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Research & Consultancy

Research Activities

The department’s motto is to nurture the passion for R&D, through the means of organizing various seminars, workshops and guest lectures by the people who share our aim of nurturing the interest of research and development among the students. Staffs motivate the students to explore and tap the potential that this field holds in store for them. Our faculty members periodically publish research articles in various reputed national and international journals and conferences. Our department’s foundation is laid by people whose vast experience is only matched by their mind.

Thrust Areas of Research

  • Cloud Computing
  • Network Security
  • Data Analytics

Approved Research Supervisors

Name of the Supervisor Areas of Specialisation
Dr. Latha Tamilselvan Cloud computing, Mobile Ad hoc Networks and Network Security
Dr.M.Kabeer Optical Communication, Computer Networks and Mobile Ad hoc Networks
Dr.N.Prakash Software Testing and Cloud computing
Dr.G.Kavitha Grid Computing, Cloud Computing and Web Services

Industry – Institution related activities

  • Ms. L.Shakeera, Assistant Prof (Senior Gr) attended Oracle Academy: Industry-Institute interaction meeting at ICTACT at Perungudi, 16th April 2015.
  • Ms. L.Shakeera, Assistant Prof (Senior Gr) attended one week training programme on Oracle iLearning organized by Oracle and ICTACT Academy, Chennai.
  • Ms. P.Usha, Associate Prof.and Ms. R.Priyadarshini, Assistant Prof (Senior Gr) attended one day Workshop on Industrial applications of data structures ,Error handling & OOPS and in Cognizant Technologies , Siruseri, Chennai in Error Handling and OOPS for industrial applications on 17th December 2014.
  • Dr. Latha Tamilselvan, HOD /IT, Dr. G.Kavitha, AP (Sel.Gr.), Ms.L.Shakeera, Assistant Prof (Senior Gr), Ms. R.Priyadarshini, Assistant Prof (Senior Gr) and Ms. P.Gnanasekaran, Assistant Prof attended seminar on “Big Data Analytics” and “Emerging Trends in IT” during Industrial Visit Programme, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Siruseri on 27-10-14.
  • Ms.R.Priyadarshini, Assistant Prof (Senior Gr), Mr. N. Rajendran, Asst Prof(Senior Grade), Mr.E.K.Subramanian, Assistant Prof (Senior Grade), Mrs. Nabeena Ameen, Asst Prof and
  • Mr.P.Gananasekaran, Asst Prof, attended Google Application Workshop conducted by Google Inc., organized by CA department, BSACIST on 27-12-2013.
  • Mr. N.Rajendran AP (SG)/IT attended 5 days training programme on “iOS Application Development” at STYRE, Bangaluru during 24-28 Sep 2012.
  • Mr. N.Prakash AP(Sel.Gr.),Ms.P.Latchoumy AP(Sel.Gr.)/IT, attended FDP on Software Testing” at CTS Chennai on 17th Aug 2012.
  • Mr. P.Gnanasekaran AP/IT attended one day workshop “Oracle Technology Network developer day” organized by Oracle Corporation on 29-8-2012.
  • Ms. R.Priyadarshini AP / IT attended a training programme “Certification in .Net Programming” at ICTACT Academy, Perungudi Chennai, held during 8-09-2011 to 15-09-2011.
  • Mr. N. Rajendran, AP/IT, undergone one week training programme organized by TCS at Chennai in February 2010.
  • Mr. N. Prakash, AP(SG)/IT and Ms.G.Kavitha, AP(SG)/IT undergone one week training programme organized by Tamil Nadu Adi Dravidar Housing Development Corporation (TAHDCO) in May 2010.

Department of Information Technology

Faculty Pursuing Higher Studies

S.No. Name of the Scholar Name of the Supervisor Date of Registration Research Topic Status
1 Mr. P. Gnanasekaran Dr.M.Kabeer
21-Jan-2010 Relative Stability based Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks Submitted Thesis
2 Ms. L. Shakkeera Dr. Latha Tamilselvan
Professor / IT
27-Jan-2011 Energy-efficient Adaptive Optimization Framework for Mobile Cloud Computing Submitted Thesis
3 Ms. P. Usha Dr. R. Shriram
Professor / CSE
27-Jan-2011 Privacy Preserving Data Mining for Pervasive Computing Pursuing
4 Mr. E.K. Subramanian Dr. Latha Tamilselvan
Professor / IT
15-Jul-2011 Improving QOS for Data Management in Cloud Computing Pursuing
5 Ms. R. Priyadarshini Dr. Latha Tamilselvan
Professor / IT
7-Jan-2012 Document Based Content Management System in Cloud. Submitted Thesis
6 Ms. C. Vijayalakshmi Dr. R. Shriram
Professor / CSE
10-Jul-2012 Visualization Model Pursuing
7 Mr. N. Rajendran Dr. P. K. Jawahar
HOD / EIE & Dean (Students Affair)
10-Jul-2012 Secured Communication in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks Pursuing
8 Ms. R. Mythily Dr. W. Aisha Banu
Professor / CSE
7-Aug-2013 Big Data Analytics Pursuing
9 Ms. Nabeena Ameen Dr. D. Najumnissa Jamal
Professor / EIE
12-Aug-2013 Qos Aware Cloud Based Patient Monitoring During Emergency Using Wireless Body Area Networks Pursuing
10 Ms. A. Sonya Dr. G. Kavitha
Assoc. Professor / IT
08-Aug-2014 An effective cloud computing based resource allocation management techniques Pursuing

Department of Information Technology

Research Scholars (Full Time)

S.No. Name of the Scholar Name of the Supervisor Date of Registration Research Topic Fellowship
1 Mr. Shahbaz Afzal Dr. G. Kavitha 13.01.2017 Resource Management and Performance Monitoring in laas Cloud JRF
(B.S. Abdur Rahman Crescent Institute of Science and Technology)
2 Mr. G. Sivakrishna Dr. N. Prakash 14.07.2016 CBIR Using Image Mining Techniques Full time Scholar
3 Mr. Ziaul Haque Choudhury Dr. M. Munir Ahamed Rabbani 7-Jan-2014 Biometrics in security & forensics JRF
(UGC Fellowship)
4 Mr. Mohammed Imran M Dr. G. Kavitha 7-Jan-2014 High Scalable location based sevice (LBS) with social data for efficient marketing to the target audience and Business Intelligence Full time Scholar
5 Mrs. Ruby Annette J. Dr. W. Aisha Banu 12-Aug-2013 A Multi Criteria Recommendation Engine for Cloud Renderfarm Services Full time Scholar