The BS Abdur Rahman Crescent Institute of Science & Technology has created a Centre for Mobile Application Development in collaboration with Apple as a central facility which is open to the students of all branches. BS Abdur Rahman Crescent Institute of Science & Technology – Apple iOS Application Development Centre was inaugurated by our Chairman, Alhaj. Abdul Qadir A. Rahman Buhari on 21st November, 2012.


  • To motivate the students to gain knowledge and experience by developing Mobile Applications in iOS and Android platform
    • Vision

      • To create this centre as innovative mobile application incubation centre and productize the applications.
      • To make this as centre of excellence for certifications in mobile application.
      • To serve as Apple authorized training centre.

      This centre also conducts seminars and workshops on advance topics on mobile technologies and mobility issues for the benefit of students and staff of this BS Abdur Rahman Crescent Institute of Science & Technology.


      Dr. P.Sheik Abdul Khader
      Professor & Director Datacentre, Computer Applications Department

      Mr. N.Rajendran
      Assistant Professor (Sr. Gr), Department of Information Technology

      Mr. H.Hasan Babu
      Assistant Professor (Sr. Gr)
      Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering

      Dr. A.Abdul Azeez Khan
      Assistant Professor
      Department of Computer Applications

      Mr. R. Sathish Kumar, DCT
      System Analyst cum Operator Grade – II


      • 9.00 a.m. – 9.00 p.m. on all working days
      • 9.00 a.m. – 4.00 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays


      Air-conditioned laboratory with separate server room backed by 20 kVA UPS.

      System Details

      • Apple iMac Computers : 31
      • Apple Mac Pro Server : 01
      • Apple iPod Touch 8 GB : 01
      • Apple iPad2 16 GB WiFi : 01

      Hardware Details

        Apple iMac Computers

      • — 2.5GHz Intel Core i5 Processor
      • — 4GB of 1333MHz DDR3 SDRAM
      • — 500GB Serial ATA Hard Disk
      • — 21.5 inch widescreen TFT – Full HD Display
      • — FaceTime HD Camera
      • — AMD Radeon HD 6750M with 512MB GDDR3 memory
        Apple Mac Pro Server

      • —Two 2.4GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon “Wastmere” Processor
      • — 16GB of 1066MHz DDR3 ECC SDRAM
      • — 1TB Serial ATA Hard Disk
      • — ATI Radeon HD 5770 with 1GB GDDR3 memory

      Software Details

        Apple iMac Computers

      • Apple Mac OS X
      • —Apple iWork’s 09 & iLife’ 11
      • —Xcode
      • —iOS SDK
      • —Android SDK
        Apple Mac Pro Server

      • Apple Mac OS X Server

      BS Abdur Rahman Crescent Institute of Science & Technology Apple iOS Application Development Centre Inaugurated on 21st November 2012


      The Centre offers following value added programmes for the students to become more employable.

        Certificate Programmes

        • iOS Application Development
        • Android Application Development

        Diploma Programme

        • Game Modelling and Design


      S.No. Period Programme Faculty Attended Training Centre
      1 24-28 Jul 2012 Mac OS Certification Training Mr. A. Abdul Azeez Khan Assistant Professor Dept. of CA Styre, Bangaluru
      2 24-28 Sep 2012 iOS Development Certification Training Mr. N. Rajendran Assistant Professor (Sr. Gr) Dept. of IT Styre, Bangaluru
      3 24-28 Sep 2012 iOS Development Certification Training Mr. H. Hasan Babu Assistant Professor (Sr. Gr) Dept. of ECE Styre, Bangaluru


      S. No Title of the Workshop/ Training Programme Date Resource Person Participants
      1 Mobile Application development in iOS 21 Jul 2012 Mr. Subesh E.P.,TechV 25 students

      17 faculty

      2 HiSPARK Jan – May 2013 M/s Hibrise Technologies Pvt Ltd 17 students
      3 iOS Application Development for Mobile Devices 6 & 7 Sep 2013 Mr. I. Venkateshwaran, Nextwave Multimedia Pvt Ltd 30 students
      4 Mobile Application Development for Android OS 11 Oct 2013 M/s Ransys Bios Technologies Pvt Ltd 130 students
      5 HiSPARK Fresher’s Training Programme in iOS Dec 2013 – Aug 2014 M/s Hibrise Technologies Pvt Ltd 23 students
      6 IBM Worklight Tools 1 Feb 2014 Mr. Lawrence Mohanraj, DGM, Academic Initiative.

