Designation : Assistant Professor (Sr. Gr.)
Nature of Employment : Regular
Qualification : M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D.,
Phone :
Email ID : gowrichem@crescent.education


Educational Background

Programme Discipline University/Institution Year
Ph.D. Organic Chemistry University of Madras 2007
M.Phil. General Chemistry St. Josephs College, Trichy 1988
M.Sc. Chemistry PSGR Krishnammal College for Women, Coimbatore 1986
B.Sc. Chemistry Seethalakshmi Ramaswamy College, Trichy 1983



Designation Employer Period
Asst. Professor (Senior Grade) B S Abdur Rahman Institute, Vandalur, Chennai From Aug 2013
Asst. Professor B S Abdur Rahman Institute, Vandalur, Chennai June 2011 to Aug 2013
Assistant Professor Stella Maris College, Chennai June 2004 to May 2010
Asst. Professor Stella Maris College, Chennai Aug 1999 to Mar 2001
Asst. Professor Ratnam College of Arts,Science and Commerce, Mumbai May 1998 to April 1999
Asst. Professor Jawaharlal Nehru Engineering College, Aurangabad, Maharashtra July 1995 to April 1998
Lecturer Anna Adarsh College for Women, Chennai June 1988 to May 1989


Areas of Research

  • Synthetic Organic Chemistry
  • 1,3-Dipolar Cycloaddition reaction to synthesise molecules with bioactivity.
  • asymmetric synthesis

Sponsored Research Project

DST project under WOS-A, “A non-enzymatic asymmetric Wittig reaction and its applications in the total synthesis of caprolactones – antineoplastic agents of marine origin” for a total cost of Rs. 6,24,000/- for 3 years from October 3rd 2011.

List of Publications

  • A convenient synthesis of dialkyl 2 (2-haloethylidene) malonates,cyanoacetates and halocrotonates by one carbon extension. Sathishkumar .S, Mahasampathgowri .S, Balasubramanian .K.K and Saiganesh R. Tetrahedron Letters, 56,2015, 4031–4035
  • Luminescence and magnetic behavior of almond like (Na0.5La0.5)MoO4:RE3+(RE = Eu,Tb,Dy) nanostructures Rajagopalan Krishnan, Jagannathan Thirumalai, Sabu Thomas, Mahasampath Gowri Journal of Alloys and Compounds 604, 2014, 20 – 30
  • A Greener approach for the synthesis Of 1-N-Methyl-{Spiro[2.3’] Oxindole-Spiro[3.2”]/ Spiro[2.3’]Indan 1,3 Dione-Spiro[2.2”]}Cyclopentanone-4-Aryl Pyrrolidines Gowri Sridhar, T. Gunasundari and R. Raghunathan, Tetrahedron Lett, 48, 2007,319-328.
  • Crystal structure of 4’-(p-methoxyphenyl)-1’-methyl-1H-indole-3-spiro-2’-pyrrolidine- 3’-spiro-1”-cyclopentane-2(3H),2”-dione. M. M. Govind, S. Selvanayagam, D. Velmurugan, K. Ravikumar, G. Sridhar and R. Raghunathan, Acta Cryst. (2003). E59, o1438-o1440.
  • Rapid Access for the Synthesis of 1-N-Methyl–spiro[2.3′]oxindole–spiro 3.7″](3″-Aryl)-5″-methyl-3″,3a″,4″,5″,6″,7″-hexahydro-2H-pyrazolo[ 4,3–c]pyridine–4–aryl–pyrrolidines through sequential 1,3–Dipolar Cycloaddition and Annulation. Gowri Sridhar and R. Raghunathan, Synth Commun, 36,2006, 21- 29.
  • Crystal structure of 5”-Benzylidene-1’-methyl-4’-phenylindole-3-spiro-2’- pyrrolidine- 3’-spiro-3”-piperidine-2(3H),4”-dione. M.M. Govind, S. Selvanayagam, D. Velmurugan, K. Ravikumr, G. Sridhar and R. Raghunathan, Acta Cryst. (2003) . E59, o1878-o1880.
  • Crystal structure of 1N-Methyl-spiro[2-3’]indan-1,3-dione-spiro[3-3”]-5”-benzylidene-N-methyl-piperidinone-4-phenylpyrrolidine. M. M. Govind, S. Selvanayagam, D. Velmurugan, K. Ravikumar, G. Sridhar and R. Raghunathan, Acta Cryst. (2003). E59, o1680-o1681.
  • Crystal structure of 5”-Benzylidene-1’,1”-dimethyl-4’-phenylacenapthene-2-spiro-2’-pyrrolidine-3’-spiro-3”-piperidine-1,4”-dioneP. G. Aravindan, S. Selvanayagam, D. Velmurugan, K. Ravikumar, G. Sridhar and R. Raghunathan Acta Cryst. (2004). E60, o2149-o2151.
  • Crystal structure of 5-Benzylidene-1-phenyl-2 »,3 »-dihydropiperidine-3-spiro-2’-pyrrolizidine-3’-spiro-3 »-1H-indole-4,2 »-dione V. V. Kumar, D. Gayathri, D. Velmurugan, K. Ravikumar and G. Sridhar Acta Cryst. (2007). E63, o2211-o2212

Papers presented in Conferences

  • Presented a poster at the International Conference on Chemistry: Frontiers & Challenges held at PSGR Krishnammal College –Coimbatore on Reaction of Dimethylsulfoxoniummethylide with (2H)-Chromone-3-Carboxaldehydes in 2014
  • Poster presented at the International Medicinal Chemistry Conference (MEDCHEM 2013) conducted by OSDD and Royal Society of Chemistry, at IICT,Hyderabad in March,2013 on “ A Rapid And Selective Synthesis of Dialkyl-2-(2-Iodoethylidene)-Malonate –An Intermediate in The Synthesis of Famciclovir”
  • Presented a poster at National Conference on “New Frontiers in Organic Chemistry and Process Research -2013 “ held at Stella Maris College-Chennai and Selected ad awarded II place.
  • Paper presented at the National conference -proceedings on popularisation of chemical sciences held at Guru Nanak College,Chennai on Synthesis of highly functionalised bioactive dispiroheterocycles. (ISSN/ISBN No.978-93-81195-12-3) in January 2012.
  • A paper titled “A facile Synthesis of dispiro heterocycles from azomethine ylides generated from amines” was presented at the 48th Annual convention of Chemists 2011 conducted by Indian Chemical Society held at University of Allahabad, U.P from 3/12/2011 to 7/12/2011 .
  • A paper titled “An Expedient Green Synthesis, Characterisation and Bioactivity of dispiro heterocycles “ presented at MEDCHEM 11, a Conference on Medicinal Chemistry conducted by the Department of Chemistry, IIT,Madras from 28/10/2011 to29/10/2011.