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B.S. Abdur Rahman Institute gives significant importance to co-curricular and extracurricular activities for the students. These activities are student centered and primarily aims to supplement regular curricular activities. These activities are voluntary and promotes self development , helps to understand the societal needs and involvements, develops civic sense and philanthropic sense in him/her. With this in view various associations, clubs etc.. have been promoted in the University campus under the aegis of Student Affairs. The student associated activities are overseen by the Dean (Student Affairs).

Name : Dr. P.K. Jawahar
Designation : Dean (Student Affairs)
Qualification : B.E.,M.Tech.,Ph.D
Phone : 044-22751347 (Ext 196)
Email ID : dean_student@crescent.education

Name : Dr. A.Jaya
Designation : Dean (Student Affairs-Female)
Qualification : MCA,Ph.D
Phone : 044-22751347 (Ext 235)
Email ID : dean_femalestudents@crescent.education

Name : Mr. M.Abdur Rahman
Designation : Assistant Dean (Student Affairs-male)
Qualification : Mtech,
Phone : 044-22751347
Email ID : asst.dean_students@crescent.education

The following bodies are under the purview of the Dean (Student Affairs):

  • NSS
  • NSO
  • YRC
  • Rotaract club
  • ISTD

Department Technical Societies

All UG Students have to enroll as a member in NSS, NSO or in YRC. For department technical Societies, the respective student are included as member while in others, they are voluntary. All these activities are facilitated by the respective faculty coordinators.