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Patents Published

S.No Name Patent Details Patent status Published /Filed /Grant Patent Number Publication Date
1. Dr.Gufran Ahmad Ansari, Dr.Venkatesan Selvam, Dr.N Ayyanathan, Mr.Salman Ayaz, Dr.Sudha Rajesh, Dr.V Shenbagapriya, Mrs. Preeti Varma, Mr VM Niyaz Ahamed A Novel Model for Academic Course Outcome Attainment Assessment Using Machine Learning and Method Thereof Published Application No.202041048573 A 13/11/2020
2. Dr.Gufran Ahmad Ansari, Dr.Venkatesan Selvam, Dr.S Srisakthi, Dr.Shakeela Anjum, Mrs. Sabaria, Dr.M Mohamed Divan Masood Ranking of Students Attentiveness in Class Using Artificial Intelligence and Method Thereof Published Application No.202041046879 A 06/11/2020
3. Dr.A.Abdul Azeez Khan, Dr.P.Sheik Abdul Khader, Dr.AJaya, Dr.K.Javubar Sathick, Dr.L.Arun Raj, Dr. Md KhurshidAlam Khan Online System For E-Farming – An Apparatus for Farming and Livestock Published Application No.202041010223 A 11/09/2020
4. Dr.S.Pakkir Mohideen, Dr. S.Shahar Banu, Dr.G.Shree Devi, Mrs.P.Padmavathy, Mr.A.Salman Ayaz, Dr.P.Amudhavalli Artificial Intelligence Based Big Data Analytics Tool for Market Research Published Application No. 202041036320 A 04/09/2020
5. Dr.S.Pakkir Mohideen Multimode Child Tracking and Monitoring System Published Application No. 202041035163 A 04/09/2020
6. Dr.Sudha Rajesh, Dr.A.Ramya System and Method for Solar Powered Washing Machine for Industrial Purposes Published Application No: 202041030315 A 31/07/2020
7. Dr.A.Ramya IOT Based Bend Sensor for Seriously ill-Patients In ICU Published Application No: 202011010998 20/03/2020
8. Dr.P.Amudhavalli, Dr.A.Ramya, Dr.A.Reshmy, Dr.V.J. Sowmya, Dr.Sudha Rajesh, Dr.V. Shenbagapriya An Apparatus for Overtopping Prevention for Vehicles and A Method Thereof Published Application No: 201941045513 A 29/11/2019
9. Dr.P.Amudhavalli A Method for Tracing and Monitoring the Ambulance Vehicles Published Application No. 201941033109 A 06/09/2019
10. Dr. LathaTamilselvan Energy Efficient Adaptive Framework for Mobile Cloud Computing Published Application No: 2019410166366 25/04/2019