About Head

Dr. Bikash Chandra Chakraborty
Director, Polymer Nano Technology Centre

Educational Background

Degree Specialization Name of the University / Institution
Ph.D Chemical Engineering IIT, Bombay
B. Ch. E Chemical Engineering Jadavpur University, Kolkata

Work Experience

Designation Institution From To Duration
Director PNTC B.S.Abdur Rahman Crescent Institute of Science & Technology 01 Jan 2018 Till Date
Professor B.S.Abdur Rahman Crescent Institute of Science & Technology Oct 2017 Dec 2017 3 months
Scientist’H’ Naval Materials Research Laboratory (NMRL), DRDO,Maharashtra August 2012 March 2016 3 years & 7 months
ScientistG’ Naval Materials Research Laboratory (NMRL), DRDO,Maharashtra July 2006 July 2012 5 years
Scientist’F’ Naval Materials Research Laboratory (NMRL), DRDO,Maharashtra July 2001 June 2006 4 years & 11 months
Scientist’E’ Naval Materials Research Laboratory (NMRL), DRDO,Maharashtra July 1996 June 2001 4 years & 11 months
Scientist’D’ Naval Materials Research Laboratory (NMRL), DRDO,Maharashtra July 1991 June 1996 4 years & 11 months
Scientist’C’ Naval Materials Research Laboratory (NMRL), DRDO,Maharashtra July 1986 June 1991 4 years & 11 months
Scientist’B’ Naval Materials Research Laboratory (NMRL), DRDO,Maharashtra October 1981 June 1986 4 years & 8 months
J.S.O. Naval Materials Research Laboratory (NMRL), DRDO,Maharashtra January 1977 October 1981 4 years & 9 months


Areas of Research Interest:

  • Applied Research
  • Composites and Nanocomposite
  • Dynamic Viscoelasticity for Vibration and Acoustics
  • High Strength Blends
  • Interpenetrating Polymer Networks
  • Low Surface Energy Coatings
  • Polymers & Composites
  • Reaction Kinetics, Life Estimation of Polymers
  • Rubber-Nanocomposites- as materials for vibration and sound attenuation.


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Training Program

IIM, Ahmedabad (Project management) 2007
XIM, Bhubneshwar (Mentoring ) 2005
Institute of Technology Management (DRDO) Purchase management 1 1991

Foreign Collaborations on R&D and Technical Service

With Russian Institutes – Acoustics & Radar Stealth. Physical and mathematical aspects and development of methods, experimental evaluation and validation of theoretical conclusions, trials and evaluation with indigenously developed materials.

Development of advanced items for Navy.

With French Organisation – Preparation of RFP of high cost technical collaborative work, periodic technical meetings with French design firm, all scientific assessments of risks, safety, kinetics of hydrogen generation, effluent generation, ventilation, system volume and operational limits, guidance to the project team, finalization of AIP configuration through design review.


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Awards & Recognitions

  • DRDO “Scientist of the Year-2010 ” Award
  • DRDO “AGNI Award – 2004” for excellence in indigenous technology
  • Laboratory Technology Group Award (as Team Leader) -2003
  • Member, Naval Research Board – Material Panel, DRDO – till 2011
  • Marquis Who’s Who in Science and Engineering, 2006-2007, NJ, USA.
  • Reviewer of scientific papers in International Journals.


  • Life Member, Acoustical Society of India
  • Life Member, Society of Polymer Scientists