First Fifty Synopses of BSACIST – Compiled Book

The office of Dean (Research) has compiled the first fifty Ph.D. synopses of our Institution submitted by the Research scholars during 2013 – May 2018. Our honorable Vice Chancellor has received the first copy of the complied Book on 30.08.2018.
  • No.of Ph.D. Thesis Awarded Degree: 40 Nos

Department wise details is shown in table

S.No Department No.
1 Physics 9
2 English 1
3 CSE 9
4 Civil 1
5 Mechanical 2
6 Mathematics 5
7 Chemistry 5
8 ECE 5
9 MBA 1
10 Polymer 2
Total 40
S.No Department Scholar Name Title Year
1 Physics M. Prabu Studies of pure and Doped Lead Zirconate Titanate Ceramics and Pulsed Laser Deposited Lead Zirconate Titanate thin Films 2013
2 Physics Ashaq Hussain Shah Investigations of Optical, Structural, Antibacterial and Photocatalytic Properties of Doped ZnO Nanostructures 2015
3 Physics T. Thilak Growth and Investigation of Third order Nonlinear Optical Properties of Pure and Doped Meta – Nitroaniline, Potassium Dichromate, L-Alanine Single Crystals 2015
4 Physics G. Marudhu Growth and Characterization of Nonlinear Optical 4-APMP, Anino Acids Doped NaAP and DGBCM Single Crystals 2015
5 Physics N. Krishnan Synthesis and Luminescence Properties of Rare – Earth Doped Molybdate Mirco/Nanostructures for Display Applications 2015
6 Physics G. Shanmuganathan Studies on the optical and Magnetic Properties of Doped ZnO Thin films and Optical Properties of ZnO Composite 2015
7 Physics A. John Peter Synthesis and Characterization of Rare Earth Doped Phosphors for Lighting Applications 2016
8 Physics S. Vikram Synthesis, Suspension stability and Hydrodynamics of Iron Oxide Nanoparticles for Biomedical Applications 2017
9 Physics Kalim Abdul Rashid Mumtaaz Deshmukh Graphene Oxide and Transition Metal Oxide Reinforced Flexible Polymer Composites as High Dielectric Constant materials for Energy Storage Applications 2017
10 English H. Sofia Teaching Technical Writing Skills using Web 2.0 Technology-AN Experimental Study 2015
11 CSE M.P. Sivaram Kumar Grid Based Path Planning Algorithms for Extinguishing Forest Fires 2013
12 CSE D. Venkata Subramanian Reliable Evaluation Frameworks and Metrics for Knowledge Management Systems 2014
13 CSE Dinesh Mavaluru Grammar Rule Based Cross Language Information Retrieval for Telugu 2014
14 CSE B. Govindarajalu Enhancements to Risc Architecture for Portable Embedded Systems 2014
15 CSE E. Syed Mohamed Cellular Automata and Geometric Models for Propagation of Tsunami Waves 2015
16 CSE K. Regin Bose A New Approach to Fast Handover of Mobile Nodes in Wireless Network 2015
17 CSE V.K. Mohan Raj Power management Approaches for Virtualized Server Cluster Environment 2016
18 CSE S. Fouzul Hidhaya Algorithms for Implementing Strategies to Detect and Mitigate Web Application Vulnerabilities 2016
19 CSE T. Nandana Ravishankar Grammar Rule Based Sentiment Analysis Techniques for Tamil Tweets Classification 2017
20 CIVIL K. Yogeswari Sustainable Road Layout Design for a Subran Area (Tambaram) using Fuzzy Aided System

21 MECHANICAL R. Sathish Kumar Energy Efficient and Environment Friendly Biodiesel form Manilkara Zapota seed oil as a Sustainable fuel for diesel Engines 2015
22 MECHANICAL T. R. Tamil Rajan Effect of Surfactants on the Characteristics of Electroless Ni-P-Nano-Tio2 Composite Coatings 2016
23 Mathematics S. BalaMuralitharan Delay Differential Equation Modeling for the Analysis of Hematological Diseases by Alternative G-CSF Treatment 2013
24 Mathematics Dowlath Fathima A Stochastic Modeling with Varying Demand Distributions in Inventory Control 2014
25 Mathematics C.D. Nanda Kumar Some Stochastic Models for Determination of Optical Reserve Inventory 2017
26 Mathematics Pervaiz Tqbal Mathematical Modeling, Performance Analysis and Optimization of Operating System of Paper Plant 2017
27 Mathematics M.G. Fajlul Kureem Analysis of Nonlinear Mathematical Models of Tumor Growth 2017
28 Chemistry L. Lekha Studies on the Synthesis, characterization and Antimicrobial Applications of Rare Earth Metal Schiff Base Complexes 2014
29 Chemistry L. Kanniappan Kinetics and Mechanism of VO2+ and Cu2+Ions Catalyzed Oxidation of Amino Acids by Peroxomonosulphate 2016
30 Chemistry K. Devarajan Rearrangement of Substituted Aryloxymethyl Chromones and Mechanistic Investigation – Synthesis of Hydroxyhomoisoflavones and homoprerocarpanes 2016
31 Chemistry R. Sasikala Synthesis, Characterization and Applications of Rare Earth Metal Loaded Copper Ocide Nanoparticles 2017
32 Chemistry G. Sridhar Studies on the Synthesis, Charcterisation and Antimicrobial Applications of Schiff Base Metal Complexes 2017
33 E.C.E P. Nallathai Development of a Non-Iterative method of Matrix Factorization for Image Compression and Transmission of the Factorized Coefficients using Differential Signaling based BPSK System 2014
34 E.C.E S. Chandravadhana Least mean Square Error Based Block Truncation Coding for Image Compression 2015
35 E.C.E S. Muthu Kumar Enhancement of Cache Performance in Multi – Core Processors 2015
36 E.C.E G. S. Annie Grace Vimala Analysis of Human Retinal Morphology for the Identification of Diabetic Retinopathy and Maculopathy Using Fundus Images 2017
37 E.C.E J. Salai Thillai Thilegam Design and Analysis of Microstrip Antennas for Wireless Communication Applications 2017
38 M.B.A S. Jainab Zareena Employability Status of Engineering Students: A Comparison of Private Self Financing Engineering Colleges and Private Deemed Universities 2017
39 Polymer N. Jaya Chitra Studies on Development and Characterization of Polypropylene Based Biocomposities 2015
40 Polymer M. Dhakshna Moorthy Studies on Carbon Nanotube and Graphene Oxide Reinforced Polyimide Electrospun Nanofiber Composities 2016

List of Ph.D. completed Research Scholars from Inception – As per NAAC Format