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Dr. Haja Nazeer Ahamed

Designation : Associate Professor
Nature of Employment : Regular
Qualification : PhD (Pharmacy)
Phone : +44 22751347, Ext. 421
Email ID : haja@crescent.education


Educational Background

Degree Discipline Year of Passing University
Ph.D Pharmacy 2007 Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Jadavpur University (JU), Kolkata
M. Pharm Pharmacy – Pharmacology 2002 The Tamil Nadu Dr. MGR Medical University, Chennai.
B. Pharm Pharmaceutical Sciences 1997 The Tamil Nadu Dr. MGR Medical University, Chennai.

Work Experience

Designation Institution Duration
Associate Professor Crescent School of Pharmacy, B.S.Abdur Rahman Crescent Institute of Science and Technology 01/ 2019
Assistant Professor School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, UCSI University, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 12/2017 – 11/2018
Associate Professor Faculty of Pharmacy Asia Metropolitan University (AMU) Malaysia. 06/2012 – 12/2017
Post-Doctoral Research Fellow National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore. 2010 /2011
Assistant Professor School of Pharmaceutical Sciences Vels Institute of Science, Technology and Advanced Studies (VISTAS), Pallavaram, Chennai. 7/2008 – 5/2012
Assistant Professor Department of Pharmacology Vels College of Pharmacy, Chennai Affiliated to The TN Dr. MGR Medical University, Chennai. 1/2007 – 7/2008
Senior Lecturer Maldives National University Formerly Known as Maldives College of Higher Education (MAHE), Maldives. 1/2006 – 12/2006

Lecture Courses

Year 2017 -02

PP 131 Basic Pharmacology & Immunology. [Instructor – Basic Pharmacology]
PP 264 Pulmonary renal System &Pharmacotherapy. [Assistant Instructor]
PP 265 Endocrine System &Pharmacotherapy. [Instructor]

Year 2017-2018

PP 121 Introductory Physiology. [Instructor]
PP 141 Microbiology for Pharmacy [Assistant Instructor for Practical]
PP 262 Nervous System &Pharmacotherapy – I. [Assistant Instructor]
GP 581 Research Methodology [Assistant Instructor]
GP 681 Research Methodology [Assistant Instructor]

Year 2018-02

PP 265 Endocrine System &Pharmacotherapy. [Instructor]
PP 365 Nervous System &Pharmacotherapy II. [Assistant Instructor]
GP 583 Biostatistics & Experimental design [Assistant Instructor]

Year 2018-2019

PP 361 Cardiovascular System &Pharmacotherapy [Instructor]
PP 362 Gastrointestinal System &Pharmacotherapy. [Instructor]
GP 581 Research Methodology [Assistant Instructor]
GP 681 Research Methodology [Assistant Instructor]

Year 2019-01

BP 404 T Pharmacology I [Instructor]
BP 408 P Pharmacology I [Instructor]


Area of Research Interest

  • Screening of small molecules derived from natural products in in-vitro and in-vivo model of cerebral ischemia and diabetes.
  • Screening of neuroprotective drugs on viable proteins expressed during transient rat stroke model.
  • Neurobehavioral role of CNS active chemicals in animal model of psychosis.


  • Mohamed Shabi, Ramesh Kannan, Mani, Haja Nazeer Ahamed, Vasudeva Rao Avupati (2018). in-vitro and in-vivo contractile effect of DesmodiumGangeticum L extract on isolated rat illum and electrocardiogram recording. Research Journal of Pharmaceutical Biological and Chemical Sciences 9(1);189- 198.
  • Lavakumar V, Ravichandiran V, Haja Nazeer Ahamed, Sowmia C, Baskar Reddy K (2016). The protective effect of dietraryflavanoid fraction AcanthosporaSpiciferaStreptozotocin induced Oxidative stress. Food Science and Human Wellness DOI: doi:10.1016/j.fshw.2016.02.002.
  • Md. SarfarazHussian, FaizulAzam, Haja Nazeer Ahamed, V. Ravichandiran, Ismail Alkskas (2016). Anti endotoxin effects of terpenoids fraction from Hygrophilaauriculata in lipopolysacharide induced septic shock in rats. Pharmaceutical Biology 54(4); 628- 636.
  • Salanee K, Ashok B, Haja Nazeer Ahamed (2015). Extracts of passion fruit peel and seed of Passiflora edulis (Passifloraceae) attenuate oxidative stress in diabetic rats. Chinese Journal of Natural Medicine 13(9); 680- 686
  • SekarVasantha Kumar, Haja Nazeer Ahamed, Ranendra N. Saha (2015). In-vitro and in-vivoevaluation of paclitaxel loaded poly – (ε-caprolactone), poly (DL-lactide co glycolide) and poly (DL-lactic acid) matrix nanoparticles in wistar rats. European Journal of Drug metabolism and Pharmacokinetics 40 (2): 137-161.
  • Anjana, Haja Nazeer Ahamed V. Ravichandiran, M. Sumithra, J Anbu (2014). Anti cancer Activity of SargassumWightiiGreville on Dalton’s Ascitic Lymphoma. ChineseJournal of Natural Medicine. 12(2); 114-120.
  • RupeshKanhere, Ashwini Anjana, JayaramAnbu, Sumithra, Haja Nazeer Ahamed (2013). Neuroprotective and antioxidant potential of terpenoid fraction from Hygrophilaauriculata against transient global cerebral ischemia in rats. Pharmaceutical Biology, 51(2):181-189.

