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Moulavi Dr. P.S.Syed Masood Jamali

Designation : Dean & Professor
Nature of Employment : Regular
Qualification : Ph.D.,
Phone : +91-44-22759220, Extn:220
Email ID :


Educational Background

Programme Specialization Name of the Institution University Month & Year of passing
Ph.D. Evolution of Islamic Jurisprudence Department of Arabic, Persian and Urdu University of Madras February 2006
M.A. Arabic Literature Department of Arabic, Persian and Urdu University of Madras April 1978
B.A. Arabic University of Madras University of Madras April 1976
Afzal Ulama Oriental Studies in Arabic Jamalia Arabic College University of Madras April 1972
Fazil Jamali Islamic Higher Studies Jamalia Arabic College April 1969
Aalim Jamali Islamic Studies Jamalia Arabic College April 1967

Work Experience

Sl.No. Designation Employer Period of Employment Teaching/Research
From To Years Months
1. Professor & Dean B.S. Abdur Rahman Institute 22.11.10 Till Date Teaching & Research guidance
2. Professor & Principal Kilakarai Bukhari Aalim Arabic College 01.03.00 21.11.10 10 7 Teaching & Research
3. Arabic Translator Inter SEMA Energy – SU, Libya 01.03.83 27.02.00 17 Administration
4. Arabic Interpreter HSCL, a Govt. of India Undertaking 05.03.80 31.01.82 2 Administration
5. Teacher Crescent School, Vandalur 01.06.1972 30.11.79 7 Teaching
6. Lecturer Jamalia Arabic College, Chennai 01.01.1970 31.05.1972 2 5 Teaching
  • 26 years Teaching Experience
  • 19 years Abroad Translation service
  • Experienced in setting up curriculum of Islamic Studies with modern studies
  • Specialized in Islamic Jurisprudence and Quranic Studies

Courses Taught:

Course Code Course Name Programme & Semester
ISB2104 Principles of Jurisprudence – Adillah B.A. Islamic Studies
ISB2214 Principles of Jurisprudence – Qawayid B.A. Islamic Studies
ISB3107 Business Arabic B.A. Islamic Studies
ISB6104 Usoolul Fiqh – Principles of Jurisprudence M.A. Islamic Studies
ISB6212 Usoolul Fiqh – Maslaha Mursala (Maqasid) M.A. Islamic Studies


Ongoing Research Activities

  • Fatwa is changeable according to place and time – An analytical study of Islamic Jurisprudence.
  • Comparison between old opinion and new opinion of Imam Shafi (Rah).
  • Comparative study on ideology of Ash’ariya and Mutazila

Research Group

  • The Research group is formed during July2011 under the chairmanship of Dr. P.S. Syed Masood Jamali, to specialize in core courses of Islamic Jurisprudence and Islamic History. The group is supported by its Members: Mr. P.M. Mohamed Yoosuf Jamali, Faculty, SIS and Mr. A. Abdul Hai Nadwi, Faculty SIS.

Research Guidance

Details of Ph.D Scholars Being Guided with their Specialization
Sl.No. Name of the Ph.D. Scholar Mode of Ph.D.(Full Time/Part Time) Registration Number Date of Registration Research Topic Likely data of completion of Ph.D.
1 Mr. S.A.Usman Ali Full Time 1188201 15-07-11 A Study of Plural Society in the Light of Quran and Hadeeth and its Impact on the Muslims of Tamil Nadu Synopsis Submitted
2 Mr. M. Ahamedullah Part Time 1288202 07-01-12 Zakath – Collection and Distribution Dec-17
3 Mr. S. Mohammed Ashraf Full Time 130883707001 22-08-13 A critical study on modern methodology of teaching Arabic for Non Arabs in Tamilnadu Dec-17
4 Mr. Mushtak Ahamed S Full Time 140883101001 07-01-14 Employment Opportunities for Arabic Translators in the Medical Sector in India: An Analytical Study Dec-18
5 Mr. Jamaluddin A Part Time 140883104003 07-01-14 A Study on Shareeah Objectives pertaining to the Solution of Modern Social Issues in the Light of Quran and Hadeeth Dec-18
6 Mr. Ali Ibrahim A M Part Time 140883104002 07-01-14 Leadership in Islamic Perspective with Special Reference to Ethics in Leadership Practices Dec-17
7 Mr. Mohamed Abdus Salam Part Time 140883104004 22-01-14 A Critical Study on Arabic and Islamic Terminologies in the Encylopedia Britannica Dec-18
8 Mrs. Mayeser Miran Peerzada Full Time 140883101005 22-02-14 Similarities between Islam and Christianity with particular focus on the teachings of the scriptures Jun-18
Being Guided as Joint Supervisor
9 Ms. Mahadab Banu Full Time 150883701001 08-07-15 Quranic Exegesis: The Classical and Contemporary Approach Dec-19
10 Mr. M. S. Mohammed Jalaldeen Part Time 160883704001 14-07-16 Critical Study of Islamic Revivalist Movements and their Impact on Sri Lankan Society with Special Reference to Jamath-i- Islami Jun-19
Details of Scholars Guided with their Specialization
Sl. No. Name Research Topic Year of Completion
1. Mr. U.M. Mohamed Ilyas,

