophic state of the lake was analysed.
  • Accident prone zone analysis using GIS, 2013. The hot spot among the accidentlocations were identified along the National Highway for a stretch of 57 Kilometers.
  • Remote sensing techniques for soil mapping and mineral exploration forMAMBAKKAM area using LANDSAT data, 2010.


Other responsibilities:

  • Class Advisor, Final Year UG students(2009-2013)
  • Coordinator, National Level Technical Symposium, CiviCLAN’ 12