Research Board

The Research Board is an Internal Committee to oversee the academic research activities of the University. The major functions of the Research Board are:

  • Scrutiny and recommendation of the names of faculty members for approval by the Vice Chancellor to act as Supervisors (Guides), for Ph.D. / M.Tech. (By Research) / M.Phil. Scholars.
  • Scrutiny and recommendation of Ph.D. / M.Tech. (By Research) / M.Phil. Scholars application after interview by the various committees for final approval by the Vice Chancellor
  • Determination of equivalence of PG educational qualifications, regulations etc. and other related matters.
  • Any other functions delegated to the committee then and there.

The members of the Research Board include,

1 Dr.A.Azad,
2 Dr. S.S.M. Abdul Majeed,
Director (Admissions)
3 Dr. R. RajaPrabu,
Director (Accreditation, Ranking and International Affairs)
4 Dr. I. Raja Mohamed,
Prof.& Dean (Academic Research)
5 Dr. M.S. Haji Sheik Mohammed,
Dean (Academic Affairs)
6 Dr. P.S. Sheik Abdul Khader,
Dean (School of Computer, Information and Mathematical Sciences) & Director(Data Centre)
7 Dr. S. Rasool Mohideen,
Dean (School of Mechanical Sciences)
8 Dr. P.S. Syed Masood Jamali,
Dean (School of Islamic studies)
9 Dr. S. Kaja Mohideen,
Dean (School of Electrical and Communication Sciences)
10 Dr. P.V. Nagendra Sarma Member
11 Dr. Vasanthi Padmanabhan,
Dean(School of Infrastructure)
12 Dr. S. Kutti Rani,
Dean (School of Physical and Chemical Sciences)
13 Dr. P.S. Sheik Uduman Member
14 Dr. S. Hemalatha,
Dean (School of Life Sciences)
15 Prof. G. Jayalakshmi,
Dean (School of Architecture)
16 Dr. M. VijayaVara Prasad,
Dean (Crescent School of Pharmacy)
17 Dr. Md. Khurshid Alam Khan,
Dy. Dean (Academic Research)
18 Dr. D. EaswaraMoorthy Spl.Invitee
19 Dr. S.K.G. Ganesh,
Director ( PG admissions)
20 Dr. P.K. Jawahar Spl.Invitee
21 Dr. A. Jaya Spl.Invitee

The Research Team will help in getting more publications from research scholars who really require assistance in the preparation of manuscript, plot, etc., besides concentrating on their publications.

The members of Research Team:

S.No. Name & Designation Department
1 Dr. D. Easwara moorthy, Professor Chemistry
2 Dr. Noor Aman, Asst.Prof. Chemistry
3 Dr. Neesar Ahmed, Asst.Prof. (Sr.Gr.) Life Sciences
4 Dr. P.N. Kadiresh, Professor Aerospace Engineering
5 Dr. Afzalur Rahman, Prof.& HOD Commerce
6 Dr. D. Najumnissa Jamal, Professor Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering
7 Dr. K. Yogeswari, Associate Prof.
Mr. Mohamed Shanavaz, Asst.Prof.
Civil Engineering
8 Dr. S. Rasool Mohideen, Professor
Dr. P.D. Jeyakumar, Associate Prof.
Dr. R. Karunanithi, Associate Prof.
Mechanical Engineering
9 Dr. S. Shamshath Begum, Asst. Prof. (Sr.Gr.) Polymer Engineering
10 Dr. Sheik Sirajudeen, Asst.Prof. (Sr.Gr.) Physics
11 Ms. B. Siva Shanmugavalli, Asst. Prof. ECE
12 Dr. H. Sofia, Associate Prof. English

Responsibilities of Research Team members

  • Catalyse the research community by publishing research articles in indexed Journals.
  • Submission of project proposals for funding.
  • Guiding and motivating faculty members and research scholars through personal interaction.
  • Monitoring the sharing of common research facilities available in various departments and up gradation of the infrastructure as often as possible.
  • Guiding research scholars towards the usage of common facilities and encourage the scholars to present their findings in the International /National conferences.
  • Arranging Guest lectures from reputed Universities / Organizations on contemporary research topics.
  • Establish Centralized research facility (lab & library) for research section.
  • Principal Investigator and research supervisors’ presentations every year with outside experts.
  • Full support system to convert final year UG and PG projects as publications / patents.
  • Attend and fulfil the requirement of research scholars’ immediate need so that the scholars can smoothly progress in their research.
  • Monitoring the research progress of JRFs / SRFs.
  • Arrange awareness lecture on IPR by experts.