M.Phil. Scholar

Prophet’s Method for reformation of Human Behaviour 16.04.2013
2. Mr. M. Hussain Ahmed,

M.Phil. Scholar

Teaching Methodology of the Prophet (PBUH) and its relevance today 04.10.2013

Research Publications

International Conference publications:

  • Dr.P.S.Syed Masood, Shafi School of Thought: An Analytic Study of its Revival, International Research Conference on Social Sciences, Humanities and Interdisciplinary Studies (RCSSHIS – 2016) – Thailand pp. 1-4 ISBN: 978-93-84468-86-6 DOI: 10.15242/DIRPUB.DIRH1216009, December 2016.
  • Dr.P.S.Syed Masood, Polysemy in Quranic Verses and its enhancing impact on Islamic Jurisprudence, Second International Symposium proceedings on Empowering National Development Through religions, languages, culture and society’ organized by Faculty of Islamic Studies and Arabic Language, South Eastern University of Srilanka, Oluvil, Srilanka, Vol: ISBN: 978-955-627-061-7, pp. 1-8, March 2015.
  • Dr.P.S.Syed Masood, Scientific contribution of Muslims used for modern western scientific renaissance, Second International Conference proceedings on Arabs’ and Muslims’ History of Science, University of Sharjah, vol. -1, pp. 56 , December 2014.
  • Dr.P.S.Syed Masood, Principles of balancing in the Islamic Jurisprudence and their application, Ummul Qura University Journal, Makkah, Saudi Arabia, vol. -3, pp. 1055 – 1086 , July 2013.

 National Conference publications:

  • Dr.P.S.Syed Masood, Humour in Arabic Literature – It’s varieties and ethics, Proceedings of the National Seminar on Humour in Arabic Literature, Published by Department of Arabic, Persian and Urdu, University of Madras, Vol. 1, pp. 16-24, , 2013.
  • Dr.P.S.Syed Masood, A Criticism on Hadeeth text and its development in the modern period, Al Durar al Sameena, Conference journal published by Department of Arabic, Persian and Urdu, University of Madras (pp. 228 – 233), July 2010

Books authored:

  • History of Arabic Literature (Text Book for M.A. (Arabic) 1styear), University of Madras, 2005.
  • History of Arabic Literature – Umayyad Period (Text Book for Afzal-Ul Ulama 1st year), Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Tirunelveli, 2006
  • History of Arabic Literature – Abbasid Period (Text Book for Afzal-Ul Ulama 2nd year), Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Tirunelveli, 2006
  • History of Arabic Literature – Modern Period (Text Book for Afzal-Ul Ulama 2nd year), Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Tirunelveli, 2007
  • Reviewer: Arabic Language – X Std (Text book for under Samacheer Kalvi – Common scheme), Department of School Education, Government of Tamilnadu, 2011
  • Chairperson of Text book writers team, Arabic Language – VII Std (Text book for under Samacheer Kalvi – Common scheme), Department of School Education, Government of Tamilnadu, 2011

International Conference -Paper Presentation:

  • Dr.P.S.Syed Masood, Humanitarian Values in Arabic Literature, Two Day International Seminar on Humanitarian Values in Arabic Literature’ organized by PG & Research Department of Arabic, The New College, Chennai., February 2015
  • Dr.P.S.Syed Masood, Thematic Tafseer and Analytic Tafseer – A comparative study, International seminar on Tafseer Literature in the modern period, University of Madras, Chennai., 10, 11 January 2012
  • Dr.P.S.Syed Masood, A Modern Methodology of Teaching Islamic Jurisprudence, International Seminar on Education (ICTEM), International Islamic University, Kualalumpur, Malaysia., July 14 to 16 2008,
  • Dr.P.S.Syed Masood, Bifurcation of Education into Religious and Secular –An Islamic Perspective, AFMI’s XIII International Education Conference, Hamdard University, New Delhi, December 25th and 26th 2004.

