• One day Workshop on Content Development – 5 September 2012
    • One day Workshop on Usage of Online Tools in Face to Face Education 15 September 2012

    “Prof Vijayan Sugumaran, Professor of Management Information Systems in the department of Decision and Information Sciences at Oakland University is currently in BSAUniv as a part of the United States – India Educational Foundation (USIEF) Fullbright Specialist programme”

    Education for all is one of the goals of the millennium and the target of many collaborative efforts throughout the world. The notion of un-reached is currently defined in terms of gender, access to education, geography or demographics. This work takes aim at another dimension: educated un-reached. The notion of education has traditionally been focused at some form of paper certification like the Programme. But, what can be done to improve the core objective of learning? What is the core objective? How to ensure that knowledge is acquired? How to target people who in the process of acquiring education loose the focus on the knowledge that the education is supposed to impart? How to target them? How to ensure that the learned un-reached communities are reached?

    Prof Vijayan is working with the Faculty Training Academy on this project with support from the United States – India Educational Foundation (USIEF) specialist programme.