Dr. E.Syed Mohamed
Associate Professor & CCS Co-ordinator
M.E(CSE)., Ph.D(CSE).,
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Crescent Creative Strokes
Founded in August 2017

Talent, creativity, productivity, and achievement are terms that define the Club “Crescent Creative Strokes” by motivating the students to reach their maximum creative potential and to Show case their talents in the field of Art. Professional trainings will be given to students from experienced artist. The activities that they take part in are imaginative, enjoyable and educational. Creativity and innovation are the keys to success in today’s rapidly changing world. We make a difference by challenging the conventional thoughts and promoting innovative ideas. Crescent Institute of science & Technology provides a great opportunity for such young enthusiast to Come, Create and Share.

Mohamed Aqil, R Abinitha. S, Arshiya Reema. J

Student coordinator (year 17-18) – Raashid

To teach different art forms, promote and support the art enthusiasts, to propagate and contribute to special occasion activities held at BSA Crescent Institute of Science & Technology.


  • To provide a great platform for students to learn and showcase their talent.
  • To encourage students who are willing to learn different art forms.
  • To provide knowledge of artists, craftspeople and designers.
  • To develop creativity and imagination through a range of complex activities.
  • To appreciate and respect the work of students.
  • To develop confidence to students to participate in all art competition by improving their skills.
  • Vision

  • To be a platform for the students of all Engineering and Arts department.
  • To bring out unique talents in different forms of Art and Creativity through the strong emphasis of their artistic instincts
  • Mission

  • To come up with trending forms of art To learn and exhibit the students’ talents in art
  • To develop students to their fullest potential
  • To conduct events and create amazing experiences for the students, both large and small
  • Guidelines:
    Crescent Institute of Science & Technology students are welcome to join the Club.

    Planning & execution: Club includes timely activities such as

  • Regular workshops like pencil portrait, charcoal workshop, oil painting workshop, etc., from talented artists,
  • Monthly display of student’s artworks to entire Institute of science & Technology,
  • Appreciations through rolling trophy.
  • Weekly tasks and appreciation through special gifts.
  • Club Instructors for year 2018-2019:

    Convener: Avilala karthick, k.p.nivetha, Mohamed Wasim
    Coordinator: Ameenudin Anwar, Aafrin Ashika

    Monitoring and review

    The monitoring of the standards of student’s work and of the quality of art and design is a shared responsibility. A skilled person is involved supporting students in the teaching of art design.


    Abinitha S
    Mohamed Aqil
    Arshiya Reema J

    Student Coordinator (Year 2017-2018)


    Convener (2018-2019)

    CCS LEAD – Mohamed Wasim
    CCS LEAD – avilala kartick
    CCS LEAD – Nivetha
    Artist 2k18 – Priyadarshini

    Student Coordinator (2018-2019)

    Ameenudin Anwar
    Aafrin Ashika

    Monthly Events (2017-2018)

    September 2017, Topic: Open Topic

    November 2017, Topic: Agriculture
    October 2017, Hand Made Banner By Ccs
    (Made In 2 Days)
    January 2018, Topic: Fear
    Hand Made Banner By Ccs 2018, April- For The Department Of School Of Life Sciences
    (Made In Half A Day)

    Rolling Trophy For The Students By CCS
    Monthly Events And Workshops 2018, August 4th, Pencil Portrait Workshop By Ms. Sandhya Swaminathan
    Mothly Events, August, Topic: Prespective Drawings
    September, Topic: Monochrome

    Pencil Portrait Workshop

    Event: Pencil Portrait Workshop

    Conducted By: Crescent Creative Strokes

    Date: 4th August 2018

    Venue: M.S.Block Room No: 301

    About The Artist:
    Ms.Sandhya Swaminathan, An Amazing Self-Taught Artist, Who Has A Huge Following In Social Media As Her Color Pencil Portraits OfCelebrities And People Depicts Hyper Realism. She Quit Her Monotonous Job To Find Her Flow Of Pencil Portrait Sketching. She Made Use Of Social Media To Showcase Her Works Which Received A Great Success. She Continuously Updated Her Skills And Started Sharing Her Knowledge To Public By Conducting Workshops
    Around Tamilnadu.