      Mr. Lokesh, Android Trainer, IBM

      39 faculty
      7 Objective C and iOS Application Development 12 & 13-Sep 2014 Mr. R.Aravinth
      Mr. K.Tamil Mani
      Mr. M.Muthukumaresh,

      iOS Application Developers, Hibirse Technologies Private Ltd.

      26 students,

      2 faculty

      8 iOS Application Development 19 & 20 Sep 2014 Mr. R.Aravinth
      Mr. K.Tamil Mani
      Mr. M.Muthukumaresh,

      iOS Application Developers, Hibrise Technologies Pvt Ltd

      33 students
      9 Android Application Development 10 & 11 Oct 2014 Mr. S. Joseph, Android App Developer, JPA Solutions 36 students
      10 iOS Application Development 8,9,16,22,23, 29 & 30 Aug 2015 Mr. I. Venkateswaran, Mobile App Developer, CTS. 30 students
      11 Android Application Development 5,6,12,13 & 17 Sep 2015 Mr. Bharathi Raj, Mobile App Developer, CTS. 30 students
      12 Apple Professional Development 6 Feb 2016 Ms. Shifali, Canadian Intl School, Bengaluru 33 faculty members
      13 Introduction to Android App Development 13 Feb 2016 Mr. Bharathi Raj, Mobile App Developer, CTS 28 students
      14 iOS App Development using Swift 15 Mar 2016 Prof. Rob Elliott, Purdue school of Engg & Tech, IUPUI, USA 32 students


      • M/s Hibrise Technologies Pvt Ltd has recruited our institute students for Mobile Application Development in iOS and Android OS. They conducted a training programme HiSPARK for the placed students in BSAU Apple iOS Application Development Centre.
      • Most of the recruitments for M/s Hibrise Technologies are only from B S Abdur Rahman Institute, because of the facilities available in BSAU Apple iOS Application Development Centre.
      • Hibrise Technologies Pvt Ltd is utilizing the centre to conduct their fresher’s training programme (HiSPARK) for free of cost. In fact an MoU has been signed between Hibrise Technologies Pvt., Ltd.,and B S Abdur Rahman Institute to provide adequate lab facilities for training programmes.
      • About 20 systems of iOS Development Centre is fully utilized by the Hibrise Technologies Pvt., Ltd., all the six days of the week from 9.00 A.M. to 8 P.M. and the rest by our students.

      Students placed in M/s Hibrise Technologies Pvt Ltd

      • No. of students placed in the academic year 2012-13 : 17
      • No. of students placed in the academic year 2013-14 : 44


      • Two of our institute students got summer internship in M/s PROPO.COM in the academic year 2015-16.

      PROJECTS CARRIED OUT (2012-13)(Students placed in Hibrise)