International Conferences / Seminars / Workshops

  • Asia HRD Congress – Interactive Learning Strategies for the New Workforce 07/2016, KL Malaysia.
  • Academic Research Strategy Workshop by AMU 08/2016, KL Malaysia
  • Scientific Writing, Editing and Reviewing Workshop, University Science Malaysia 11/2015, KL, Malaysia.
  • Haja Nazeer Ahamed (2014). Postnatal Administration of Flaxseed OilAffects Locomotor Behaviour and Cerebellum Morphology in Rats. Bio Medical ScienceConference, UKM, Malaysia.
  • Haja Nazeer Ahamed, PT-H Wong (2011). Simvastatin attenuates cystathionine β synthase (CBS) in rat brain following transient middle cerebral artery in rats. Neuroscience 2011, Society for Neuroscience (SfN), Washington DC, USA.
  • Haja Nazeer Ahamed, KanhereRupesh, Velayudum Ravichandiran (2008). Protective Effect of Itopride in cerebral ischemia/reperfusion induced brain damage in rats 2008. Brain and Mind Research Asia Pacific (BMAP), Biopolis, Singapore.

Professional Affiliation

  • Regular Category III Member (# 210125326)- Society for Neuroscience (SfN), USA.
  • Life Member (IPS LA 140) – Indian Pharmacological Society (IPS).
  • Member – International Brain Research Organization (IBRO).
  • Life Member (MSN 796/L) – Malaysian Society of Neurosciences (MSN)
  • Life Member – Registered Pharmacist, Tamil Nadu Pharmacy Council, Chennai, India

Research Guidance

Graduate Dissertation by Research for the Award of Master of Pharmacy (Pharmacology) Tamil Nadu Dr. MGR Medical University

  • RupeshKhanhere (2008): Neuroprotective effect of Natural Terpenoids in global ischemia induced oxidative stress in rats. Funded by Tamil Nadu Pharmacy Welfare Association. Chennai
  • Rahimulla Siddiqui (2008): Memory enhancing effect of itopride in bilateral common carotid artery occlusion induced vascular dementia (VaD) in rats.
  • Mahesh Reddy (2009): Neuroprotective effect of Losartan in mouse brain apoptosis and behavior following global cerebral ischemia in mice.
  • ViswanathAkulla (2011): Memory enhancing effect Agomelatine in Aged Rats.
  • Karthik (2011): Effect of statins on brain Cystathionine β synthase (CBS) expression following transient middle cerebral artery occlusion (tMCAo) induced stroke in rats.
  • Under Graduate Honors Thesis for the Award of Bachelor in Pharmacy (Hons) Latrobe Programme, Australia:

  • Diana Joycee (2013): Post natal Exposure of Flax seed oil on rat behaviour and Brain Morphology.
  • Choong Shi Thiane (2014): Neurobehavioral effects of Agomelatine in Ketamine induced Schizophrenia in Rats.
  • Choong Shi Thiane (2014): Neurobehavioral effects of Agomelatine in Ketamine induced Schizophrenia in Rats.
  • Shila A/P Mumianndy (2014): Effect of Kachif Fatimah Extract in cerebral ischemia / reperfusion induced oxidative stress in rats.
  • VinothManivannan (2015): Effect of Telmisartan in Mouse Model of obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).
  • SharmilaSrinivasagam (2015): Anti- Coagulant effect of LabisiaPumilaBenth., extract in in-vitro and In-vivo Model.
  • Edian (2015): In-vitroAcetylcholinestrase (AchE) inhibiting effect of LabisiaPumila Blume extract Using Human Erythrocyte Membrane.
  • Shobana (2016): Effect of EurycomaLongifolia – Tongkat Ali on Sexual Copulatory Behavior in Aged Male Rats.
  • Lim Mei Xuan (2016): Effect of ClinacanthusNutans on Rat Uterus Muscle Preparation.
  • Adelyn Wong Shuet Fern (2016): Effect of ClinacanthusNutans (Family: Acnthaceae) Extract on Isolated Frog Rectus Abdominis Muscle.
  • Nesan Kumar (2016): In-vitro effect of EurycomaLongifolia – Tongkat Ali Extract on Isolated Penile Muscle of Diabetic Male rats.