    About The Artist:
    Ms.Sandhya Swaminathan, an amazing self-taught artist, who has a huge following in social media as her color pencil portraits of celebrities and people depicts hyper realism. She quit her monotonous job to find her flow of pencil portrait sketching. She made use of social media to showcase her works which received a great success. She continuously updated her skills and started sharing her knowledge to public by conducting workshops around Tamilnadu.

    About The Event:
    Team ‘crescent creative strokes’ has arranged a pencil portrait workshop to the students of B.S. Abdur Rahman crescent institute of science and technology and to few other willing people from Chennai, contacting the artist and made the required arrangements from travel bookings, buying materials required, hostel stay ,food arrangements etc.,

    Our team’s faculty in charge, Dr. E. Syed Mohammed, inaugurated the event by introducing about the club ccs and welcomed the artist Ms.Sandhya Swaminathan.

    Morning session started at 11 0’clock at M.S. Block room no :301 ,as Sandhya Swaminathan started sharing about basic tips and conducted practice sessions for drawing that includes concepts like ‘light on object’, identifying basic shapes and shading techniques.

    Lunch break was given at 12:40 to 1:40pm and the evening session included more detailed concepts like front, side and slightly turned view face sketching, hair strokes sketching and colouring techniques, Finally, ending the session with drawing a face from reference picture given using all the knowledge & techniques gained whole day. The event ended by issuing the certificates to students who attended the workshop and successfully gained more techniques and knowledge to become a professional artist.

    Morning Session:

    Evening Session:


    EVENT : Oil painting workshop

    CONDUCTED BY : Crescent Creative Strokes

    DATE : 9th October 2018

    VENUE : COE Seminar hall, ES Block

    Ramya Sadasivam is a self-taught, freelance artist based on Chennai, who is passionate about art since childhood. Her interest and dedication towards oil painting is depicted in her hyper realistic paintings which deserved the national award. She has always considered herself as a secret admirer of the situation and try to capture their emotions, admiring them. Being optimistic, her sincere note to all the art enthusiasts is to not give up at any cost because,” Better practice leads to better artwork”.

    Team ‘Crescent Creative Strokes’ had arranged an oil painting workshop to the students of B.S.Abdur rahman crescent institute of science and technology and also to few other willing people from Chennai , Contacting the artists and made the required arrangements.

    Our dean student affairs, Major general Gurdeep Naurang and our club’s faculty incharge Dr.E.Syed Mohamed, inaugurated the event by welcoming the Artist Ramya sadasivam.

    Morning session started at 10’0 clock at COE seminar hall, ES block, as Artist Ramya sadasivam started sharing about the basics of oil painting and why. She also explained about the preparation of base on canvas for oil painting and concepts like “light on objects” & different “toner values” were taught to paint the base of the real object (Guava) placed in front of students.

    Lunch break was given at 12.40 to 1.40pm.

    Afternoon session included the application of paint over the base already painted. She also explained about the different toner values to be used for shading, mid tone and high lighting regions which depicted hyper realism in every student’s canvas.

    Finally the session ended with the distribution of certificates to all the participants of the workshop who successfully gained some practical knowledge hyper realistic oil painting. Also the do’s and don’ts in oil painting from artist Ramya sadasivam.

    Morning Session

    Major General Gurudeep Singh Narang (Dean Student Affairs And Chief Proctor) Felicitating Artist Ramya Sadasivam
    Our Staff Co-Ordinator Dr. E.Syed Mohamed
    Artist Ramya, Teaching Students About Basics Oil Painting

    Afternoon Session

    Application of paint over the base already painted and to depicted hyper realism in every student’s canvas.
    End of session with certificate distribution and few of our student coordinators.