      1 1028025 Imran Khan Unified Cloud based Media Player With File Management.
      2 1028057 Mohammed Ikramul Haq U An Automated Scheduling System for Doctors to Manage Patients’ Appointment for iOS Device using Web Service
      3 1028030 I Jawith Hussain iOS Based Application for Doctors to Manage Patietns’ Appointment using Text Based Service
      4 1028042 Md Mubashir M News Content Genereation Based on MVC Framework using Gesture Recognizer in iOS
      5 1028043 Md Nouman Pervaz Content Generation and Extraction Based on Centriod Using MVC Framework
      6 1028076 Ranjith Kumar Unified Cloud Player
      7 1028050 Md Karemulla Sha M P iPhone Institute Guide
      8 1028056 V Mohammed Hussain MVC Based Application in iOS for Institute Guide
      9 1028085 A S Shaik Mohaideen Span Based News Retrieval Based on Google Maps
      10 1028021 Gaurav Mishra Identification of Generic Sentences for Generating Meaningful Words in iOS Application
      11 1028092 Somendra Singh An Approach to Form Meaningful Word Set in iOS Application
      12 1028110 K Vinoth Region Based News Retrieval Using Google Maps
      13 0908034 M Riyazul Aboobaucker Emotion Based Mining for Social Media
      14 0907322 A Peer Mohamed Thabib Emotion Based Status Share in Social Media
      15 0907320 S Mohammed Yaseen Emotion Based Status Share in Social Network
      1 1005036 M. Haja Nizar Easy – Expense Recorder
      2 1005055 M. Meena Easy – Expense Recorder
      3 110282101007 Arghya Mondal Easy – Expense Recorder
      4 110282101061 M. Murali Krishnan Book Keeper
      5 110282101006 R. Aravinth Easy – Expense Recorder
      6 1005052 N. Manoj Kumar Book Reading Keeper
      7 1005301 A.Aashiq Meeran Run Guide
      8 1005049 M. Kuraisa Farjana Book Reading Keeper
      9 1004005 S. Dowlath Snap & Share
      10 110282101034 K. Jaffer Ali Run Guide
      11 1007094 A.Vishnu Priya Snap & Share
      12 110282101106 Tamil Mani Book Reading Keeper
      13 110282101062 Muthukumaresh .M Snap & Share
      14 1005137 H.Vigneshwar Snap & Share
      15 110282101044 Mahoob Monna Mohamed.M Run Guide
      16 1007050 Muhammad Rizwan . H Easy – Expense Recorder
      17 1007072 Shankarkrishna. R Snap & Share
      18 1005083 M. Palaniappan Book Reading Keeper
      19 121272601004 Amshavalli. R Run Guide

      Projects carried out (2014-15)

      1 Academic Area 32,171
      2 Md. Muzafarul Huq. A., Mohammed Thariq. H IT iBSAU
      3 Vignesh Kumar IT MongoSync
      4 Academic AreaSyed Mohiudeen CSE GPA & CGPA Calculator
      5 Tharika IT BSAU Shuttle Tracker

      Projects carried out (2015-16)

      1 A.Venkatesh, A.T. Suhail IT Bank Interest Calculator
      2 Mohammed Aqib, Syed Ghouse IT Attendance Calculator
      3 R.S. Vignesh Kumar, D. Tariq Abdul Aziz IT Pajumapenguins (iOS)
      4 Venkatraman. R, Sivasubramanian IT Home Automation System
      5 Poojitha. S, Shanmugapriya. H IT Doodle Jump (Game) (iOS)
      6 Sowmiya. J, Noornisha. N IT Tap the Tiles ( Game) (iOS)
      7 Syed Sadham Hussain. S, Sheik dawood. R IT Droppy Bird ( Game) (iOS)
      8 B. Lalithanjali MCA Female Safety Mobile App
      9 V. Narashima sagar MCA Student Performance Mobile App
      10 S. Nivetha MCA Chat Appliation for Deaf and Dumb people
      11 A.Siva Gurunathan MCA Skill Development Mobile App
      12 S. Vivek MCA Mobile Application for Safety
      13 Syed Ali EEE Pigeon
      14 Nithya Ramesh, Nameesha Naaz IT Blood Cell Count
      15 Aravind Kumar. R, Mohammed Zaid Khan IT Account Tracking System


      • A Mobile App Design Contest will be conducted in the month of Sep / Oct 2016 to motivate the students of BSAU in Mobile Application Development.
      • Workshops will be conducted in iOS and Android App Development in the month of Sep / Oct 2016.