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Dr. S.Rajasekaran

Designation : Professor & Head
Nature of Employment : Regular
Qualification : M.Sc.,Ph.D
Phone : 044-22759229 Extn:229
Email ID : hodmaths@crescent.education, rajauv@crescent.education


Biodata of Dr.S.Rajasekaran

  • Dr.S.Rajasekaran obtained his Masters degree from Thyagarajar College of Engineering , Madurai in 1981 and doctorate degree from IIT Kanpur in 1986. His area of research was Geometric Function Theory.
  • Dr.Rajasekaran joined Crescent Engineering. College in 1986 and during 31 years of service at this institute, he held various administrative positions and also framed the Regulations and Curriculum for various programs of B S Abdur Rahman Institute. He served as member of board of studies of various universities and introduced many new programs and courses. He has organized two national conferences and conducted staff development programs sponsored by AICTE. He is the originator of student’s symposium “INFINITY” at B S Abdur Rahman Institute which has seen 19 editions so far.
  • Dr.Rajasekaran published 45 research papers in International journals and presented 23 papers in International and National conferences. He has guided 7 doctorate students. At present, 2 research scholars are doing research under his guidance in the areas of Modeling.
  • Dr.Rajasekaran has written 3 books on Engineering Mathematics and travelled widely across the globe. He is an active member of various professional societies.

Educational Background
M.Sc., Applied Mathematics, Madurai Kamraj University (1981)
Ph.D. Mathematics, IIT Kanpur (1986)


University/College Designation Period
B.S. Abdur Rahman Institute, Chennai. Professor & Head 11.05.2017 to till date
B.S. Abdur Rahman Institute, Chennai. Professor & Director Incharge(Crescent IAS Academy) 01.05.2015 to 08.11.2016
B.S. Abdur Rahman Institute, Chennai. Professor & COE 01.09.2009 to 31.08.2012
B.S. Abdur Rahman Institute,Chennai Professor & Head 01.09.2009 to 31.01.2011


Area of Research Interest

  • Mathematical Modeling
  • Geometric Function Theory
  • Mathematical Biology

Research Publications – International Journals

  1. S. Rajasekaran, “Ruschewyh Integral Transforms Applied on a Subclass of Bazilevic Function” International Journal Of Computing and Mathematical Applications, Volume No. 4, Issue No.1, pages 7-10, 2010.
  2. S. Rajasekaran, Some properties of a subclass of analytic functions, Inter. J. Pure and App. Mathematics Volume No. 65, Issue No.1, pages 91-98, 2010.
  3. S. Rajasekaran, A Mathematic age structured model AIHA using delay partial differential equations, Australian J. Basic & App. Sciences, Volume No. 4, Issue No. 4, pages 9-15,2011.
  4. S. Rajasekaran, Detection and extinguishing forest fires using wireless sensor and actor networks, Inter. J. Computer Appl., Volume No. 24, pages 31-35, 2011.
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National Journals

  1. S.Renuga Devi and S. Rajasekaran, Quantitative Analysis of 64-Bit Floating Point Arithmetic Hardware Interpreter on FPGA based Custom Computing Machines, National Journal of Electronic Sciences and Systems, Nov. 2009.
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International Conferences:

  1. Dr. S. Rajasekaran, A Geometric Model for propagation of Tsunami Waves. Proc. of 4th Inter Tsunami Symposium, Toronto, CANADA. July 25-29, 2010
  2. Dr. S. Rajasekaran, A stochastic gene dynamics through protean plots and Ecological Changes,IEEE Inter. Conference, Shanghai, China.Oct. 28-30, 2011.

National Conferences:

  1. S.Balamuralitharan and S. Rajasekaran ,A Mathematical Age – Structured Model on CN using delay PDE.International Conference on emerging trends in Maths and CA on Dec 16-18, 2010: Mepco Schlenck Engg. College, Sivakasi, Dec 2010.
  2. S.Balamuralitharan and S. Rajasekaran ,Stationary distributions for stochastic gene expression dynamics in random environments,ibid.2011
  3. S.Rajeswaran and S. Rajasekaran, CA modeling for single lane traffic.Proceedings of National conference on recent developments in Maths & Applications. SRM University. Pages:143-149, Jan 31-Feb 1, 2011
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  5. S.Rajeswaran and S. Rajasekaran, A heterogeneous traffic flow model based on Cellular Automata,National Conf. on Math. Techniques and Appl., SRM University Feb. 8-9, 2012.
  6. S.Indumathy, S. Rajasekaran, S.Balamuralitharan, Age Structured Model of Cyclical Thrombocytopenia with periodic defect of platelet fluctuations”, Proc. Of 5th National Conf. on Mathematical Techniques and Appl.; SRM University, March 1-2,2013