National Conferences / Seminars – Paper presentation:

  • Dr.P.S.Syed Masood, Sunnah of the Prophet and its implication in Daily life, One Day National Level Seminar on “Prophetic Traditions”, Organized by Department of Hadith and related sciences, Darul Huda Islamic University, Chemmad, Kerala., November, 2015.
  • Dr.P.S.Syed Masood, Teaching Arabic Language with modern technology, One Day National Level Seminar on ‘Teaching Arabic Language with the help of Holy Quran and Hadith”, Organized by PG and Research Department of Arabic, The New College, Chennai., January, 2014,
  • Dr.P.S.Syed Masood, Distinguished Features of Arabic Poems of Mohammed Ali Al Sanusi, National Seminar, University of madras, 13 – 14 February 2008.
  • Dr.P.S.Syed Masood, Humanism and Secularism in Modern Arabic Poetry and its impact on contemporary Arab Society, National Seminar, University of Madras, 30 – 31 January 2006 

International Conferences / Seminars / Workshops attended:

  • International conference on Islamic finance and Interest free Banking, Organized by  Rowlathul Uloom Arabic College, Calicut in association with UGC, IDB – Jeddah and Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation., Oct. 2009.
  • International Seminar on Islamic finance, Organized by  Islamic Research and Training Institute (IRTI) of the Islamic Development Bank Group and the Al Jamia al Islamiya (Islamic University) Kerala, Oct. 2010

National Conferences / Seminars / Workshops attended:

  • One Day workshop on Modern techniques of teaching Arabic Language., Organized by School of Islamic Studies, B.S. Abdur Rahman Institute, Chennai., Sep. 2012

Conferences / Seminars / Workshops Organized

  • One Day National Conference on ‘Prophetic Guidance for Modern Social Issues’, Organized by School of Islamic Studies, 23rd February, 2015.
  • One Day workshop on “Discover Yourself”, Organized by School of Islamic Studies , 1st December 2014, Resource Person: Mr. A.W. Sadathullah Khan, Editor, Islamic Voice.
  • One Day workshop on “Career Counselling and Opportunities for Graduates of Islamic Studies”, Organized by School of Islamic Studies , February 2014, Resource Person: Mr. C.M.N. Saleem, Journalist, Secretary & Correspondent, Annai Katheeja Arts and Science College.
  • One Day National workshop on “Modern Techniques of Teaching Arabic Language”, Organized by School of Islamic Studies, September 2013, Resource Person: Dr. V. Abdur Rahim, Director, Madina University, Saudi Arabia.
  • One Day National workshop on “Have we created God for our own purpose?”, Organized by School of Islamic Studies & Faculty Training Academy, July 2013, Resource Person: Dr. Yusuf Islam, Professor, Daffodil University, Bangladesh.

International Exposure:

  • Visited a number of prominent international universities for surveying curriculum of Islamic Studies and Arabic language:
    • Al-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt – 1999
    • Jamia Naleemiya, Peruvala, Sri Lanka – 1999
    • International Islamic University of Africa, Khartoom, Sudan – 2000
    • Ummul Qura University, Holy Makkah, Saudi Arabia – 2001
    • North Carolina University, USA – 2014
    • Duke University, USA – 2014
  • Countries visited include: USA, Turkey, Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Thailand.


Invited Lectures:

  • Participant in the Religious Teachers Exchange programme by the invitation of State Department, United States of America, 2003 in Washington, New York, Ohio
  • A Special Address in 12th Anniversary of SIMAN, Sharjah, UAE. 2009
  • Convocation Address, Jamia Misbahul Huda, Needur. 2005
  • Convocation Address, Darul Uloom Jamalia Arabic College, Chennai. 2006
  • A Special Lecture on Muhyideen Abdul Qadir Jeealani and his contribution to Islamic Tasawwuf, Sadakathullah Appa College, Palayamkottai. 2008

Membership in Organizations:

  • Bharathidasan University Nominee of Arabic Board of Jamal Mohamed College (Autonomous)
  • Member, Advisory Board, B.S.A.Zakath Foundation, Chennai.
  • Member, Sharia Advisory Board, Janseva Cooperative Credit Society Ltd., Chennai.
  • Coordinator, Islamic Cultural Trust, Chennai.
  • Chairman, Afzalul Ulama Graduates Association, Chennai.
  • Vice President, Governing Body, Riyadhus Salihaat Arabic College for women, Kadayanallur.