Research & Consultancy

The Ph.D programme has been offered since 2009. Four faculty members are recognized as research supervisors. At present, there are 5 research scholars pursuing the Ph.D programme.

List of Ph. D. Scholars (Pursuing) Registered under B.S. Abdur Rahman Institute

PhD candidates details

S. No. Research Scholar Title Research Supervisor
1 Mrs. Sadaffunisha Importance of Sub-Skills Training for Developing Reading
Competency of Students
Dr.Revathi Viswanathan
Prof. & Head
2 Ms.Anuradha Sriram Skills Training through Content and Language Integrated Learning Approach- An Experimental Study Dr. Revathi Viswanathan
3 Mrs. Uma Enhancing Reading Comprehension by Developing Vocabulary through an Etymological Approach Dr.Shahin Sultana
4 Ms.Sangeetha Cultural Eco-Feminism in Selected Indian Dalit Women Novels Dr.P. Rathna
Associate Professor
5 Ms. Sumaiya Portrayal of Women in Selected Novels of Amulya Malladi Dr.P. Rathna
Associate Professor
6 Mrs. Grace Vinitha Aculturation & Ethnic Consciousness of Padma Viswanathan’s Novels Dr.P. Rathna
Associate Professor
7 Mrs. Jeyagantham Enhancing the Speaking Skills of Tertiary Level Students Dr.H. Sofia
Associate Professor
8 Ms. Lakshmi Denial of Self: A Study with Special Reference to the Works of the Selected Diasporic Women Writers. Dr.Mohammed Shahidul Islam
Assistant Professor
9 Mrs.Catherine Annapushpam The Feministic Perspective of The Moghul Period in Indu Sunderesan’s Taj Trilogy’& Selected Novels from the Series of Alex Rutherford’s ‘Empire of The Moghul’: A Comparative Study. Dr.Mohammed Shahidul Islam
Assistant Professor
10 Mrs.N. Suguna Developing Speaking Skills using Stress, Rhythm and Intonation Dr. H. Sofia
Associate Professor