School of Mechanical Sciences

Manufacturing Engineering

Programme Educational Objectives

  • To provide intensive learning opportunities through well designed courses involving state-of-the-art concepts and techniques not only in the field of Manufacturing Engineering and in the related interdisciplinary aspects to ensure holistic approach
  • To equip the post graduates, with knowledge and skill to undertake design, analysis, evaluation of manufacturing systems and processes
  • To supplement course work through seminars, workshops, case studies and through paper presentation
  • To inculcate research culture by way of solving typical problems, project works from real life situation, innovative assignments relating to the field of Manufacturing
  • To employ multiple strategies to evaluate acquisition of knowledge and skill to enable the students to face real life situation in the globalised scenario
  • To provide scope for self-study thereby preparing post graduates for lifelong learning to meet the varied needs in their future careers

Programme Outcomes

On completion of programme, the graduates will

  • have the ability to provide solutions for Product Realization
  • have the ability to appreciate the relation between Design and Manufacturing
  • have a broad understanding and knowledge about the various software in the area of Computer Aided Manufacturing and Inspection
  • have ability to undertake research and address open ended problems
  • have ability to articulate concepts and ideas with clarity
  • have ability to acquire the knowledge in any specific area through study and research

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Eligibility for Admission

B.E./ Mechanical / Auto / Manufacturing / Production / Industrial / Mechatronics / Metallurgy / Aerospace / Aeronautical / Material Science / Marine Engineering or Equivalent

Tuition Fee per Semester
Sl. No. Name of the Programme 9.0 and above
CGPA in UG Programme
Below 9.0
CGPA in UG Programme
1 M.Tech Manufacturing Engineering Rs 10,000 Rs 40,000
M.Tech. Programmes for Working Professionals – Course wise Fee
Tuition Fee per Course (Subject) Rs 6,500
Project Fee – Phase I Rs 8,000
Project Fee – Phase II Rs 20,000
Seminar / Internship Rs 3,000

Refund Rules

S.No. Percentage of Refund of Fee Point of time when notice of withdrawal of admission is received in the HEI
1 100%* 15 days or more before the formally-notified last date of admission
2 90% Less than 15 days before the formally-notified last date of admission
3 80% 15 days or less after the formally-notified last date of admission
4 50% 30 days or less, but more than 15 days, after formally-notified last date of admission
5 00% More than 30 days after formally-notified the last date of admission

*The processing fee of 5% of fee paid will be deducted

Admission Fee – One-time payment at the time of admission
1 Admission Fee Rs 15,000
2 Caution Deposit (Refundable) Rs 5,000
Total Rs 20,000
Hostel Fee
*Hostel Fee per Year
1 Establishment Charges Rs 40,000/-
2 Boarding Charges (Advance) Rs 50,000/-
Total Rs 90,000/-

*Caution Deposit (Refundable) ( one time payment): Rs.5000/-

Transport Charges
*Transport Charges per Year (Optional)
1 A.C. Bus Rs 40,000/- to 50,000/-

*Transport charges varies based on the distance